The reasons that pushed Ingrid Grudke to resign from Nito Artaza's magazine, Cobra K

The reasons that pushed Ingrid Grudke to resign from Nito Artaza’s magazine, Cobra K

Two days after the launch of Cobra Kat the Teatro Premier, Ingrid Grudke has decided to resign. Nobody expected it, but over the days she saw things that did not close her mind: “I started happy and I understood that it was going to be bad for me. I was struggling and took a step aside. I didn’t ask for anything, I’m not going to take anyone’s place, I never did. Bye, little kiss”, summarizes Grudke.

It had been many years since he had been involved with a magazine. The last time was hand in hand with Jorge Guinzburg, in 2008. That’s why he was excited when Nito Artaza called her to join Cobra KWhat It was supposed to premiere on Thursday, May 12 and now, given the unforeseen, it will do so on Saturday, May 14.. I was going to share the stage with Artaza, who is also the director; Gladys Florimonte, Vicy Xipolitakis, Guillermo Fernández, Marcelo Toscano and Adriana Chaumont, who is also the executive producer.

In dialogue with THE NATIONGrudke gave details of what happened and why he made this drastic decision. “The trigger was disorganization, especially when Nito and Adriana started arguing in front of everyone, which was from day one. And at one point I said ‘that’s it’. I maybe -to be exaggerated and for them it is common for this to happen, but a long time ago I chose to be in harmony, to be well and I leave the places where I feel uncomfortable. want to laugh, have fun and that’s why I joined the play. I’m glad my resignation bought them time to get to Saturday properly. They got their act together and are repeating.”

It was precisely the lack of rehearsals and the disorganization that prompted the artist to resign. “We were two days away from debut and there were a lot of things wrong, especially with the production, and I felt uncomfortable working like that. I always put a lot of enthusiasm into everything, but honestly, there came a time when I collapsed because of a lot of situations and it was no longer worth working in these conditions”.

And what were those conditions?

-When they called me they offered me several artistic participations which are not there. There was a very beautiful scene with dancers and I took care of rehearsing it myself as well as the costumes. Because the truth is we had no rehearsals. There was no order or discipline and Nito was never allowed to do his job, which was to direct, besides being on stage. There were a lot of internal and production failures, and again, the basics weren’t in place either. For example, the bathroom was not clean and we were around twenty people every day, including technicians, dancers, us. They told me that the theater was cleaned twice a week but that was not enough. For some it may be overkill, but many don’t tell the truth to protect the producers, who in turn insist that we artists fight and never take responsibility for anything. is. I understand that the artist wants to continue working and that’s why the things that the producer does not respect are not said.

-You added everything, it didn’t shut you down and you’ve said enough…

-It’s like that. At one point I said to myself: ‘what am I doing here if they put me in, they take me out, we don’t repeat’. The first thing they said was that I got mad because Vicky (Xipolotakis) was doing the ending and not me. It’s easy to say that there is a fight between stars, something very macho that annoys me and delays. Since they said that, I have come out to defend my position. I did not fight with any woman or with anyone. We were two days away from the premiere and the technique had not repeated either the ascent or the descent of the stage. Neither do the lights. Now they have time to rehearse until Saturday.

-Have you spoken with your colleagues and with the production after your resignation?

-The dancers called me, Gladys Florimonti and another actress, telling me to stay, not to come down.

-And what did Nito tell you?

-Let him think, don’t come down two days before. I told him that the work was going to continue the same, that it was just a matter of getting my painting out. It’s a revue theatre, not a Shakespeare play, where you have to have all the characters. It’s like jenga, where you pull out three or four sticks and that’s it. My painting was what I had rehearsed the most because I worked with the choreographer, Ariel Pastochi, and the dancers, who are the most diligent, even though we started ten days ago. And with Marcelo Péndola’s wardrobe the same thing happened, he was there because we insisted. Those were the two things that I had stood firm on that were the most complete: my musical group and the costumes.

-Nito has a reputation for being a little disorganized, did you get angry with him?

-Do not. I worked with Nito, I know him and I know how he is. I have no problems. But I saw these discussions and it made me sick; maybe others are used to it but it’s been a while since I chose not to be in these places. Why expose myself? They were arguing over who would get off first, Vicky or me, and they put us in a sticky situation. Decisions have to be made, it’s not a mud fight. There were things that had no consistency.

-Have you signed a contract?

-I signed, but if they don’t respect… I’m not afraid of a contract. The show will go on, everything will be fine, no one is essential. They’re going to miss one more attraction, someone who was excited and happy, because they wanted to come back but you can’t miss two days for the premiere and not know what you’re going to do, without rehearsals.

Ingrid Grudke will continue to serve on the jury of the 8 steps, for thirteen years “I feel good there, it takes me a lot of time but I can also travel on weekends for presentations and indoor drives. And I keep training because maybe I will show up again in the Fit Model category, because there is a South American in October and a competition in November, in Seoul. And I come and go from Misiones, where I have been living for a few years. My boyfriend (Martín Colantonio) is happy there because we have a very successful Luciano Glacier franchise and he’s crazy because he has a river, honey. He is a pilot, a rescuer, he runs, he swims and he visits me when he can”, he summarized.

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