this leak revives the hope of enjoying a new game

this leak revives the hope of enjoying a new game

Talk about silent Hill these days it’s almost like mentioning an urban legend. Years have passed since that fateful result of silent hills, Hideo Kojima’s canceled game, and more since the last time we enjoyed a franchise title. It is for this reason that whenever there are rumors of a new episode, the internet is losing its mind.

He had spent the previous year with the circus of abandoned, and now we are going through a similar situation. However, this time there are strong enough elements to suggest that a new silent Hill arrivedsomething that hadn’t happened before.

Thursday evening, @AestheticGamer1, an alternative account of the famous leak Twilight Golem, share four images believed to belong to a new game of silent Hill.

Here it is necessary to pause briefly to explain who the hell Dusk Golem is. East leak has been publishing information for several years about the “imminent” return of silent Hill. Admittedly, he lost his credibility because his reports did not materialize. However, Golem surprised everyone yesterday by sharing such impactful material.

“The filtering of silent Hill. There are many things that I do not share at the moment. This comes from a relatively new source to me, but I’ve been given more than enough evidence to believe them. I will also mention the names “Anita and Maya”, “SMS messages”. It’s not the only game silent Hill Development“, mentioned the leak in his tweet.

In the images, we can see, for example, a disused room, with garbage everywhere. Of course, it’s a setting according to a horror title. Another shows a corridor whose walls are entirely covered with notes; and in the background you can see a character with a strange paper head. Be careful with this image, as it is almost identical to a concept art by Masahiro Itorenowned artist of Silent Hill.

The leak also reveals a female character with some messages on her face. Among these, the phrase “I hate myself” stands out. Finally, the last image appears to be a straight gameplay screenshot, as an interface box pops up with the following message (translated from Japanese):

“July 24, 2020.

Dear Krista Neumann,

The authorities repeatedly requested an interview, but you never responded. We consider this to be an unwillingness to resolve the matter and, in violation of Section 1631(2) of the Civil Code, we are holding your two sons by order of the Federal Court officer.

If you wish to make a complaint, contact the authorities and file a request for a visit for an interview as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it will be considered as an abandonment and the authorities will proceed with temporary protective measures in accordance with their regulations. If this happens, no appeals will be accepted.”

Konami enters the scene

Maybe at this point you’re thinking, “The leak might have been fabricated by some callous person who just wants to watch the world burn,” and you’re right. However, what really gave the footage credence was what happened next.

Minutes after the tweet was posted, @AestheticGamer1’s account was suspended. The reason? Received a copyright claim.

“Your account has been blocked because Twitter received a complaint from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for content posted to your profile. Under the DMCA, copyright owners can notify Twitter alleging that a user has infringed their copyrighted works. Upon receipt of a valid DMCA notice, Twitter will remove the identified material.”

Although the images were deleted, many users had already saved them on their computers to share them through other corners of the Internet, mainly on Reddit and Resetera.

But the story does not end there. The company that made the copyright claim it was Konami itselffranchise owner silent Hill. What does this tell us? Well, the leaked images belong to an official project in which the Japanese company is involved —directly or indirectly—.

Sony moves amid the tumult

As if all the above weren’t enough, today Bloober-Teamthe studio behind The way, Blair WitchYes observer, reached an agreement licensing and distribution of games with Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation). This could mean that Sony will take care of releasing at least one Bloober Team title. It could also be related to the new playstation plus.

And what does that have to do with silent Hill? In the middle of 2021, Bloober Team and Konami have formalized an alliance to develop video games. In fact, months before the announcement there were already rumors that the studio was developing a new game title. silent Hill given his experience with the horror genre.

The icing on the cake is that, according to Dusk Golem, PlayStation participates in a project of silent Hill. To all this we can add that, during October 2021, VGC expected that Konami prepares the return of Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid Yes Castlevania. So now it looks like all the pieces are starting to line up. Let’s be patient and wait for official news.

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