Tini Stoessel released a new song called "La Triple T" and left an explosive message in the melody

Tini Stoessel released a new song called “La Triple T” and left an explosive message in the melody

On this Thursday afternoon and for everyone, Tini Stoessel He edited a new song for all his fans to dance. It’s “La Triple T”, a reggaeton pop in line with some of his previous hits, ready to be shaken on the dance floor.

With my cat we got out of friction. We didn’t arrive until noon. I know we look bad, but deep down you know mesings Tini in the chorus of the song. With a show of sensuality and rhythm, Tini puts body and face to the music video, wearing a fuchsia outfit and drawing choreographies that will surely go viral on TikTok.

“This single is a reminder to enjoy life and not take yourself too seriously. I hope the music and lyrics can take you to your happiness, whether it’s a club or a bar with your friends. In the end account, I want people to have fun listening ‘The Triple T’”, mentioned Tini on the song in question.

Tini in “The Triple T” music video

The next step in Tini’s musical career will be his long-awaited shows at the Hippodrome in Palermo, which had to be postponed due to his father’s hospitalization, Alexander Stoessel. Finally, it will be held on May 20, 21, 22, 27 and 28, with tickets completely sold out.

Outside of music, these are eventful weeks for Martina Stoessel. Through some photos captured in Ibiza, his romance with Rodrigo dePaul, which had remained secret for months. To give context to the images, Yanina Latorre told the timeline of the romance after talking with the environment of the two protagonists. From what she was told, this new couple was born after a definitive crisis between De Paul and Camila Homs, the mother of his children. “They’ve been together since he was 16. And according to his environment, Rodrigo fell in love. There is no third party in discord“, sums up the wife of Diego gambetitis Tower.

Tiny in the video of "The Triple T"her new song

Tini in the clip of “La Triple T”, his new song

Then he said that Tini and Rodrigo “They started following each other on Instagram in October last year. “That’s how they met. It all started there, because they had friends in common. They had a great exchange polite. It’s that Tini, as they see her, is very afraid of the quilomboYanina said.

“He comes to Argentina in November to play and when he travels he was still separated, there was a barbecue between mutual friends and they met face to face for the first time. It was flowing, they had fun and they passed the phonesLatorre later recounted. “He visited her at home as if to see her again. They saw each other twice at that time and he returned to Spain to play for his team.”

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul, together in Ibiza

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul, together in Ibiza

They had arranged to meet again in December, before the holidays Tini was going to see him in Madrid. But he caught covid and it’s not okay“, he continued with the story.”When she is cured of covid, she cannot go to Madrid because she has a very busy schedulesaid Latorre.

The link was restored in February of this year. “She was still in doubt. He insisted, but she didn’t want any trouble. I was scared. I doubted because he has children, maybe. Apart from the soccer stick, she doesn’t care about it: she had an ex who was a model, also (Sebastián) Yatra was a singer… It’s not the same for Tini,” Latorre explained.

The photos that confirmed the romance between Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul

The photos that confirmed the romance between Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul

“Tini later came to Argentina to do her show, but what happened to her father happened. When Ale is cured, they want to see each other. It was last week and he just traveled here, so the planets lined up and finally went to Spain. But this time, on this trip, they decided to launder. He says he’s been separated for 10 monthsYanina added. But right away Brito’s Angel He hesitated saying, “Mmmmmm.” “The official says 10 months, the underground…”, added the driver, wondering about the “official story” of this recent idyll.

“They’re going out, they’re going to eat, in court, they’re in Ibiza… And they decided to tell the world because they consider that they are in love and that they are fine. If you ask them, they are together and they are fine. They don’t upload photos together because he only talks about football on his networks,” Yanina closed.

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