The six best psychological thrillers to watch on HBO Max

The six best psychological thrillers to watch on HBO Max

Venturing to see a thriller is a path that takes us on a roller coaster of emotions and if we add psychological aspects to it, the combo becomes an interesting proposition. Like a kind of puzzle, these films challenge us to put together all the clues to arrive at the final game. Twists in the plots, surprises, characters who change course in the middle of the story, are some of the elements that are mixed in each of these proposals.

If this genre is one of your choices, we offer you six must-see films available on HBOMax.

Echoes of a crime

“Echoes of a Crime”, a disturbing thriller starring Argentine actor Diego Peretti, who plays a successful writer and receives an unexpected visitor during a vacation in a cabin in the woods. (HBOMax)

After crossing the rooms, this story arrives on the platform. Echoes of a Crime It’s a disturbing suspense thriller starring the Argentinian actor Diego Peretti (The robbery of the century, The simulators), who plays Julián Lemar, a successful thriller writer. One day, this man decides to take a vacation with his wife, played by Juliette Cardinali (Maradona: blessed dream), in a cabin in the forest. But barely settled, during a stormy night when the power goes out, a strange woman arrives who desperately asks them for help: she claims that her husband killed her son and that she will be his new victim. . Julián will have to distinguish, as in his novels, the true from the fictional story of this woman who will become a constant threat.


“Kimi”: Zoë Kravitz as Angela Childs, a tech company employee who inadvertently discovers evidence of a crime. (HBOMax)

Steven Soderbergh (The big scam, not a misstep), directs this thriller. the protagonist is Zoe Kravitz (Batman, Big Little Lies), which brings to life Angela Childs, an employee of a technology company who inadvertently discovers evidence of a crime. Far from straying from these clues, the young woman tries to fight against the bureaucracy of the place and her own agoraphobia (made worse by the effects of the confinement that the pandemic has involved), as she goes to find a way to report the event that occurred in the company. A breathtaking quest for justice in every scene. Casting is over Rita Wilson (my big greek wedding), Jaime Camil (Joan the Virgin) Yes Erika Christensen (cheaper by the dozen), among others.


“Acusada”: actress and singer Lali Espósito plays Dolores, a girl accused of her friend’s crime. Is she really guilty? (HBOMax)

Argentinian singer and actress Mariana “Lali” Esposito (red sky) is the protagonist of this film. Directed by Gonzalo Tobal (hunting season), the young woman plays Dolores Dreier, a student accused of the murder of her best friend. With great media exposure, the case escalates in unexpected places. Is she really to blame or is she just the victim of a smear campaign? As the trial progresses, doubts arise and the sometimes suspicious attitudes of Dolores make the spectator doubt everything he sees. to accompany Esposito, Leonard Sbaraglia (wild tales), Ines Estevez (Little Victory), Daniel Fanego (the angel) Yes Gerard Romain (fringe).

Blindly (Blind)

“Blindfolded”: Madelaine Petsch as Ellen, a young woman who loses her sight completely after being assaulted by an assailant who cannot be identified. Your nightmare has only just begun. (HBOMax)

This thriller stars one of the stars of the series Riverdale, Madeleine Petsch, which plays Ellen, a young woman who completely loses her sight after being assaulted by an unidentified assailant. The young girl, after this event, lives isolated and confined, not daring to leave her apartment for fear that her attacker will reappear in her life. Casting is over Lee Jones (The Bastard Executioner), deniz akdeniz(The stewardess), Matthew Yang King (The Kreutzer Sonata) Yes Alexander Koch (shine forever).

Reminiscence (reminiscence)

“Reminiscence”: Hugh Jackman puts himself in the shoes of an investigator who investigates the minds of his clients. His life will change when a mysterious woman appears in his office. (HBOMax)

This film directed by Lisa Joy (Westworld), tells the story of Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman, the great showman), a private detective dedicated to exploring the mind to find lost memories. His life will change when Mae appears in his life (rebecca fergusson, dunes), his new client, who first approaches him to help find an object, but quickly becomes a dangerous obsession. Mae’s disappearance will lead Nick to unravel a web of conspiracies around this mysterious woman.

little secrets (The small things)

‘Little Secrets’: A large cast of Hollywood stars joins this thriller in which nothing is what it seems. (HBOMax)

Denzel Washington (The Tragedy of Macbeth), rami maleck (Bohemian Rhapsody) Yes Jared Leto (the house of gucci) are the stars of this film. This is a crime thriller in which a policeman returns to the city of Los Angeles to collaborate with a detective in search of a serial killer. A plot full of mysteries, entanglements and tense situations that will leave you speechless until the end. It is led by John Lee Hancock (last ambush).

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