The strategy game I'm most excited about is building cities on a dinosaur, and it's super cool

The strategy game I’m most excited about is building cities on a dinosaur, and it’s super cool

The proliferation of farm games has somewhat covered its launch, the one that will delight users of this profile of works for its spectacular visual section, its simplicity when it comes to laying the conflict and the affection deposited in it and in Onbu.

There are concepts that antagonist by its very nature; for example, a nomad will never be able to live sedentary, because this concept already contradicts that of a sedentary way of life. How then to define a people who intend to rise on the back of Onbu, a kind of stegosaurus merged with Avalugg who don’t stop moving and which we will also have to take care of, as if it were one more element -and being, in fact, the most important-? There is no clear answer, but we can say that The wandering village it’s a very nice management title that will appeal to most of the target audience.

At a time when “farms” are a bit overcrowded -Nintendo was a bit of a meme in the last Direct for showing several games related to this mechanic, like Factorio; and Xbox has also made its bet with Light Year Frontier-, a team of 10 Swedish people gave birth to a job full of dedication and effort. Because if the approach is simple and the possibilities are not overly innovative, the game exudes love and devotionwith beautiful designs and a friendly atmosphere that invites you to stay and expand our idyllic civilization.

In The Wandering Village we will build our own community on the back of a giant creature that moves and enters different biomes. We are in a post-apocalyptic world in which there are poisonous plants that prevent the development of life, but on Onbu we avoid them. Of course, they can also grow on it, so the idea is simple: society and the creature must cooperate to survive.

A journey to nowhere

The first steps are very simple and will be used to build the skeleton of the mobile colony. First, we need to build the stores where the tribesmen live. Then a cultivate in which to establish plots to be able to harvest our own resources, which will then be cooked in a kitchen. Then come the recruitment posts, warehouses, roads, water wells, research centers… The most usual and common structures of this type of game that will grow in possibilities as we advance in the adventure.

Each climate affects the future of our actions differentlyWe must bear in mind one essential thing for the future of our society. Onbu travels, which implies that it moves and crosses a different variety of terrains and spaces. The consequence of this is that each climate affects differently in the future of our actions. For example, those that are particularly arid will make it difficult to harvest water. Others will promote the growth of poisonous species that will harm the population and the great little companion/vehicle with which we establish a special relationship.

However, it shows a little. lack of complexity in the depths of the game. The odds are certainly slim and the game is very much about “the more the merrier”. For example, it is not possible to optimize the farm or the warehouses so that they have better production or more storage. The only possibility is to numerically expand the constructions of our colony or assign more workers to them, but this depends on the number of inhabitants of the civilization. In the same vein, the larger our colony, the more arms we will have and the more important tasks we can perform.

The Wandering Village has an aura and grace that makes it specialIf I have to point out something here, it’s the technical part. I don’t usually pay attention to these aspects when I play, but here it’s impossible. In a three-dimensional world combined with 2D designs, the inhabitants’ patterns, color, fluidity and naturalness of movement, their clothes… Even Onbu’s design and movement looks very natural. It gives that feeling of closeness and closeness to the city that we intend to elevate, a very cool feeling for a game full of elements that we can be blown away with.

Although The Wandering Village is not much different from other management games on the market in terms of mechanics, has an aura and a grace that makes it special. Because in frostpunk we have to keep a bunch of metal in working order, but here it’s about a living being that needs to be taken care of, strengthen the relationship with him, meet his needs, give him orders, be ignored, continue to strengthen the relationship, give orders again, finally be heard… In short, be attentive while he lets us develop our civilization on him. A detail that does not hurt to return almost out of altruism.

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