The sharp cross between Nancy Pazos and Denise Dumas for the elimination of Masterchef Celebrity: "It does not suit you"

The sharp cross between Nancy Pazos and Denise Dumas for the elimination of Masterchef Celebrity: “It does not suit you”

The panelist assured that the driver will become a great “actress” for the emotional elimination gala

An emotional elimination gala was held on Tuesday in the final week of Masterchef Celebrity 3. After bursting into tears, Denise Dumas said goodbye to the cooking showand the next day He remembered his departure from reality in his role as a driver team flower (Telephone). When he was about to introduce the band, he kept a stretched back and forth with Nancy Pazosand Analia Franchin She questioned her partner’s acerbic comment.

As Denise acknowledged the tricks time had played on her in the last baking event that had knocked her out of the competition, Pazos interrupted her with a sentence that left everyone perplexed. “It’s not the only thing Denise left in her path. Master Chef Celebrity. I think a great actress is coming. A great actress…“, expressed the panelist.

Faced with the uncomfortable silence of the driver, who was trying to understand what she meant, Nancy justified herself: “I say this because now a moment of drama is coming and you have made everyone cry, haven’t you?” Before Denise could say a word, Analía went through it without a filter:So you didn’t believe him!”. Without losing her smile, the former participant tried to calm the waters and sought common ground between the two: “Let’s say it was a dramatic moment, yes.”

Denise Dumas and Nancy Pazos starred in a tense moment in Flor de Equipo

Noelia Antonelli He also took sides and made a sour recommendation to the driver: “It’s not convenient for you that Nancy presents the tapes”. Dumas let the warning pass and confined himself to presenting the report: “It was a sad moment, the truth is that it mixed everything up, be careful because I would repeat the same thing twice.” We must remember that three weeks ago, Martín’s wife campi Campilongo took over the management after the departure of Florence Pena.

A few days before it happens the strong live brawl between Pazos and Franchín on machismo. In this clash of opinions, Antonelli had already expressed his position and agreed with Analía’s way of thinking. Almost a month later, the tension is still there, even though they coexist as members of the cycle panel and the driver holds the reins in a spirit of truce.

The elimination of Denise Dumas in Masterchef Celebrity

The host said goodbye to the reality show and there are only three contestants left on their way to the finale

The cake Paris Brestmade with puff pastry filled with hazelnut cream, was the dish that left him from the most famous kitchens of the country. Donat de Santis He noticed that the paste had hardened. “If I close my eyes and eat it, it’s perfect because the flavors are very high, very decent,” Betular added, after praising her for the attempt. “The truth is that today I came very focused, and if I leave I leave happy because I was able to do everything and that was my goal. I wanted to be clean and be able to deal with whatever they put in front of me“says the driver.

When it was Juariu’s turn, the pundits noticed errors very similar to those of Denise, but in terms of aesthetic criteria, her veneer prevailed. After a tense definition, the judges informed Fonzi that he had become the second semi-finalist with Viciconte. Then came the time for the announcement of the new eliminated: “Who is leaving tonight is Denise Dumas”said Betular.

Overcome with emotion, she commented backstage: “I’m coming to the end of something wonderful, I’m happy with life. I risked everything I wanted to risk, they recognized a lot for me, so I’m leaving really excited and happy. You go as far as you can go, I didn’t miss anything, it’s a lot, never in my life thought I’d make it”. While Denise couldn’t stop a few tears from rolling down her face, Donato wanted to emphasize her playful personality and confessed that he identifies with her.

“You are one of the people who, in this program and in your life, like to overcome obstacles. In addition to your dance and your joy I love that you want to bring happiness to others, and sometimes it’s a bit to hide some sadness“, recognized the chief. german martitegui He was also moved and expressed, “We have seen you grow every moment as a person; I feel there was an inner struggle on your part, you played for what you wanted, and it seems to me that daring to bet is very valuable. We love you very much and will miss you.”

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