The veggie and romantic recipe of La China Suárez: "I don't want to make you fall in love, but..."

The veggie and romantic recipe of La China Suárez: “I don’t want to make you fall in love, but…”

The veggie and romantic recipe of La China Suárez (Video: Instagram)

Either way, she always gets people talking. Whether it’s for a new romance, a separation, a love triangle, a scandal… And now, for a plate of food. He is Eugenie China Suarez that captures attention and at noon this Monday surprises with a totally veggie and even romantic recipe

I don’t wanna make you fall in love, but…,” the actress captioned a photo she posted to her Instagram Stories, in which she wore an appetizing dish of rice noodles and tofu. Rufina, Magnolia Yes Amancio turned on his phone’s front camera and then told his millions of followers how he did it.

“The recipe for what I recently uploaded works,” Eugenia presented. And then he paused to make a personal assessment of his look: “my hair is soaked…”. “Good afternoon, first,” he later greeted and said his dish was made with “rice noodles, mushrooms, onion, garlic and tofu”.

The vegetarian dish of La China Suárez (Photo: Instagram)

“I’ll tell you how I do it. In slow motion, sorry,” he said then stopped. “Eye, I don’t know, I do everything I do, I do it by eye, so don’t fuck me if something’s wrong, or something people who really know how to cook. I just say how I dosays China. “The tofu is the key to the marinade… So I marinate it first. Hopefully the day before, but if you can’t, a little sooner. And I put it in a bowl with some sauce soy, paprika, garlic powder, pepper, mustard and honey…” he said but was suddenly interrupted.

A friend is coming, now I continue, sorry…”, he writes and in the video we see how he got up from his comfortable chair to receive the visit. A moment later he continued his explanation “You marinate it with whatever you want to put in it. And then you put the noodles in a bowl, also, in a pot, you throw hot water on them to hydrate them and that’s it. And then you put in a pan. It can be with coconut oil or olive oil or I don’t know, anyone, and you chop garlic, onion, mushrooms…” explained La China de concise manner and ending the proceedings.

Last Saturday Rusherking turned 22 and celebrated in a bar surrounded by friends and artists. And once again the social networks have left traces of the virtual coincidences that link him to La China, with whom we saw him very caramelized in the after the party of the Martín Fierro 2022 last weekend. Although they haven’t shared photos together, they posed in the same bar and reproduced some stories with the same place.

The actress and the ragpicker were seen very cuddly

The birthday boy uploaded several stories with Duki Yes Emilie Mernes, the successful couple who also said they were there to toast their colleague. Unlike the outpouring that was captured at the APTRA-hosted after-ceremony party, this time they weren’t seen in the act in any of the videos uploaded by Reydel, the artist and organizer of the event. However, one image embraced the former almost angels did not go unnoticed: “Things happened. Thank you, China, for trusting us”wrote who was in charge of the details of the celebration.

The actress did not devote any public greetings to Thomas Nicolas Tobar -such is the name of the ragpicker-, but he thanked the restaurant for making his quarantine happy with shipments of fries. She also showed off three postcards with her patterned two-piece look, sitting on one of the bar chairs, and then shared an image of a graffiti that said a meaningful word: “Love”. His cross-assignments come shortly after the lunch he made for the ragpicker at home with a children’s menu: Sea bream Milanese with ketchup, served on a plate decorated with flowers and plants.

In keeping with the low profile the two cultivate, this was not announced from the rooftops, but rather the virtual world rejected them due to certain coincidences. in the stories of the ex of Benjamin Vicogne. In their respective profiles, we saw the same tablecloth, the same table and the same glasses served. Suárez showed a long table in the barbecue area of ​​his country house. And a little later, Rusher posted a photo with the lunch menu and a thumbs up approving the dish.


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