The reinvention of Nahuel Mutti: far from the media, he relies on his entrepreneurship in Amsterdam

The reinvention of Nahuel Mutti: far from the media, he relies on his entrepreneurship in Amsterdam

He suddenly appears in close-ups as one of the protagonists of Summer 98one of the most memorable bands of the late 90s, and with the same rapidity with which it appeared in the prime time He decided to move away from the big lights and pursue his career towards a more intimate place, closer to what he felt. Today, 24 years after the success that propelled him to fame, Nahuel Mutti is always linked to art but, also, the world of tourism is encouraged with its own company founded in Amsterdam.

“The truth is that the medium ceased to interest me a little, it ceased to satisfy me and I ran away”, he says in dialogue with THE NATION reminiscing about his time on television, although he later clarified: “It wasn’t something dramatic, I feel like it was something that happened naturally, that happened It was a transition, I saw it very mixed up with something that didn’t interest me.

Nahuel Mutti, top left, with the entire cast of Verano 98: Nancy Dupláa, Tomás Fonzi, Agustina Cherri, Marcela Kloosterboer and Celeste Cid, among others archive

Summer 98, the pirate and even a share in Married with children These are some of the programs where he shone, but then, little by little, his appearances on television became less frequent, and his career turned more to cinema and, above all, to theater.

“It’s not that I ran away at high speed, but little by little I went to the other side“, Explain. Fewer minutes on television also meant more time to focus on other passions.

The pandemic and his life as an entrepreneur

It all started with a trip and a coincidence. “I was traveling in Amsterdam, just before the pandemic, when I saw someone who had dropped some money on the floor, I gave it to him and it turned out to be an Argentinian. That’s where we started talking,” recalls Nahuel. It was Manuel, a Cordovan who is now his partner in his new tourism company based in the Netherlands.

“He has lived there for eight years. When he arrived, it was very difficult for him to find accommodation, it seemed very expensive to him and he had to move all the time; we started talking about how to solve the housing problem and that’s how Urban Roomie was born,” he adds. “The idea is to develop experiences for digital nomads and international students who include accommodation, community and tourism The best price on the market. We offer you long and cheap stays of 30, 60 and 90 in hotels. We have agreements in Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen,” he explains.

However, for Nahuel, the future is in Argentina, as he plans to set up his headquarters in Buenos Aires in the coming months. “Now we are starting to develop everything to launch this here too, in two or three months and also in four cities in Mexico: Rivera Maya, Cancun, Islas Mujeres and Tulum by mid-August,” he adds. .

Buenos Aires is the number 1 city in Latin America and is very accessible to Europeans due to the change and everything it offers: a cultural, artistic city, full of museums, nightlife, restaurants, cafés… there is everything. It’s a way to help the hotel and the city,” he explains.

Nahuel Mutti, reinvented: far from the media, he relies on his entrepreneurship
Nahuel Mutti, reinvented: far from the media, he relies on his entrepreneurship

According to the actor, expect to receive between 23,000 and 25,000 tourists in Buenos Aires next year, in order to continue its growth. “Although the company is in Europe, I want the employees to be Argentinians working from here, 90% of the employees today are Argentinians and they will continue to be so”, he specifies.

But of course, What happened to cause a person known to have acted to have his head on a tourism company? According to Nahuel, the commercial facet is not new in his career. “I’ve always been quite an entrepreneur, since I was 20, no matter how much I acted, I always invested in something else at the same time. I’ve had different businesses, since I started billing, several investments that were not publicI was always on the lookout for new opportunities,” he recalls.

Photography, their children and the trap

However, art is always linked to his life. Once he walked away from the television, the photograph appeared. This time on the other side of the camera, he chose social networks and samples as a new way to express himself.

“I started taking pictures and I felt I had a good eye; People have told me they like my photos. I started studying and now i am preparing a sample to do this yearsays Nahuel, before remarking, “The problem is that I can’t really get into it because I’m in my new business, but it’s something I’m passionate about, so it’s still there “.

In a house with so much art (he has been married for years to Catarina Spinetta, daughter of Luis Alberto Spinetta), it is not surprising that his three children have bequeathed some of his concerns. Benicio and Ángelo, the eldest, tried their luck in the theater, but also in music, to the point of forming their own trap duo called neon.

“It was like something natural, they were always free to choose and the path they choose is music. I support them, I love what they do, they are super creative and they do it from a super independent side, they don’t cut paths, they do it from below, they produce everything they do, no one gives them anything for free. They really do it with passion, love and dedication,” he says proudly.

“I’m still a sensitive person”

“You always have to do things with the intention of solving something, now it’s the pandemic that has established a new paradigm, but always with this idea. Everything must adapt, both as a person and as a society“says Nahuel.

Now the present keeps me busy with it, I love photography and art and I’m still a sensitive person so artistically my life is not going to change, but I don’t have time right now to take care of making a film or a play,” he concludes.

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