The Russia-Ukraine conflict, minute by minute |  Ukrainian army counterattacks in Kharkov, Russian forces advance in Donetsk

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, minute by minute | Ukrainian army counterattacks in Kharkov, Russian forces advance in Donetsk

McDonald’s sells its business in Russia

McDonald’s reported on Monday that will sell its business in Russia, a country where the fast food giant has 850 restaurants and more than 62,000 employees. Through a press release, the company indicated that it would maintain its activity in this country “is no longer sustainable or in line with the values” of the companybecause of the “humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine”.

The multinational has 850 restaurants and more than 62,000 employees in the country. As noted, while they were looking for a buyer for their business in Russia and will continue to pay the wages of its workers until the transaction is finalized.

Prague closes Ukrainian refugee center after exceeding capacity limit

Prague will close one of its reception centers for refugees from Ukraine to force them to move to other Czech regions after exceeding the capital’s reception capacity limit, the mayor of Prague announced on Monday. the metropolis, the politician of the Pirate Party Zdenek Hrib.

The mayor had given the Czech government an ultimatum to present before May 17 a plan for the “equitable redistribution” throughout the country of people arriving fleeing Russian aggression in Ukraine, warning that otherwise the center would be closed.

“Between Prague and other regions there are differences of up to four times in the number of refugees per thousand inhabitants,” Hrib said today, referring to the saturation of accommodation capacities for these refugees in Prague, where families and children spend the night at the train station.

EU seeks agreement to sanction Russian oil without unbalancing its countries

European Union (EU) foreign ministers are on Monday trying to give political impetus to the Russian oil sanctions deal, trying to strike a balance so that countries heavily dependent on such exports are not harmed, like Hungary, which is currently vetoing this restrictive measure.

“What we need is a balance between two things: on the one hand, we must avoid at all costs that (Russian President) Vladimir Putin can finance his war with European capital, but we must also prevent Vladimir Putin’s war could destabilize particularly dependent European states,” Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares told the press on his arrival at the EU Council.

Russia warns Sweden and Finland that they will no longer have NATO security

Russia today warned Sweden and Finland that NATO membership would not boost their security and would be a “serious mistake” with consequences.

“It is quite obvious to us that as a result of this decision the security of Sweden and Finland will not be strengthened,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told Russian news agencies. .

He explained that with the decision of these two Scandinavian countries “the general level of military tension will increase and the situation in this area will be less predictable”.

“This is another serious mistake with far-reaching consequences,” Ryabkov stressed, adding that common sense is being sacrificed “for phantom visions of what to do in the current situation.”

Three injured, including a child, in a Russian airstrike in the Odessa region

Three people were injured, including a child seriously, in an airstrike launched by Russian troops this morning in the Odessa region, according to the operational command “Pivden” (“South”).

“As a result of the missile attack in the Odessa region, strategic aviation aircraft hit tourist infrastructure, destroyed buildings and a fire broke out. Rescue teams and a group of investigation are working on the spot”, specifies the report, quoted by the Unian agency.

Belarus deploys troops to border

In its last part, British military intelligence indicates that Belarus has announced the deployment of special operations forces on the border with Ukraine, as well as air defense, artillery and missile units in the west. from the country.

“The presence of Belarusian forces near the border will likely determine Ukrainian troops, which cannot be deployed in support of operations in Donbass,” the report said.

The Swedish Parliament will ask for the country’s entry into NATO

The Swedish Parliament will debate this Monday in Stockholm on the new security situation in Europe caused by the war in Ukraine and it is expected that at the end of the session it will announce its decision in favor of NATO membership.

Sweden took another step towards NATO when the ruling Social Democratic Party announced on Sunday its position in favor of membership, a position which enjoys broad parliamentary support and which coincides with the day when the Finland has approved the sending of its application to join the Alliance.

The Russians continue their offensive in the East

According to the Ukrainian army, the Russians are continuing their offensive in the operational zone of eastern Ukraine, in the direction of Donetsk, where they have attacked military and civilian infrastructure, and are preparing another offensive in the Izium region .

It also states that Russian troops have reinforced control of the border between Ukraine and Russia in the Bryansk and Kursk regions and have attacked civilian infrastructure in the area of ​​the towns of Dovhenke, Ruski Tyshki, Ternova and Petrivka with artillery.

Instead, the Institute for the Study of War (USA) (ISW) believes that Russian troops abandoned the objective of completing the encirclement of Ukrainian units from the city of Donetsk to Izium, with the aim of complete the capture of the entire Luhansk region. .

Ukrainian army gains ground in Kharkiv

The Ukrainian army gained ground in Kharkov, Ukraine’s second largest city, in the northeast, where it managed to force the enemy to retreat and retreat to a section of the Ukrainian border. State with Russia, reported the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Monday Ukraine.

Ukrainian defenders are continuing a successful counteroffensive north of Kharkiv, the ministry said on its Facebook account, saying that a battalion of the 127th Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the city of Kharkiv “pushed back the Russians and arrived in a section of the border state.

The last part of the Ukrainian military high command clarifies that the enemy continues to concentrate its efforts on maintaining its positions in this region.

Zelenski steps up international campaign for support

Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelensky said in his morning speech that starting this Monday, a week will begin with “a lot of international activity” to get “weapons and financial support for Ukraine” to start rebuilding this that “Russia has ruined”.


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