The serious complaint of the daughters of Beatriz Salomón: "How did my mother leave us with this monster?"

The serious complaint of the daughters of Beatriz Salomón: “How did my mother leave us with this monster?”

the daughters of Beatriz Salomón, Bettina (18) and Noelia Ferriols (21), are in the midst of a terrible situation with their father, Alberto Ferriolsthat is why they went to see Andrea Taboada to make visible in the media, more precisely on “LAM” (América TV) what is happening to them.

The journalist said that the daughters of the famous star had formally denounced their father for a simple threat, after having had an uncomfortable discussion Thursday evening with Ferriols in the apartment where they live: “The father came into the house saying he was going to stay and live there and that Bettina’s dog, a pit bull, had to go.”

Bettina has been in communication with Taboada since January and He told him that he had a great fear of Ferriolsas well as to admit that his father sold his dead mother’s clothes and car without permission. In addition, the panelist assured that the girls have experienced very serious things with their father, but that at their request he was not going to expose them publicly.

After having this disagreement with Alberto in the department, Bettina took things, her pet and fled to her uncle Daniel Salomón and his companion Liliana Vasiluk, with whom he had not been able to maintain any type of contact at the request of his father.

The wife of Beatriz’s brother, Liliana, did not hesitate to go on “LAM” (América TV) and tell by telephone the terrible story behind this drama that Bettina and Noelia are currently experiencing: “TI choked on stuff three years ago… Violence against girls started the same day Beatriz left. When he finished leaving (June 15, 2019), Alberto told Blanca “get the girls”. After that day, I didn’t hug them again until Bettina showed up.”

Vasiluk assured that he has full confidence in the veracity of Bettina’s complaints: “I believe everything my niece told me, for something I am talking about here and she filed a complaint. I just want to say that my nieces lost the biological mother, the mother of heart (Beatriz) and, for three years, their uncles”. Liliana pointed out that although she hasn’t been able to have a normal connection with the girls for a while, she sometimes goes to see them because she receives messages like “I’m hungry, come get me”because “he was afraid to eat at home, that people put things on him, because, in fact, it has already happened to him”.

Beatriz Salomón’s sister-in-law expressed the great martyrdom it was for her nieces to stay with Alberto Ferriols after the artist’s death: “They hardly knew their father and they had to stay with a person who, according to Betina said: ‘How did my mother leave us with this monster?'” The best of Solomon’s daughters is the one most determined to take Ferriols to courta: “We are doing what we have to do: protect our niece, love her, take care of her and do what she has asked us to do since the day she turned 18.”

Liliana confessed how Ferriols ensured that Bettina and Noelia had no contact with their maternal family: “He invented a lot of things to keep the girls away from us and the girls recognize him that he filled their heads for that they would stay away from us. Bettina sent me a message and said that she wanted to see us. She waited for us and hid, because she said that they would find out where they were and that “She was going to expose us. We met in a square with companion and she forgot the thermos out of emotion. There’s so much to talk about.”

Similarly, Solomon’s sister-in-law added, “They have been separated from us since the day their mother left. We never cried with them.. When she turned 18, she perked up and said that no one was going to forbid her from seeing her maternal family. They made it all up. They did everything. Even some videos… which I’m going to talk about. They made Beatriz make videos when she wasn’t well.”

Finally, Vasiluk concluded that it was a strong testimony with these words: “The things we discovered at the police station! Bettina said things we wanted to die for. I want my nieces and my husband to be happy once and for all. suffered it all side by side. of my husband. God only knows what they suffered losing Beatriz. It’s a horror movie.

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