The truth behind Mambrú's 20-year reunion that has fans excited: 'Are we going back?'

The truth behind Mambrú’s 20-year reunion that has fans excited: ‘Are we going back?’

The reunion of Mambrú, 20 years later (Video: Instagram)

– It could be that this time … I think. We are the same.

20 years is nothing.

-20 years! See you soon!!

“It just happened!” 20 years! are we coming back

-I do not know what to say.

Almost at the same time and from the same place, Germán Tripa Tripel, Geronimo Rauch, Pablo Silberber, Emanuel Ntaka, Germán Tripa Tripel, Milton Amadeo used their respective Instagram accounts to post photos and videos of their reunion 20 years after the birth of Mambothe popular band they formed in 2002 when they won pop stars.

At that time, they filled theaters, stadiums, their records became triple platinum and gold, and they also toured Argentina and Latin America: they took their music to Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile. Three years later, in 2005, and after having felt that they had achieved their greatest success, the five members decided to disband the group and each pursue their solo careers.

Still, the photos, videos and comments about a possible comeback they made on Instagram on Wednesday night have revolutionized social media and excited fans who followed them 20 years ago.

The photo shared by the former members of Mambrú to do the before and after (Instagram)

Immediately, speculation began: if they would perform as before, if only for one special recital. The truth is that after so long everyone has continued their careers and some don’t even live in the country.

In dialogue with TV show, German Triple -popularly known as Intestine– assured that it was a “meeting of friends” in which they talked about “everything”. “We do not exclude anything”answered the question about a possible meeting of Mambo at the steps.

Geronimo Rauch, for its part, put cold rags on the versions regarding a possible return, at least immediately. “It’s impossible,” said the musician who lives and succeeds in Spain. “It was a meeting between friends. We do it whenever we can and I happen to be here. But I’m still going back to Madrid,” he explained and denied any possibility of doing a Mambrú show.

Meanwhile, he clarified that the before and after photo was taken because they found it “interesting” to share about the band’s 20 years of formation.

Another of the photo that the former Mambrú shared on their social networks about their reunion

Another of the photo that the former Mambrú shared on their social networks about their reunion

In 2017, Gerónimo Rauch already spoke about the possible return of Mambrú and at the time he also assured that it would not be viable. “We only got together recently. We had a barbecue and We confirm that we will not meet again. But more than anything ’cause nobody wants us to be again Mambo. Yes, we will remain friends, of course. But everyone has their career and they want to continue on this path”, he explained to TV show in October this year.

For his part, he referred to the meeting of bandana – female band pop star who also found herself – and assured: “The difference between Mambo Yes bandana is that we always feel alone. We get together and we feel good, but we work better apart”.

How did these reunions between the elders go? Mambo? “We don’t sing, we don’t pick up a guitar or anything. More than anything, it was to see each other again and see how each of us felt after so long. I left 10 years ago, saw Pablo in London, saw Tripa last year, invited him to sing with me, but hadn’t seen Manu and Milton since that we broke up,” he said at the time. However, last night there was music in the meeting which was recorded through videos they shared on their social media.

“Che, would you like to get drunk…?” », analyzed over the years they separated. “We look at each other and… no, no. We are very happy and this reunion will allow us to reunite as friends and former colleagues, but not as musicians,” said Gerónimo Rauch.

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