The trick to having two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone

The trick to having two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone

Use two WhatsApp accounts on one mobile phone. (photo: The Courier)

Officially only one can be installed. application from WhatsApp and use an account by Phone but There are ways to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on a cell phone, with pre-installed third-party applications or utilities.

In the above context, Infobae explains how you can have two WhatsApp in one android take advantage of the features of certain telephones and thanks to the free applications available on google play.

How to know if a mobile phone has the function of duplicating applications

With the rise of mobile phones that support multiple SIM cards, Android manufacturers have had to work hard to ensure that you can take advantage of these two SIM cards, and that there can be two different phone numbers. And with two phone numbers, you might want to use two different accounts on the messaging app.

Dual messaging or app mirroring is not a standard Android feature at the moment, so it depends on whether the phone manufacturer wants to include it or not. In reality, Samsung He included it in some mobiles and not in others.

Use dual messaging on Samsung cell phone.  (photo: androidephoria)

Use dual messaging on Samsung cell phone. (photo: androidephoria)

In this article Samsung phones with dual messaging will be taken as an example, being the process quite simple. It should be noted that the the step-by-step is identical on other brands of mobile devices; like OnePlus, Huawei, to give examples.

1. Open Setting.

2. Dual messaging settings are partially hidden in mobile settings. Scroll vertically through the list until you find Advanced features.

3. Here you need to search and touch Dual messaging. If this option does not appear on the Samsung mobile phone, it may not be included.

4. Now in the Dual Messaging section, you just need to enable the feature for the desired messaging apps: in this case, WhatsApp. The list displays currently installed compatible applications.

5. Before activating this function, you must accept the exemption from Responsibility.

6. After the first confirmation comes the second. This time you need to confirm that you want to install another copy of WhatsApp, which will be the one that can be used with another account.

7. This new copy will have a different icon so you can tell them apart. Click on Install.

8. Ready, you will have a new WhatsApp on the mobile phone, with a small stacked logo in the lower right corner. This WhatsApp clone works completely independently from the original, thus, another WhatsApp account can be configured, linked to another phone number.

Dual messaging on mobile devices.  (photo: androidephoria)

Dual messaging on mobile devices. (photo: androidephoria)

If not from the factory, a third-party application can be used

If the mobile phone does not have the function of cloning an application so that you can have two versions of WhatsApp, there are many applications in Google Play that can help you, such as Application Cloning Is parallel space, to name a few. The latter is recommended for better compatibility.

Parallel spaces literally create a ‘parallel space’ where you can install apps without interfering with external apps. In this way, it is possible to install one copy of WhatsApp internally while installing another copy of WhatsApp externally. Here is the step by step:

Parallel Space to use two versions of WhatsApp.  (picture: Google Play)

Parallel Space to use two versions of WhatsApp. (picture: Google Play)

1. The first time the app is opened, it creates space on its own in a process that takes less than a minute. When you are done, press To start up.

2. The next step is select the applications you want to install in this parallel space. Parallel Spaces preselects some apps, but if you’re only interested in WhatsApp, it’s best to select WhatsApp and uncheck the rest to improve performance.

3. Click Add in parallel space.

4. Done, you now have a copy of WhatsApp installed.

Touch the icon to open it, and you can see that it is possible to log in with a different account and use a different WhatsApp on the same phone. As always, you must verify the phone number via text or call before you start using your other WhatsApp.

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