The revelations of Amber Heard's ex-nurse who compromise her in the lawsuit with Johnny Depp

The revelations of Amber Heard’s ex-nurse who compromise her in the lawsuit with Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard continues. This Tuesday, the actress’ former nurse made her statement on video. Erin Fallati, also known as Erin Boerum, reviewed her notes since she first saw her in August 2014. In them she described history of illicit drug and alcohol abuse, as well as anxiety and other previous disorders. Additionally, he said the actress told him that “had trouble dealing with feelings of insecurity and jealousy” she was going through when she wasn’t in the presence of the actor, who at the time was her fiancé. Part of the actor’s defense focuses on proving the star’s emotional instability. Aquamanaccompanied by substance use.

In the first place, she reviewed the state of health and previous conditions of the actress – to which she herself refers – since the moment she became her patient, among which she highlighted the emotional dependence eating disorders, attention deficit disorder and bipolarity.

The court heard from Erin Falati aka Erin Boerum, Amber Heard’s former nurse who appeared via video deposition. (Daily Mail)

In this sense, Falati said that at that time, Amber “He had experienced increased anxiety, had several outbursts of rage and his mood had been labile”, as indicated Daily mail. When Depp’s lawyers asked her to elaborate on emotional lability, she explained that it was about sudden changes in mood. “You see someone sad and they quickly transition to extreme happiness.. It’s like a pendulum and emotions revolve around it,” he said.

Later and in another comment that emerged from her notes, the former nurse said Heard told Dr. Kipper – Johnny’s personal physician – and her that “She felt anxiety about being alone every time Depp went to London to work to break a record”adding that she revealed to him that “she had a hard time dealing with jealousy and insecurity when she wasn’t in his presence”.

Erin Falati, Amber Heard's former nurse, showed off part of the actress' medical records from 2014. (Daily Mail)
Erin Falati, Amber Heard’s former nurse, showed off part of the actress’ medical records from 2014. (Daily Mail)

The star’s lawyers Pirates of the Caribbean remained incisive and delved into another entry on September 2 of the same year, when he stated that amber told him that “I felt anxiety about Depp’s fame and his interaction with other women”. He added that he remembered a “general feeling of jealousy and anxiety that surfaced over the years”.

Although a significant part of the material presented falati during their intervention in the trial, they described in detail various emotional episodes of Heardalso reminisced about a dinner party on September 4, 2014. On that occasion, the actress was “frustrated” with servers due to a “lack of communication,” but noted that she had helped herself to calm down, so the former nurse reflected on “evolving skills” to deal with stressful situations.

Erin Falati shared in court photographs Amber Heard sent her and said the actress said she had "suicidal tendencies" (Credit: Daily Mail)
Erin Falati shared in court photographs Amber Heard sent her and said the actress said she had ‘suicidal tendencies’. (Daily Mail)

However, it was not a behavior that was maintained over time. Along with the notes, it accompanied several photos the actress had sent her where she could be seen with red marks on her face and allegedly told her that had “suicidal tendencies”.

As the cross-examination progressed, Depp’s defense asked questions about infidelity, a subject much discussed in the trial by the lawyers of both parties. When asked directly if he remembered heard allegedly told her that he was cheating on her, she expressed that there was no point memory, but the constant perception of jealousy of the actress.

Statement from Erin Falati, Amber Heard’s former nurse

Later he also described at least two episodes where heard revealed that he was abusing substances. In 2016 and as a birthday present, he attended with friends the festival-coachella and later, when Falati visited her at home, the actress told her that “she had consumed mushrooms and ecstasy” and that she had been drugged “at least 24 hours in a row”.

The origin of the judgment between Depp Yes heardand which is in the oral phase, finds its origin in an opinion piece the actress posted in 2018 Washington Postand where she describes herself as a “victim of domestic violence”. The actor sued the actress for defamation and claimed that because of it lost major contracts totaling $40 millionand that half of this amount corresponded to the sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbeanmovie that was canceled.

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