Tini at the Hippodrome of Palermo: from the power of the Triple T to L-Ghent as a guest

Tini at the Hippodrome of Palermo: from the power of the Triple T to L-Ghent as a guest

The small effect she sits in the rows inside the Palermo racecourse, where 7-year-old girls rush their mothers and challenge them because they don’t want to be late. There are fuchsia headbands, divers, T-shirts… Not a pin goes into the property, it’s absolutely packed. The euphoria is also felt among the teenagers who grew up with it, with Violet, and today all their songs are known and they sing them one after the other, it doesn’t matter that “Flesh and Bone” is only two days old, they already know that. The wait, which won’t be as long as the first day of the concert cycle [arrancó una y hora y media más tarde], follow the pulse of the numbers that are recognized by the people. “There is Horacio Larreta”, “Look there, Tini’s father and brother have passed”, “There is Paula Chaves and Zaira Nara”. The kids are the reason so many celebrities are here at the Hippodrome, but the truth is that the big ones sing the songs with the same energy as the little ones. Martina has long found a way to cross generations with her songs. She’s gone from being a sweet Disney babe to a sexy lady who livens up the party, with her catchy lyrics and melodies, in which she talks about drinks, parties, and also faces what they’ll say in her latest hit.” The triple T”.

Tini Stoessel at the Palermo Hippodrome Press Tini Stoessel

It’s 9:35 p.m. and the screens show a room with a countdown clock. Before they repeated that it is not allowed to climb on the chairs, there were many complaints yesterday from people in the countryside who did not have visuals. Tini appears on a raised platform making a fire with drum sticks. If the effect you are looking for is a triumphant exit, yes. With the first of her 4 costumes, the teen idol becomes a pop schoolgirl, complete with a short skirt, buccaneers, gloves and matching top. Between fuchsia, Scottish, hearts and a fur coat, he makes his first act. She is a rocker for a few seconds then she lets her dancers do their show. For the show, 8 men joined the team, which had previously only consisted of the 8 dancers who had accompanied him for a long time. It looks like a tribal dance: they with silver pants and purple shirts, they with fuchsia tops and silver skirts. Above, a giant color-changing halo dominates. The first 3 of the 22 songs that are part of the set are played: “I love you more”, “I want to return” and “Let your hair down”. The energy is fire, Tini sings, dances, smiles, so everything seems perfect. He has mastery of the stage and a lot of chemistry with his dancers, he shines and lets them do it too. There are light sets, moving platforms, large screens and pyrotechnics.

Tini Stoessel in full show
Tini Stoessel in full showPress Tini Stoessel

As a rocker, and after squeezing a rose and dripping blue blood on one of the screens, where the videos they prepared for the show organically accompany the proposal, Tini becomes a tango dancer. He practices a few steps with one of the girls and “Hurts” comes up. Sparks come out of the guitar, the group is glued, as if hidden. The numbers follow one another: Tini sings from inside a pink shell, talks about this “fucking photo” which recalls an exam and the first guests of the evening arrive: the MyAs to do the remix of “2:50 ″. “Good night. What happiness. Thank you all. What a beautiful energy you provide, it’s beautiful. Yesterday I said it too and, nothing, it took so long to come back with a tour here in Buenos Aires, almost 2 years, and to come back with this show, with this energy, with these new songs… for me it’s literally a dream come true”, he confides, averaging the show which will last an hour and a half. , the dancers played bullfighters with a kind of handkerchief that served as a skirt for their partners and she ended up being elevated by the boys to the rank of star of a musical.

Tini disappears and her voice is heard as a guide. On a podium located in the countryside, among the public, and dressed as a princess, she could be Elsa from Frozen, she releases her ballads. She sings a few a cappella verses, takes off her light blue cape to wear a dress of the same color and with sequins, she also has gloves. Have everyone turn on the flashlights on their phones and these lights appear that look like stars on the screen. It’s that she’s not only the girl who sings reggaeton and urban music, she also has heartbreaking songs that she makes hypnotic with her sweet voice. And it is in this block that he chooses to talk about the worst moment of his life, when his father and manager was in intensive care and had to suspend the concerts he now gives. She has high boots and the microphone matches her foot, fuchsia and bright.

Unable to hold back her tears, she says:I want to thank you for understanding everything that happened and for being with me today. It’s amazing how life keeps teaching us and testing us. When you think you have things under control, life just says no. That’s how it is, it’s hard, but it’s about learning.”

And he adds: “I assure you that as a family, as a team … with my friends who literally paid me every day and my brother Fran, I think he is there too. There’s dad too, there’s Nano, mum I think she’s in front. My whole team is there and I want to thank you once again for having accompanied me in the worst moment of my life. And also to you because I know you asked for dad, I know you sent him the most beautiful energy in the world and I assure you that it all came so that today he is here watching me sing again. I love you my old man, a lot”, he says before dedicating “Come closer”, Alejandro’s favorite song. Returning to the stage means doing another magic, making room for his musicians and present “Flesh and bone”, the ballad he released last Thursday.

Tini Stoessel at the Palermo Hippodrome
Tini Stoessel at the Palermo HippodromePress Tini Stoessel

The emotional block ends and Tini appears on stage from below, while the halo is replicated by another, where a DJ runs the decks and throws an electronic party. “Do you have the power? ” he asks. And here comes the rave: remixed songs, psychedelic dances, phosphorescent costumes, lights and shakes. “Strawberry” is the theme that gives birth to what is to come: the songs that everyone wants to sing, the end of the party. After showing a video, where celestial butterflies come to life and she shows how much the cameras love her, the latest outfit arrives.

The different shades of pink are again the protagonists, she with wide pants and a top with gloves brings her “Fantasi”, a song she released last March. To stick next to his latest hit, which topped all the charts shortly after its release, “La triple T”. “Are you fed up with the gaze of the other? To be what you want to be, that’s The triple T”, he says before making everyone dance and asking for “one more drink”. The Hippodrome becomes a general anthem. “The triple T, triple T, triple T” sings all the fans. And if the show lacked surprises: the second guest of the evening arrives, L-Gante to make “Bar” together, another of Tini’s hits in recent months that he has done with the collaboration of the reference cumbia. The night ends, but there are still “22” and “Lie to me”.

This is the second of 5 shows at the Hippodrome, this evening, next Friday and Saturday, Tini no longer has any appointments scheduled with his fans. The truth is that beyond the polished choreography, the guests and the expansive staging, what this 25-year-old artist achieves reminds us of international pop artists. She has the voice, the hits, the attitude, and the energy to back up that moniker, and this gig is just one more example of how far that project has come.

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