The Russia-Ukraine conflict, minute by minute |  Moscow says last Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol have surrendered

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, minute by minute | Moscow says last Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol have surrendered

Google’s Russian subsidiary plans to file for bankruptcy

Google’s Russian subsidiary announced plans to file for bankruptcy after its bank account was seized by Russian authorities, but said it would continue to provide its free services.

“Google Russia has published a notice of its intention to file for bankruptcy,” confirmed a spokesperson for the group.

“Russian authorities’ seizure of Google Russia’s bank account prevents our office in Russia from continuing to operate, hiring or paying our employees there, paying suppliers and vendors, and fulfilling other obligations” , said the spokesperson.

However, Google stressed that it will continue to provide its free services in Russia, including YouTube, Gmail or Maps.

Biden receives the leaders of Sweden and Finland

Joe Biden received Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and Finnish President Sauli Niinistö to once again demonstrate his support for the two countries’ membership of NATO.

The American president received the two European leaders at the White House with great fanfare. After posing for photos, the three headed to the Oval Office.

Washington actively supports the decision of Finland and Sweden to join NATO, a historic break with their non-aligned position.

Shaken by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Stockholm and Helsinki have chosen to seek military protection from other European countries and in particular from the United States.

In Washington, the green light from Congress should only be a formality, since there is no disagreement between the political class in this matter.

NATO comes to Turkey’s crossroads over objections to Sweden and Finland’s entry

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the military alliance would respond to “concerns” expressed by Turkey to oppose Sweden and Finland joining.

“Of course we will respond to the concerns expressed by Turkey” in order to reach “an agreement to move forward,” Stoltenberg told a conference in Copenhagen.

The two Nordic countries raised their candidacies for NATO, breaking with the traditions of military non-alignment, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine at the end of February.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday reaffirmed his opposition to the NATO candidacies of Sweden and Finland, believing that these two countries are sanctuaries for Kurdish “terrorist” organizations.

“We are determined to maintain our position, we have informed our friends and we will say ‘no’ to Finland and Sweden, who want to join NATO, and we will persist in this policy,” Erdogan said during a meeting. youth assembly in Istanbul.

Russia assures that Ukraine will have to pay for the energy produced at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Jusnulin said that Ukraine will have to pay for the energy produced at the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhiathe largest in Europe and now under the control of Moscow. The plant supplies electricity to the whole of Ukraine.

“If the Ukrainian energy system is ready to pay, then (the plant) can work for Ukraine. If it does not accept, then it will work for Russia,” Jusnulín told a conference at the plant.

For his part, the spokesman for the Ukrainian entity Energoatom, Leonid Oliynyk, declared that the Russians “do not have the technical capacity to supply energy from the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia”. “It takes time and money. It’s like building a bridge in Crimea. And in a month or two we will put everything back under Ukrainian control,” he said.

In 2021, before the Russian offensive against Ukraine which began on February 24, the plant represented 20% of Ukraine’s annual electricity production and 47% of that produced by the Ukrainian nuclear fleet.

Moscow forces took control of this factory in early March. located in the city of Energodar in southern Ukraine, separated by the waters of the Dnieper from the regional capital Zaporizhia, the latter under Ukrainian control.

Half of Gazprom’s foreign corporate clients have opened a ruble account

About half of the foreign companies having a gas supply contract with the Russian company Gazprom have opened a ruble account at Gazprombank to honor their payments.the Russian government announced on Thursday. President Vladimir Putin had announced that he would only accept payment in rubles for energy exports.

According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, 54 companies are contractually linked to Gazprom Export.

“According to my figures, about half have already opened special accounts in our bank – in foreign currency and in rubles – in order to be able to transfer foreign currencies, convert them into rubles and pay for the gas supplied in rubles,” he said. declared.

“In the next few days we will have the final list of those who paid in rubles and those who refused to pay”he added.

In response to the freezing of some $300 billion in foreign exchange reserves that Russia held abroad, the Kremlin issued a decree establishing a new two-phase gas payment procedure starting in April.

Since then, its customers must deposit the payment in a Gazprombank account in euros or dollars, then convert it into rubles in a second account opened in the same entity.

Even though the European Union sees this mechanism as a means of avoiding sanctions imposed by the bloc on Russiaseveral EU member countries anxious to maintain their supply have asked the European Commission, its executive body, for clarification.

Tuesday, Italian energy giant Eni has announced its decision to open an account in euros and another in rubles at Gazprom’s bank.

Instead, Gasum, the company in charge of gas imports to Finland, said the same day that it refused to pay Gazprom Export in rubles and expressed fears of a cut in Russian gas supplies.

Other countries like Poland and Bulgaria which did not want to pay in rubles have already been deprived of gas from Gazprom.

Civilian killed in Ukrainian attack on Russian town

A truck driver has been killed and others injured in southeastern Russia after a Ukrainian attack in a village near the border with Ukraine, reported the governor of the Kursk region.

“Another enemy attack in Tetkino, which took place at dawn, ended in tragedy, unfortunately. At the moment, we know that at least one civilian has been killed,” Governor Roman Starovoit said on Telegram social network.

The official noted that, based on preliminary information, the victim was the driver of a truck making a delivery to a local distillery.

Starovit added that other people were injured and work was underway to put out fires in the village of around 4,000 people on the border with Ukraine.

“Several houses were damaged. There are also reports of unexploded shells,” he said.

The governor posted photos of burnt-out buildings, red windows and bumps in the ground where shells are believed to have landed.

German Chancellor rejects Ukraine skipping steps to join EU

The head of the German government, Chancellor Olaf Scholz, considered that it is “an imperative of fairness” compared to other countriesthat Ukraine does not benefit from a “shortcut” to joining the European Union (EU) which, according to him, “is not the matter of a few months or a few years”.

“The fact that there are no shortcuts on the road to (Ukraine’s) accession to the EU is an imperative of fairness towards the six countries of the Western Balkans” who have long wanted to join the bloc, Scholz told parliament in Berlin.

For his part, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba denounced “second-class treatment” by “certain European capitals” regarding Ukraine’s candidacy for the EU.

“The strategic ambiguity over Ukraine’s European perspective practiced by some EU capitals in recent years has failed and must end,” Kuleba tweeted.

The German Chancellor also felt that the French President “Emmanuel Macron is right to point out that the process of accession (to the EU) is not a question of a few months or a few years”.

“That’s why we now have to focus on quick and pragmatic support for Ukraine,” Scholz added, ahead of the EU-Western Balkans summit next Monday in Brussels.

Russia says there are already 1,730 Ukrainian soldiers who have surrendered in Azovstal

Russia reported that the last remaining Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol have already surrendered and thus increased the number of prisoners of war a 1730 and they were already registered as such by the Red Cross.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said registration of Ukrainian prisoners of war, including wounded soldiers, began yesterday under an agreement between Ukraine and Russia.

The Geneva-based international humanitarian organization, which has experience with prisoners of war and prisoner exchanges, however indicated that its teams did not transfer the combatants “to the places where they are detained”, which she did not specify.

It is not yet known where the soldiers barricaded in the Azovstal steelworks will be taken. Some were taken to a penal colony in the Donbass region.

“In the past 24 hours, 771 fighters from the Nationalist Azov Regiment have surrendered,” the ministry said in its daily conflict report. In total, since May 16, 1,730 fighters have surrendered, including 80 wounded. »


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