The scandal continues: Rodrigo De Paul, between Tini Stoessel, China Suárez and a Uruguayan model

The scandal continues: Rodrigo De Paul, between Tini Stoessel, China Suárez and a Uruguayan model

The footballer was linked to model Candelaria Perrots and lawyer Mariana Gallego spoke about it in LAM

A few days after starting to whitewash her romance with the singer Tini Stoessel, Rodrigo DePaul had to come out to deny a new rumor. To the old versions about contacts with China Suárez, today an attempt has been made to clarify a version about another relationship. Wednesday evening, the lawyer Marianne Gallego communicated by telephone with THEM (Americas) at the request of the midfielder give his version of the rumors circulating in the last days of footballer’s supposed meeting with Uruguayan model Candelaria Perrots.

Growing closer on social media Toddler an artist who was outside the world of gossip and now appears involved almost daily in show programs– and without hiding their relationship between the two, the player got tired of the transcended and asked his attorney for a forceful clarification after learning that they assured that he had been in a bowling alley in Madrid.

Rodrigo De Paul gets closer to Tini Stoessel and denies the rumor of an affair with model Candelaria Perrot

The relationship with Rodrigo De Paul put Tini in a different place. Since the days of Violetta, she has kept a low profile and cultivated an image away from controversy but In recent months, he has been in the middle of versions of all kinds and his face is now a recurring figure in the programs of the show.. Especially after how he appeared in the love life of the national team midfielder, who had a family consisting of a wife and two children..

“Rodrigo learned of the information that had been given about him at a time when he was with his children, taking care of them, they put him in a nightclub with a person he does not know and He wants this situation to be denied, ”said the legal representative of the Atlético de Madrid player initially. “Above all, it affects him because of the boys, because living in another country, he has these ten days to spend with his children every 45 days or so; Yes At the same time he even sent me the photo with the girl sleeping, in the morning brushing her teeth with the boys, it was impossible for him to be in a bowling alley“, he argued about the agreement he has with his ex-girlfriend, Camila Homswith whom he was the father of Francesca and Bautista.

Gallego pointed out that the Argentina national team player did not know the model from the neighboring country in person, and defined this rumor as “the straw that overflowed the camel’s back” in terms of all the talk about his life. private. “He offered the pictures and everything, but it seems to me that you shouldn’t put the boys in the middle, it’s not worth it. With the word of the protagonist is more than enough, especially in the face of the absolute lack of evidence, without any recording of a witness or whatever they gave information, so it seems to me that the best thing is to cut hunt and say, ‘It’s the truth, it didn’t happen’, and close the case,” he said.

However, the driver did not miss the opportunity to consult him on another case that took place at the beginning of the year: “Since China Suarez spoke to you?. Convincingly, the lawyer replied: “He doesn’t even know La China, and that’s why he also told me: ‘I put up with something, I didn’t go out to talk, and now it seems to me that I have to I quit”. ‘especially since lies are generated about him and the assumption happened when he had the boys with him.

In this case, the version had been released in show partners (The Thirteen). “Last Thursday, Rodrigo de Paul was in a famous cocktail bar in Madrid sitting at a table, looking at the phone all the time, with Candelaria Perrots”, said Karina Iavicoli. “She’s an Uruguayan model, the daughter of a businessman who lives in Galicia, they were having a cocktail and after 20 or 30 minutes they left the place together.” Rodrigo Lussich, for his part, assured that the young woman is the niece of Nicolás Furtado, and the reference to the protagonists of the Wandagate it resurfaced. As soon as he learned of the information, De Paul asked his lawyer to deny it, as Gallego said.

Tini Stoessel started appearing on gossip shows.  The relationship with De Paul was a hinge in his career and his low profile.
Tini Stoessel started appearing on gossip shows. The relationship with De Paul was a hinge in his career and his low profile.

Since the leak photos of Tini and De Paul in Ibiza, Spain, little by little they began to dare to leave virtual traces of their frequentation. On her official Instagram account, the singer posted about her to feed a video in which he appears singing the new song “Carne y Hueso”. He quickly received many love and comments congratulating her for this song. “You are triple T”, expressed the Atlético de Madrid player in a publication, in addition to a heart emoji.

This is not the first time that he has expressed his love through the networks. Recently, Tini went live on Instagram to celebrate with his fans the success of The Triple T, which is number 1 on Spotify, both in Argentina and Uruguay. Rodrigo appeared in the middle of the transmission to comment on a white heart. Soon those following the transmission took a screenshot and it went viral on social media. Previously, De Paul had gave a like when Stoessel released “The Triple T”.


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