They assure that Débora Bello and Nico Riera are a couple: the photo of the holidays together

They assure that Débora Bello and Nico Riera are a couple: the photo of the holidays together

At the last moment, The rumor of a budding courtship between Débora Bello and Nicolás “Tacho” Riera has woken up. Everything was born as a result of various postcards that they shared on their social networks, where they were shown, on the same date, in the Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort. Although it was initially revealed to be just a coincidence, in the program show partners (the thirteen) confirmed that there was already a first date between the two.

was the driver Adrien Pallares who evoked the meeting between the former model and the actor. “It proves on the first date, he takes her to an inn. She seems to be dying of love and, from there, starts this whole relationship that we have and that now they already have a honeymoon date,” he pointed out.

The relationship between Tacho Riera and Débora Bella

For its part, Rodrigo Lussich He added more information regarding the trip the two will be on and commented, “The destination of love where they will spend some intimate time together, I don’t know if to whitewash or at least enjoy, It will be on the heavenly beaches of Costa Rica on May 17.”

After revealing the name of the destination that Bello and Riera have chosen to spend a moment of intimacy, Mariana Brey talked about it and explained that it will be precisely during the days when the singer Diego Torresex-partner of Bello, will present a show in Argentina.

“It’s a great fact, because on the same date, Diego Torres sings at the Great Rex. May 19, 20 and 31… Maybe Débora is traveling with her daughter, I don’t think Diego will bring his daughter here,” he said of the visit to the country by Torres, who currently lives in Miami, USA. “I don’t think so, it’s a more romantic plan”assured Lussich, to make it clear that Nina, the daughter they have in common, will not be traveling with her mother.

With this scenario full of coincidences, Luli Fernandez He referred to Torres’ love present and stressed that there would be a special deal between him and Bello. “It’s so that Débora has carte blanche to launder with Tacho, and him… let’s wait a few days”he mysteriously declared and opened the door to other information: that the artist would also be in a relationship.

The photos that Nicolás Riera and Débora Bello shared on their social networksinstagram capture

A few days ago in the same cycle, the drivers referenced the trip they both took to Aspen. A DeborahFor her part, she was seen with her family. A Nicholas, on the other hand, with his friends. However, of the program, they confirmed that they had gone together and as a group.

“In Aspen, they were skiing with a group of friends. They are already an ex-partner, but they are still very good with each other. They get along well and have a daughter. They went together with many friends and it is clear that there is an exchange as they took a photo capturing many people“, explained Lussich on the reason why Débora traveled with her ex-partner.

“Débora Bello takes this photo and Tacho Riera takes the same photo. We leave here planted with chance. So far it’s just a coincidence“, he condemned in relation to the publications that the two have made.

How did the separation between Débora Bello and Diego Torres go?

In December last year, Diego Torres participated Mirtha Legrand’s big return to eltrece and returned to the separation rumors that surrounded the couple throughout this month. A few minutes after starting dinner, the driver drove towards this area and, in this setting, Juana Viale He interrupted her and got straight to the point. “Are you separated? he asked.

Diego Torres confirmed their separation on the Mirtha Legrand program
Diego Torres confirmed their separation on the Mirtha Legrand program

For his part, and with a smile, Diego replied: “I think this is a good opportunity to clarify it. Yes, we are going through a difficult time but we love each other very much. We have a daughter we love. We treat each other very well and long-standing relationships sometimes have crises like this.”

After confirmation of their separation, Débora shared a strong reflection which he found on the Internet and in which he noticed how he clung to his friends after the difficult period. “To my friends, THANK YOU“, he wrote on his Instagram account.

As, Riera has remained single lately and the last couple he met was Giuliana Gabettawith whom he separated after two years of relationship at the beginning of the year 2021.

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