this time she got ripped off by a bricklayer

this time she got ripped off by a bricklayer

The story started a few days ago with a strong tweet: “‘I’m warning you we’re not going today, the boys don’t want to get wet, so I’m not going alone. We’ll see tomorrow’ (sic). Signed: the painter. Work culture.

The artist’s words sparked criticism on Twitter and that is why she wanted to clarify the situation, so she put the context of the scam suffered.

“Since my tweet about the painter (who I’ll call M, because if there’s one thing I’ve never done is scratch it, as those who say badly always say), I’m going to defer a bit to history so that we know a few things from its beginnings »wrote the actress who also revealed a few days ago that her grandfather was a bricklayer.

Then he told his story: “Last year I sold my house and bought another one,” he said. And he continued: “This one needed repairs, adding a room and stuff because it was quite old. I didn’t have a lot of money, rather little, so someone recommended me to a mason who had worked for 30 years with his family.”.

Then he revealed that in September he called the man in question, with whom he signed a contract to start renovations on his new house: “This man (whom I will call F) came to see the house and we got together. “agreed on a budget. We sign a contract. It would be 60 days straight with the thick fabric included and I would take care of everything else. Mid-September 21, work began.”

“It all started well. My friends and acquaintances can say that I kept saying wonderful things about F, it generated incredible confidence and respect in me, which I was grateful for because I could barely be in the room because I was working at the Academy and on a theater tour,” held. And he continued: “Understand that I am a breadwinner, so working (whatever comes out) is often my best option.”

“F asked me for the apartments. “First class” because it does not work second hand. Durlock also does not work because it is brick, like the best, and neither does Microcentro or smoothing, that’s why I bought, with all the effort in the world, the first porcelain tile class that I dreamed of and loved so much,” he said.

But, apparently, things did not go as she had planned: “The days passed and the work was slow. “It’s like that at first,” F told me. And I trusted. He was so confident that out of the 3 thousand dollars we had agreed he would keep me for the end of the work, he asked me if I would not give him 2 thousand, because he had a unique opportunity to change trucks . And I gave it to them.”

Then he revealed that after giving the money to the worker, the relationship with him became very strained and everything started to get complicated: “When December came, I started to rush him because I had to leave the apartment I was renting. I got a job in Córdoba, so I thought, ‘I’m going to leave the furniture at home, there’s not much left.’ I did. I moved the furniture. I went to Cordoba. In February, the relationship with F was tense”.

“I lasted long enough, didn’t I?” Yes, here you may think “this is stupid…” – And yes, I am a confident villager. It usually happens to people from honest families. Anyway… In February, I asked F from Córdoba for answers on the progress of the work. The return time was approaching and nothing,” he explained.

“I called the person who recommended it to me and couldn’t believe the condition it was in, not only the work but also my furniture inside the house. He tried to take over at the last minute to save the day and F could only say that he didn’t know what had happened, that the country had gone to shit, that the dollar and I I don’t know what,” he said.

Then he related that on returning home, not only had he discovered that the agreed work had not been done, but that, far from it, the man was in charge of destroying the house with the furniture included: “Question, I arrived at my house and I saw that he had paid to have it destroyed. It was worse than how I bought it. my ruined furniture”.

“There started a battle with F because he fulfilled his contract. He said he was out of money and if he wanted me to finish it he would have to pay more. In addition (and it’s even funny) I had to pay him some extras, so I also owed him money, ”he recounted what happened after finding his accommodation in these conditions .

In addition, he assured to have asked for the help of a lawyer: “There I call a lawyer, this man has nothing to his name, so I give up submitting to a trial for nothing.”

“‘Strength, Vivi,’ I thought to myself. ‘I kept going and it will get better.’ Of course, from that moment on, my daily struggle was not to punish myself for having trusted again. Because when faced with someone else’s scam, the worst thing is that we blame ourselveswhen in reality the other is the hdp”, he expressed.

How she met the new painter, who helped her at the worst time

After that part of the story, Saccone detailed how he contacted the worker currently doing the work at his home. “Imagine that I lost the whole year of work in this house; every peso earned was donated to F. That means a lot of effort and time not shared with my daughters. It appears Mr. Have you seen how far you’ve come?

“I was with all my sadness and desolation on my back, putting together the pieces of months of illusion dreaming of my home (at this point in the story, a little melodrama feels good) when someone wonderful who appeared in my life tells me he knows someone, who has done work for him and very well,” he continued.

“All I wanted was my beautiful, livable home. I had to redo everything. The walls from scratch, the floor from scratch (yes, porcelain stoneware is useless as is), the finished bathrooms. And if he had to pay again, may the best come,” he said. And, later, he praised the worker who is now in charge of renovating his house: “M c is really very good. Works super well. The work is very expensive but it does it well.

The actress returned to discuss the post she posted a few days ago that went viral due to the controversy it sparked on social media. “Until the day of the tweet. At 8:20 in the morning, he writes to me that they are not coming because the boys do not want to get wet and he, to come alone, does not come “.

“I repeat, he, coming alone, does not come. Imagine if at that time of the game I was going to get angry. I am already delivered, she acknowledged. I wrote the tweet because ‘I’m not going alone’ made me laugh, but the truth is I want them to end. Two hours later that day, the sun split the earth. It was a lost day for me, but I was already delivered. AM would choose him again because he works very well, I recommend him.”

“And everything is going so well that today he hasn’t come either because there are elections in the union. And here I am, writing an endless thread sitting in the rubble,” he wrote in the post, which he accompanied with a selfie showing the current state of his home.

He also told Twitter users that he had also received help from an architect: “Two things I want to highlight. After M came Laura, an architect. At this point, a friend. He is helping me in a unique way to redo my house. He does not charge me his fees. He wants to help me and he can. I thank her very much, I hug her and I recommend her too because she is very thick” .

“Son of a bitch thinks they’re all shit,” Saccone mused.

The actress also took the opportunity to clarify her opinion on the little bird’s social network and the comments of Internet users: “But the most striking thing in this whole story is the people on Twitter. These are the people who have the water at the mouth to destroy anyone as soon as what they read as evil appears,” he wrote.

“They are vampires. They despair. They show their teeth when the other bleeds. talk about them, then they see them in the world because that’s how they would act,” he said.

“Same way as honest trusts, son of a bitch believes everyone is an asshole. Have a great day. I’m very lucky,” she concluded.

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