This Skyrim map shows you all the mods in the game


The most impressive thing is that the card has several uses!

A decade after its release, fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continue to find new things, giving us an ever-expanding view of this open-world ARPG. It looks like Bethesda has done a pretty good job of keeping the details of its fifth installment hidden…at least until the launch announcement for The Elder Scrolls VI, although there hasn’t been any news on that. And it’s likely that players will still have plenty of time to discover some interesting things before that happens. Meanwhile, the use of mods greatly facilitated the gameplay and gave it enough creativity. It should be mentioned that the mods are becoming more and more complex, they have more accessories and settings. But now we have the opportunity to see how many were created during this decade.

It is now possible to see how many mods there are in Skyrim

as you read, we can already see what is the range of modifications we have in the ARPGbecause a modder, named dactyl, in order to get the most out of mods, took on the task of creating a kind of interactive map of Skyrim. The purpose of this map is to visually represent each of the mods available in the game, especially those of the special edition. The way he structured his work was as follows: the topography is perfectly cut into squares, accompanied by a color code that indicates all the accessories that can be used for this area. The code goes from green to red, the more red tones the code shows, it means there are more mods available for the section. Once the player identifies them, they can click on a box which displays a long list that includes mods related to it, even in some places over 400 different mods have appeared.

Since then, Typing work is just a sample of the skills the two modders have developed like fans of the saga for so many years. First, it highlights the creators’ dedication to making things easier for those who want to put a different spin on their games; Secondly, it should be noted that the number of custom add-ons for Skyrim may never end. Especially since it is to be expected that more interesting content will continue to be created, like the ones we have seen so far. But the fact that they can now be seen in an interactive space proves that one could find more and more useful mods and, even better, in a more organized way.


At first glance, you’d think the card would have a specific use, but it turns out it’s not that simple. The modder, it seems, was considering its functionality for other times. In other words, the creator commented that some modders have given his work quite effective other uses, since the map also shows conflicts and is even a great help in locating areas where there is apparently no mods. In fact, a few creations have been thought for this map, including some parts of the water, which gives it more scale.

Skyrim, a fairly versatile game

Unlike other installments in the saga, Skyrim already allows the user to have any type of character, hence the flexible nature of the open world, with a story that continues after the events of Oblivion, two hundred years later in the province of Skyrim and a bloody civil war led directly to the success of Bethesda’s latest installment. With over 30 million copies sold since its release in November 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim sparked the creativity of thousands of modders to make their respective contributions. Although these creators have always focused on improving the original format and even adding useful and fun details, sometimes some development errors had to be corrected.


A decade has passed in which gamers have discovered more and more possibilities to improve their games, but they are already speculating on the date of the next installment of their favorite saga. While some claim that after Starfield’s completion, The Elder Scrolls VI will be supported by Bethesda, others believe it will still be a while before the franchise announces a new release. Hopefully there will be news about the next title soon.

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