The terrible fall live of Cecilia Insinga

The terrible fall live of Cecilia Insinga

The terrible fall live of Cecilia Insinga

Being a journalist or news channel sometimes seems like a risky job. They face bullfights and gassings in “spicy” marches, they hear cries from dislocated neighbors and it depends on the channel they work on and which side of the crack people identify them, they will receive applause or insults . Mobileros are almost a branch of journalism, so much so that they themselves are known as “the mobile homeland”. Among the “inhabitants” of this “homeland” is Cecilia Insinga one of Channel 13’s most seasoned and outstanding journalists. Today, however, she had to star in an unusual moment which she was able to sympathetically resolve: she stumbled across it live and while interviewing a neighbour.

Cecilia Insinga is one of TN’s reporters

In noon news, the journalist spoke with Norma, a woman who saved a dog abused by its owner. of the ground, Sandra Borghi shows his indignation. “The violent is violent. He who pays a dog, hits a woman, hits a boy. He is a violent man capable of anything. This morning we were wondering if this guy should be in jail,” the driver wrote. help her, but in doing so, he falls on top of her. All of this is observed over the airwaves and with split screen. from the ground, Louis Otero He keeps his usual composure and manages to describe: “Norma fell on us, Cecilia fell on us. We hope you are well” to end with a “How are you?”.

Meanwhile, Sandra Borghi puts her hands to her mouth and makes an “oh, oh” face. The image takes only the pilots but quickly returns to Insinga who with a single claw does not stop laughing. He tries to speak but can’t, so much so that Otero speaks again to tell him “what a blow you gave yourself”. A little more reactive, the journalist explained how she fell: “There was a march here. I was watching him, because Reina was behind, with her tail, and I didn’t want to step on her.”

From the ground, the sweet attitude of Reina, the rescued dog, who did not become aggressive before the fall but said nothing about the attitude of the columnist who resolved the moment with unique sympathy; They only limited between the laughs he played in the blooper of the year.

This is not the first time that Insinga has gone through a difficult situation on a mobile. Two years ago, while covering a protest calling for more security in Villa Madero, a man tried to attack her with a knife to rob her. It was a truck driver who was passing by who, seeing what was happening, honked his horn and scared the criminal away. At another time, he played in a not so scary but very uncomfortable moment. While he was doing his job, a pigeon passed by and defecated in his bag. The light-colored garment made the pigeon’s “little gift” not go unnoticed. Insinga tried to take it with humor but her unease was evident.

Diego Brancatelli with his son, Valentin, and his wife, Cecilia Insigna.

Diego Brancatelli with his son, Valentin, and his wife, Cecilia Insigna. “She is good, studious, intelligent, prepared, coherent”, describes Brancatelli to his wife

However, many awkward moments are known only to his peers. Married since 2012 with the journalist Diego Brancatelli With whom she formed a beautiful family, it is common in some stories for strangers to approach to express their disagreement with the husband she has chosen. In a note from the Rural Society, a woman reproaches him “You are a great journalist, except the curse of your husband”. The journalist was not angry with the comment – ​​indiscreet to say the least – but with her best smile she replied: “These are perceptions. For me, it is a blessing”. Last year, when Insigna made her debut as a host, her husband proudly wrote on the networks: “At the risk of her life. Working in the most hostile conditions. They robbed her. They threatened her. I’m crying. She was moved, but she was still the same professional on the air. Those who know and work with Insinga can only agree.

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