The powerful sentence of Juan Gil Navarro on his relationship with Sofía Gala

The powerful sentence of Juan Gil Navarro on his relationship with Sofía Gala

A few days ago, the version of a new romance gained momentum in the media. The news was announced by journalist Maite Peñoñori from América TV, Show Crasherswhere he said that players gala sofia Yes Jean Gil Navarrocoworkers closer they would start a relationship to which the ex THEM defined as “nascent”.

After providing several clues to keep viewers in suspense, the panelist finally revealed the names of the actors who would be in a relationship and who met during rehearsals for the show they lead together at the Multiteatro. to Gonzalo Valenzuela and Carolina del Carmen Peleritti, directed by Corina Fiorillo, based on the famous play by Patrick Marber, adapted this time by Federico González del Pino and Fernando Masllorens.

Closer premiered its third theatrical version on the Buenos Aires commercial scene. The play, widely known for its film adaptation, debuts today at the Multiteatro with Sofía Gala Castiglione, Juan Gil Navarro, Gonzalo Valenzuela and Carolina del Carmen Peleritti, the cast that embodies the 2022 versionGerard Vierkovitch

On Saturdays, on a cell phone for the show program of El Nueve, tirelessly, Juan Gil Navarro was candid when asked about the version that he would start a relationship with Moria Casán’s daughter. “I love it, but there’s nothing more than what happens on stage,” the actor clarified, who also appreciated the politeness with which he was questioned on the subject, for which he decided to flesh out and appear relaxed.

“Sofia is an excellent actress, but there is nothing beyond what we do on stage from Wednesday to Sunday,” he confirmed and added with a smile: “There’s more to it, when I’m with someone they’ll know.” At this time, panelist Daniel Gómez Rinaldi intervened, who wanted to know if he had any information on why this version emerged. “I don’t have a clue, because I was never involved in these cases,” the actor said, regarding how he decided not to expose his private life to the media.

The protagonists of Closer, applauded by the public
The protagonists of Closer, applauded by the publicGerard Vierkovitch

“I am known and I am very proud of it, mainly because of my work, not because of things that are on the periphery of my work. I understand that in these times there are networks and that someone who sees you walking down the street assumes things that are not”, concluded, categorically denying the information provided in Intruders.

Sofía Gala and Juan Gil Navarro, just good colleagues, according to the word of the actor
Sofía Gala and Juan Gil Navarro, just good colleagues, according to the word of the actorArchive

According to Peñoñori, actors they were seen together in the street on a Sunday at noon walking Sofía’s dog near her home. The panelist said that after the said tour, the artists they entered Gala’s apartment, where they stayed for the rest of the day.

Dante and Helena, the actress’ children, were not with her that dayas they assured at the program table of the show that Flor de la V now directs. “They were together yesterday. A person who saw them told me. She was walking the dog, they walked him together, they entered his house and they told me that; What romance is in its infancyconfirmed Peñoñori very sure, who also added that he was surprised by the news: “I did not imagine them together”, he said. Similarly, in the eltrece cycle, show partners, they read people’s comments regarding the romance and most spoke out against the alleged relationship.

The last known couple of the famous actress was musician Ezequiel Fernandez. Before, his most important partners were also the musician -from the group Babasónicos- Diego Tunonwith whom he had his first daughter, Helena, and Julian Della Paolerawhom she married in 2012: together, they were Dante’s parents.

of the sentimental life of Jean Gil Navarroon the contrary, very little is known, although on one occasion, in the program The night of the V, He says that since his last divorce he has not been in a stable relationship, and that he avoids applications to meet a woman because he likes “old-fashioned” conquest.

The actor was married twice: for four years with Malena Toia, between 1999 and 2003, then with Natalia Litvack, with whom he went through the marital status in 2006. After 12 years of marriage, he legally divorced in May 2018.

As he himself said in tirelessly, He pleads for his private life to be protected from the media and for his work to be the subject of debate, but this time he wanted to deny the rumors of an idyll with Sofía, whom he defines as a great collaborator.

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