The strong cross between Lissa Vera and Leo García in El Hotel de los Famosos: "Don't mess with me"

The strong cross between Lissa Vera and Leo García in El Hotel de los Famosos: “Don’t mess with me”

Strong discussion between Leo García and Lissa Vera in The Hotel of the Famous (Video: El Trece)

the second week of The hotel of the famous (El Trece) did not start in the best of ways, quite the contrary: coexistence is becoming more and more difficult and frictions between participants are more and more frequent. On this occasion, the protagonists of a strong discussion were Leo Garcia and Lisa Vera.

“I want to apologize if I said something bad to you…but I didn’t tell you anything.” You can’t go wrong with Leo García, I’m popI’m from your branch, I’m a worker like you,” the musician told the former bandanareferring to the fact that last Saturday, she resented him for having supported Kate Rodriguez. To which Lissa replied, “You are entering a place that is not yours.” “But it’s my life, I don’t touch your business.” It’s my decision, you don’t have to judge me for it. I love you very much, but I don’t see you happy, I don’t see you relaxed. If you mess up with Leo García, you won’t be fine,” he continued.

However, the singer insisted: “It seems to me that you are making a mistake in the way you behave. Yes, I will tell you why I feel weird, because it seems to me that you don’t have to. go through it. But Garcia didn’t shut up: “You think of one thing and you want me to think the same”. “I don’t want you to think the same, but if you ask me…It’s a game, but there are people here too,” she continued. In the meantime, he reminded her again of the profession that unites them: “Respect ourselves as artists”. In any case, Vera repeated that she respects him, but that she does not agree with him: “What does that have to do, we are going to create a sect of artists from a side and the other will people do shit? How’s your thinking? That’s what I don’t understand,” he said.

At this point, the discussion escalates when the interpreter of “laugh more” He said, “My thinking is smart and broad, and you’re mad at me, I can’t believe it. As long as you’re mad at me, you’re gonna be mad at yourself, because I’m the king of pop.remember this “. “And I am Lissa Vera, the one of living pop”he retorted.

Leo García and Lissa Vera, face to face at the Hotel des Célèbres)

“It’s better to be weird than normal, you want me to teach you?” Leo challenged her. “Do you want to teach me? You are wrong”she pointed out. “Yes, because I’m older and more talented”, I answer the. It was this last sentence that caused the fury of the singer who arose in pop stars: “Don’t talk to me, I don’t feel like it, it’s over here. We disagree, don’t mess with me. Each kitten with its little poo box, go with your little shit over there, me with my little shit over there, that’s all. Let me be very comfortable, thank you”. Although Leo insisted on continuing the conversation, she didn’t want to know more. Meanwhile, in a conversation he had with the rest of his classmates a few minutes later, Lissa quipped: “Is he the king of pop? I’m going crazy, I thought it was Michael”,

Later, the two had another face-to-face in which they were able to explain their arguments. “What I wanted to tell you is that I love that you play, but I’m afraid you’re wrong,” she synthesized. But Garcia closed: “Lissa, I’ll go if you want”. However, later on the two managed to smooth things over and made it clear that they love each other. “My anger comes from my concern, that it helps people get to know you because you deserve it,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, after a complex challenge in which the orange team (this time made up of Chanchi Estevez, Alex Caniggia, Lissa Vera, Majo Martino, Rodrigo Noya, Leo Garcia, Matilda Blanco) and purple (composed of Sabrina Carballo, Walter Queijeiro, Melody Luz, Pato Galván, Kate Rodríguez, Martin Salwe, Silvina Luna), finally the winner turned out to be the second, so all of its members this week will have the guest category. On the contrary, the losers (who were joined by Imanol Arias for being considered the worst staff the previous week), they will be the ones to perform all the maintenance tasks. After the face to face that the participants of the orange team had, by majority vote it was determined that it would be I read the first nominee, which leaves him on a tightrope for the next elimination.

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