The Weirdest Names Hollywood Stars Give Their Children

The Weirdest Names Hollywood Stars Give Their Children

Iggy Azalea, Grimes and Kylie Jenner make the list (Photos: Instagram/@thenewclassic/@grimes/@kyliejenner)

Show business has always been associated with eccentricity, luxury, fashion and the weirdest names imaginable. At one time it was considered that it was all just a publicity stunt, where the more foreign the artistic title, the more appealing the product could be, but over the years what could have been a great strategy transferred to real-life celebrities who, upon becoming parents, decided to make their own creations by putting that idea into a word that defines a person’s life.

While it is true that this situation is not present in most celebrities, it is a trend that has become more noticeable thanks to its viralization on social networks, where the most popular celebrities on the Internet have not hesitated to contribute to the list of names rarer than the stars of Hollywood they put their children, so here we present some of the most outrageous, controversial characters and who have decided to enter the particular idea in one way or another.

The popular influencer is now Pete Davidson's girlfriend (@kimkardashian)

The popular influencer is now Pete Davidson’s girlfriend (@kimkardashian)

What was one of the most controversial marriages in pop culture of the 2000s, at the time together procreate descendants and they didn’t shy away from trying to make their children’s names something more than original and transcendent, but even something unusual for it adds to the long list of celebrities present in the most popular and powerful matriarchal family in American show business.

kim kardashian Yes kanye west decided to name their first two children North -8 years old- and Holy -6- . Then he came Chicago -of 4- for surrogate mother and finally psalms -the youngest member with only 2-, born in 2019.

Kim with her four children (IG: kimkardashian)

Kim with her four children (IG: kimkardashian)

Kim gave birth to North and Saint, but has spoken openly about the struggles she faced with her two pregnancies on her popular show, which is now available on a new streaming platform and is the most-watched in the world. She suffered from preeclampsia while pregnant with North, forcing her to give birth urgently at 34½ weeks pregnant, almost six weeks ahead of schedule.

She also suffered from the same condition when she was pregnant with Saint. Kim revealed in a video for her shapewear line SKIMS that he had to undergo five operations within a year and a half after the birth of Saint “to repair all the damage that all this caused me inside”, being very controversial at the time since some media said it was her “excuse” for not being a birth mother anymore since her influencer career could be jeopardized if she lost her great physical figure.

The family grew in 2022 (Photos: Instagram/@kyliejenner)

The family grew in 2022 (Photos: Instagram/@kyliejenner)

Kylie Jenner couldn’t miss – surely because she is the celebrity who recently caused a stir on social media by announcing the name of her second child, not only is she perhaps the most popular new family member thanks to her great beauty empire that made her one of the youngest women to create a “gold mine” of the idea of ​​never stopping looking good.

The famous businesswoman and member of the clan kardashian jenner decided to name her firstborn Stormy, one of the most envied and popular daughters in the world thanks to the eccentric gifts she constantly receives as well as the great mental maturity that her mother does not hesitate to demonstrate in each story her mother publishes, n not only being known by her “strange” name, but for possibly being the face of the next generation of her family. Recently her second son was born and was named Wolf Webster -yes, his name is Lobo-, but after a great wave of criticism on social networks, the media and even among his family members, everything changed 360 degrees.

Her and Travis Scott they changed their name. Kylie Jenner recently took to Instagram Stories to tell her followers about the change in her son’s life:

Kylie Jenner has announced that she has changed the name of her second child (Photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner)

Kylie Jenner has announced that she has changed the name of her second child (Photo: Instagram/@kyliejenner)

For your information, our son’s name is no longer Wolf.wrote the Los Angeles-born makeup mogul. “We just didn’t feel like it was him. I just wanted to share this because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”

Other family members also did the same; the socialite Khloe Kardashian decided to call her daughter Truewho came into the world on February 12, 2018. The baby is the result of her relationship with tristan thompson. kourtney kardashian was the first and pioneer to choose an eccentric name for her daughter within the Kardashian family by calling her Kingher third daughter with Scott Disick.

"We are half separated but we still love each other, we see each other often and we get along well", assured the businessman in statements published by the American newspaper Page Six, since they are no longer in a relationship.  File photo.  EFE/EPA/ALEXANDER BECHER

“We are half separated but we still love each other, we see each other often and we get on well,” the businessman said in statements published by the American newspaper Page Six, since they are no longer in contact. couple. File photo. EFE/EPA/ALEXANDER BECHER

It’s not all Kardashian family; One of the most high-profile cases on the Internet – perhaps the most controversial on this list – was when, two years ago, the co-founder of an electric car manufacturing company, You’re herey música, cantante, compositora, discográfica producer, visual artist y directora de vídeos musicales -sí, todo eso-Canadianse decide to understand al mundo que su forma de pensar tal vez está adelantada millones de años luz y por ello nadie heard el number of sound son.

Elon Musk Yes Grimes They explained the complex name of their baby, who was born in the middle of the 2020 pandemic. X Æ A-12: “X” refers to the “unknown variable”, “Æ” is an “elvish” variation of the initials “AI” which mean “love” and/or “Artificial Intelligence”. “A-12” is the name of the model that preceded the SR-71, the favorite aircraft of the couple passionate about aviation. Yes, it might be the quirkiest name on this list.

Rapper's baby is less than a year old

Rapper’s baby is less than a year old

Nicki Minaj although he gave his firstborn a “normal” name -which his fans hoped was a girl so he could continue his legacy-, Robert, that’s what his parents call himKenneth Petty is the father – what defined him and what the entertainment world truly knows him for: daddy bear. Although this time around it’s just a nickname, everything about the baby is tied to that title.

The popular rapper is no longer with her son's father (Photos: Instagram/@thenewclassic/playboicarti)

The popular rapper is no longer with her son’s father (Photos: Instagram/@thenewclassic/playboicarti)

The popular and considered artist rap princess She had one of the most low-key and quiet pregnancies ever, as for months she continued to upload material to her social media that had apparently been taken in advance so as not to arouse suspicion, until the international media releases the information: Amethyst Kelly -which is her real name- had been the mother of a boy named onyx.

Although the true meaning of the interpreter of great musical hits such as Black Widow, I’m Stripclub Yes Pretty girls -in collaboration with Britney Spears– some fans on social media have speculated that it is bordered by the word “onyx” has the meaning of “calcium stone of various colors used in making cameos» and comes from the Greek « onyx » which is equivalent to « nail », according to various books of etymology. Still others link it to a biblical origin: precious stone on each shoulder strap of the ephod and on the breastplate of the high priest.

Cardi had not released photos of her baby until 2022 REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Cardi had not released photos of her baby until 2022 REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Cardi B he called his first daughter Culture Kiari Cephusand the name has to do with that of the girl’s father, the rapper Gap and his musical participation in two of his productions: Culture and Culture II.

There are many more celebrities like Angelina Jolie Yes brad pitt together with their childrenMaddox, peopleZahara, Shilo and the twins Knox Yes vivienne– , Zoe Saldana -Aridium, Ezio Bowie and Zen– and even the wildly popular couple of Jay Z Yes Beyonce when they decided to name their firstborn blue ivy -born in 2012- and according to some interpretations it is linked to the rapper’s favorite color blue and to the four in Roman numerals, which has a special meaning for both.

Without a doubt, being famous is synonymous with eccentricity and strange names, but it is one of the elements that has characterized an entire world dedicated to entertainment that somehow lives on while its fans witness it.

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