the story of their rivalry

the story of their rivalry

Since Mica Viciconte Yes Fabien Cubero they started their romance in 2017, the former fight Yes nicole neumann they started having nail strong rivalry.

To date, the current and former Cubero have played in many crossovers in the social networks and there was even legal muzzles in this story.

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In August 2018, Nicole Neumann imposed a legal muzzle against Fabián Cubero and Mica Viciconte, who also involved Indiana, allegra Yes Siennahis daughters with the athlete, with whom he was in a relationship for ten years.

At this moment, when the first frictions began, the Civil Court 31 ruled in favor of the model with a fine of 500 thousand pesos.

In this sense, the judgment signed by the judge Marcela Adriana Pena had established:

” It is forbidden to Micaela Lorraine Viciconte Already Fabien Alberto Cubero name, display, disclose, broadcast picturesData, informationreferences, audio by himself or by an intermediary, private conversationsmessages, audios or any private dialogue, figuratively mention or in any way reference the person of Nicole Unteruberbacher and/or minors Indiana, allegra Yes Sienna”.

At this moment, Viciconte did not remain silent, she counterattacked Nicole and fustigated sayingthey didn’t teach me than in lifethings are told. makes me laugh a littleI can’t believe they do these things. I’m sick of thisalways talking about the same thing”.

Mica, on Nicole: “I clung to a vine for four years to be here, I don’t need to cling to it”

Mica had also said that “i don’t need her, I work a lot, I don’t know about your life. I clung to a vine for four years to be here, I don’t need to cling to it. It seems to me that the one that hooks me today is her”.


In June 2020, in full quarantine harsh for him Covid-19, many people have started using the platform ICT Tac. Mica was not far behind and thanks to this application he launched a indirect to Nicole Neumann.

The former participant fight recorded a video, with 49,000 reproductions, performing one of the hits of Samy and Sandra Sandoval called Boss.

Mica performed the mime while drinking a glass of wine where the fragment of the song said thatmy poor From the oldshe still can’t believe that I’m the boss. and do what you want”.

In July of the same year, Nicole gave controversial likes messages against Viciconte where it was stated that “Micaela has always admired and envied Niky Neumanndon’t forget she was wearing Nicole’s brand shoes and you Poroto deserve your daughters to never talk to you about life again. They will blame you so much”.

But that was not all as Neumann continued to “like” other comments saying that “Beans don’t think about girls who allow girlfriend’s bicha to do these things, he sometimes forgets that the priority must be his daughters. With Nicole, they are happy and real, so much so that they want to go back to her when they are with their father. There must be a reason”.


In another endless chapter, Nicole targeted Mica and Cubero in 2020 and the model had given details about the alleged behavior of the athlete towards his daughters in the midst of strict quarantine.

The top, fed up with the fights with her ex and Viciconte, had indicated that “it’s exhausting. It’s painful that they publish everything in the press all the time and that the father does not stop at these situations. I don’t know how this will end. The only thing I want, hope and wish is that this be finished as soon as possibleespecially for the sake of my daughters”.

Additionally, he stated that “they live by googling me, tell me my daughters, to see everything I do and bring media bards with me. Who talks about her and her work? they are obsessed with me. They shaved my daughters’ legs.”

Nicole, on Mica: “They keep Googling me, my girls tell me about it, to see everything I do and gather media bards with me”

Next, Nicole recounted a controversial situation where she said “my six-year-old daughter asked (Mica) to take a bath and change her clothes, and MV yelled at her I’m not 12 for you to tell me what to do. Don’t touch me’. These situations are the ones that make me feel very bad and they are the ones that I talk about with my lawyer. i’m rotten. I can’t go to work, but later, when it suits them, I have to go to work.”


At the beginning of May 2022, the son of Mica Viciconte and Fabián Cubero was born, called Lucas and her sisters Allegra, Indiana and Sienna met the newborn.

But amid the joy of the baby’s birth, Viciconte made spicy comments on social media against Nicole Neumann, without naming her.

In a new context of a new dispute, Mica used his story of instagram to point out that “if you knew you felt so bad, at least you would have warned the same day and would not expose anyone and in this way we all take care of ourselves. I have a newborn. To be aware That it’s not for me, but for everyone you put in danger.

The dancer also pointed out that “being infected can affect anyoneNot being responsible is something else. If you go out everywhere without a mask and then you say you have to take care of yourself, it doesn’t go with your actions”.

And if on Sunday you already knew about this contactyou could have communicated it. I won’t allow victimization because it’s no longer. Take responsibility for your mistakes. I hope we’ll take care of ourselves take care of others”, she concluded, furious Mica Viconte.

After many hours of uncertainty wondering who the message was for, everyone speculated about a clue for Nicole Neumann. And that’s because the model in her networks confirmed that tested positive for coronavirus.

The blonde acknowledged that “sought let them know about me that I had a close contactso last night I got dabbed. I have no symptomsI didn’t have one but tested positive. so here I am at home, isolated”.


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