The return of Martín Fierro: what were the criteria for distributing the 700 invitations and what privileges have the stars

The return of Martín Fierro: what were the criteria for distributing the 700 invitations and what privileges have the stars

This Sunday the Martín Fierro Awards are given

Gala dresses and tuxedos are already prepared. It is that, after two long years in which the coronavirus pandemic prevented the realization of this type of massive events, this evening the great celebration of Argentine television returns: the Martin Fierro Awards. And all the guests are eager to make their grand entrance on the red carpet of the hilton hotelplace chosen for the gala which will take place from 8:30 p.m.

But of course the reality is that there will be many celebrities who will have to content themselves with following the ceremony on the Telefe screen. And it is that, although from the precise moment when The date of the awards ceremony has been announced there were those who began to fight for an entry, only the members of APTRA (Association of Argentine Television and Radio Journalists), nominees and guests by the channel carrying out the transmission will be able to have their cover in the Pacific Roomor 70 tables will be set for around 700 guests who will watch the ceremony live and live.

So things, 100 of the places available will be occupied by members of the entity that created the award., who were responsible for voting first for the nominees for the 35 categories awarded and, later, for the winners who will take home the much-desired statuette. They are usually distributed among the different tables, although in some cases the most famous celebrities ask to be accompanied by a specific member with whom they have a greater affinity.

The invitation for the Martín Fierro 2022

The invitation for the Martín Fierro 2022

For its part, pre-selections in a personal way, such as for the best actor or the best pilot, can attend with a companion. But in categories such as Best Fiction or Best Journalismjust to name a few elements that include group work, invites reach the channel they belong to and It is the press attachés of each station who are responsible for deciding who they send to represent each of them.. This explains why not all members of a nominated program can attend the party and why personalities who may not belong to any shortlist do so.

In reality, the broadcast channel has a number of invitations to fulfill its own commercial commitments and, also, to ensure that as many familiar faces as possible can be seen on screen. For example, both Susana Gimenez to like Mirtha Legrand a full table is allocated to them, just to ensure their presence at the gala. And that’s why the first usually attends with her daughter, Mercedes Sarabayrrouseand some friends, like Coustarot head Is Celia SofovitchWhile the chiqui meet your image consultant, Hector Vidal Rivasand some members of his family like his daughter, Marcela Tinayreor their grandchildren Joan Yes Nacho Viale.

On this occasion, the invitations bearing the signature of the President of APTRA, louis venturaand the secretary Guillaume Belgeri put in notice the Covid-19 protocol which will be executed and which requires that each of the participants presents a vaccination certificate and a test with a negative result no more than 96 hours. For the latter, various offices of the Rossi Laboratory and mobile test units located in the various television stations and at APTRA headquarters, which guests could sample from in the days leading up to the gala. To enter the room, you must also present a magnetic card which is personal and non-transferable.

The magnetic card to enter the show is personal and non-transferable

The magnetic card to enter the show is personal and non-transferable

What is certain is that, From 7:00 p.m., as planned, the characters will begin to arrive to pose with their looks specially chosen for the occasion in front of accredited photographers. And fashion critics will make their case from the various shows. Meanwhile, from the start of the ceremony there will be room for the controversy that is already part of the folklore of Martín Fierro, who is already in his 50th episode. However, the most important thing is that the Argentine show business will meet at a party to celebrate the television production of the year 2021, which with so much effort has succeeded in informing and entertaining people in a context extremely complicated.

Right here, the complete list of nominees for the Martín Fierro 2022:

best reality show

pastry shop, call

Cuts and preparation, The thirteen

famous master chef, call

big show

The Argentinian voice call

ShowMatch, The thirteen

Deal donePhone

Best Television Jury

Ricardo Montaner, Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastoruti and Mau and Ricky, The Argentinian Voice

Donato De Santis, Damian Betular and Germán Martitegui, Master Chef Celebrity

Brito’s Angel, Carolina pampita Ardohain, Guillermina Valdés, Jimena Barón and Hernán Piquín, ShowMatch

