The Story of Bebe Contepomi's Priest Brother: He Was Millie Stegman's Boyfriend and Met Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The Story of Bebe Contepomi’s Priest Brother: He Was Millie Stegman’s Boyfriend and Met Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Bebe Contepomi said her brother Juan Pablo was a Millie Stegman couple (Diego’s after. Radio Mitre)

In 2018 during his visit to PH, can we talk, the journalist carlos Babe Contepomi told a moving story of his large family. Son of Carlos and María Elena, he grew up in San Isidro with his seven brothers and sisters, between the Cardenal Newman school, rugby and his first steps in rock. One day tragedy struck the family when a married couple, close friends of their parents, died in a plane crash. Four children became orphans and lived for a time with their grandmother. Until one night, Papa Contepomi brings the offspring together for an important consultation. “I spoke with Mechi, the oldest of the Villegas, the idea is that they come and live with us”, raised. The brothers didn’t have to think too much about it. “When he finished his sentence, we all put our hands up and said yes,” the driver said, starting a new life.

Since then, the brothers have become twelve, like the apostles. And there were no surnames left except those bonds of fraternity stronger than those of blood. “I get on better with some Villegas than with some Contepomis”it is permissible to joke the creator of viola to graphically represent the situation. And last Friday, during his visit to Diego Leuko in radio miter for the program Diego’s afternoon he again brought up the subject.

After talking about other famous Contepomis, such as the old Felipe and Manuel, El Bebe spoke to the driver and his team about who the more famous brother was. And in the review the name of another brother appeared, much less media-friendly but with a great story to tell. “I don’t know if he’s the least famous, but he’s by far the best”recognized the driver in reference to Juan Pablo, Juampi, his priest brother. On the show, they were tempted to ask him if he had ever confessed to her, knowing the baby’s life was tied to the sins of rock, but the driver avoided in style: “Juan Pablo already forgives me before speaking”assured and gave some details about the life of bachelor Contepomi.

Jean-Paul Contepomi

He said, for example, that he is an admirer of the work of Cura Brochero, and that is why he lived in Cordoba for a long time, following the work of the priest in the mountains. “Now he has returned and is in a parish in Merlo”he added happy to have her closer, seeing how the family is slowly getting back together as Felipe also undertook the return from Ireland where he lived to take over as coach of Los Pumas.

“We educate them to be free” This is what Juampi heard when he told his parents that he was going to follow the path of faith. In 1993, he traveled to Calcutta to see the work of Mother Teresa “E” up close.To be able to perceive and see what God had done in Mother Teresa, her availability to welcome, to care, especially in the house of the dying, being there I had the intuition to do the same thing in Argentina”, he said. said in an interview with Radio Marie.

The following year he became a devotee of parish priest Brochero and for eleven years he was parish priest of San Pedro and San Pablo de Olivos. On the strength of the lessons learned in India, in 2002 he founded the first hospice in the country and in 2008 he created the Camino a Jericó foundation, whose mission is “to help, support and promote homeless or abandoned adults”. to achieve together the restoration of their dignity”.

Millie Stegman when she was already retired
Millie Stegman when she was already retired

But before finally embracing the faith, Juampi had everything to follow the path of the twins. “When I was 18 I played rugby at Newman and was a real crack,” Bebe said on the radio. But what caught the eye was his teenage romance with a young woman who would go on to become one of television’s most important figures: “I was dating Millie Stegman, the actress. And one day he said, ‘I’m going to seminary’ and he left everything”limited driver.

At that time, the journalist Karina Iavicoli He pointed out that Millie, who was removed from the spotlight on the show some time ago, has also been on a spiritual journey. “Did he leave the media because of that too?, he inquired. And true to his style, a little serious but with a touch of irony, the Bebe replied: “Yes, it will surely have something to do with the story.”

Millie Stegman rose to popularity in 1994 as Andrea del Boca’s counterpart in Black Pearl. In 1997 he played orange and a half near Guillaume Francella and there he ran into massiveness. And in 2008, with the Dance for a dreamexposed himself to media scandal with an unexpected affair with La Tota Santillanat a time when everything seemed like innocent child’s play.

Millie Stegman during her labor at Rivadavia Hospital (Photo: Pronto Magazine)
Millie Stegman during her labor at Rivadavia Hospital (Photo: Pronto Magazine)

But one day Milagros – as he was known in his native Coronel Pringles – left the stage so stealthily that few noticed his absence. Until the press found her in 2012 tending the gardens of the Rivadavia hospital. “It’s something that comes from love, I don’t do it to be recognized for it,” Millie said. Service was born out of my belief in God. Also, I enjoy gardening and working with plants. It’s my job. and also pray”.

Milagros was Catholic although not practicing. “But the Spirit manifested and I consecrated myself to the Lord and to the Virgin,” he said of his mystical experience in front of the Virgen del Cerro, in Salta. “I heard the call…”, says about that day, of which more than fifteen years have passed. And therefore, Millie stopped answering other calls: those of those producers who offered her a job on a television that had her as a protagonist in distant decades. And somehow it brought her back with this young man from San Isidro, who traded rugby pitches and teenage girlfriends for a life of faith.


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