Nacha Guevara, Oscar Mediavilla, Karina La Princesita and Moria Casán, sing 2020

best fiction

The Tiger of VeronThe thirteen

On 1-5/18, The thirteen


small victoriesPhone

best journalist


fire friendThe new one

journalism for allThe thirteen

I am XXI ATRPhone


team flowerPhone

nara what to seeThe new one

us in the morning, The thirteen

Pampita onlineREPORT

Every afternoonThe new one

Coupe for Lozano, call

Best Entertainment Game Show

welcome aboardThe thirteen

The wheel of your dreamsyes, America

minute to win, call

Best quiz game program

100 Argentinians sayThe thirteen

the 8 stepsThe thirteen


Who knows more about ArgentinaPublic television


blessedThe new one

It is not too latePhone

Bar controversyAmerica

Conducting comedy and current affairs programs

Beto Casella, The Nine

Diego Korol, America

Guillermo Lopez, America

Work in male driving

Dario Barassi, 100 Argentinians say

Santiago del Moro, Master Chef Celebrity

Mariano Judica, Bar controversy

Guido Kaczka, welcome aboard Yes the 8 steps

Marcelo Tinelli, ShowMatch

Marly, Around the world, La Voz Argentina and Minute win

Work in women’s driving

Karina Mazzoco, In the afternoon

Florence Pena, team flower

Juana Viale, Lunch with Mirtha Legrand

Veronique Lozano, Cut by Lozano

General interest

Lunch with Mirtha LegrandThe thirteen

PH, we can talkPhone

I live for youThe new one

daytime news

ArgentiniansThe thirteen

People’s newsPhone

soap opera at noonThe new one

central newscast

America NewsAmerica

Telefe NewsPhone

telenocheThe thirteen

Fictional lead actor

Facundo Arana, small victories

Luciano Caceres, 1-5/18

Marco Antonio Caponi, The Tiger of Veron

Julio Chavez, The Tiger of Veron

Fictional lead actress

Augustine Cherry, 1-5/18

Juliet Diaz, small victories

Lily Gonzalez, 1-5/18

Nathalie Perez, small victories

Supporting actor

Alberto Ajaca, apache

Diego Cremonese, The Tiger of VeronThe thirteen / MonsoonPhone

Roly Serrano, 1-5/18

supporting actress

Leticia Bredice, 1-5/18

Sophie Gala Castiglione, The Tiger of VeronThe thirteen / apachePhone

Florence Ragi, MonsoonPhone

Author / screenwriter

German Maggiori and Marcos Osorio Vidal, The Tiger of Veron

Lily Ann Martin, Jessica Valls and Marcelo Nacci, 1-5/18

Erica Halvorsen – Daniel Burman, small victories


Dario Barassi, The Thirteen

Jey Mammon, America

Mau and Ricky, Telefe


Adrian Caetano, apache

Alejandro Ibanez and Jorge Nisco, 1-5/18

John Taratuto, small victories

Male journalistic work

Rodolfo Barili, Telefe

Nelson Castro, El Trece

Jorge Lanata, The Thirteen

Women’s journalistic work

Marisa Andino, The Nine

Soledad Larghi, America

Silvia Martinez Casina, The Thirteen

Cristina Perez, Telefe

humorous work

Martin Campy, team flower

Robert Moldavsky, Deal done

Patrick Muzio, The Rock of Morfi

full production

1-5/18The thirteen

The Argentinian VoicePhone

Master Chef CelebrityPhone


Martin Candalaft, America

Paulo Kablan, Telefe

Yanina Latorre, El Trece

Columnist / mobile

Guillaume Paniza, Telefe NewsPhone

Fabien Rubin, America NewsAmerica

Santiago Zeyen, us in the morningThe thirteen

travel / tourism

selfie modeAmerica

By everybodyPhone

Rest of the worldThe thirteen


Garden PartyPublic television

The Rock of MorfiPhone

Mammonesyes, America

saturday passionAmerica


football show, America

football fanThe thirteen

Let the paddocks come backPublic television

Cultural / Educational

environment and environmentThe new one

Argentinian Emotions ArchivePublic television

film libraryPublic television


Argentinian cooksPublic television

to cookThe thirteen

what a morningThe new one

Advertising (product)

Quarantines (Easy), by Don

Everything is better in black and white (Stella Artois), by GUT

I see I see (Stream), by Don

Institutional place

infinitenew formula (YPF), by Riotous Hare

essential (Free Market), by GUT

Payada (Liberal collective project), by Together with

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