Tini Stoessel spoke before the start of her tour: "Dad is going to be there and I know everyone has prayed a lot for him"

Tini Stoessel spoke before the start of her tour: “Dad is going to be there and I know everyone has prayed a lot for him”

Tini Stoessel spoke to LAM ahead of her shows at the San Isidro Racecourse (Video: America)

Tini Stoessel prepares the most important shows of his career. The singer will begin tomorrow with her series of concerts at the Palermo Hippodrome as part of short visit. It will be five nights in the traditional equestrian redoubt as the starting point of a tour that will take her through different cities of the country and the world. The day before, with the nerves of the matter and finalizing the details of the debut, the interpreter of “Lie to me” spoke with THEM about his expectations for the concert and his father Alejandro’s recent health problem, although he avoided referring to his alleged relationship with the footballer Rodrigo DePaul.

“How do you handle success? You have grown a lot, you have become international”; asked the driver Brito’s Angel break the ice. “I never fully realized the magnitude,” the artist replied, and explained who she leaned on: “Always surrounded by people who know me, feeling that I have people on whom I want count. And that for anyone who exposes themselves, this is the most important thing”, she analyzed, stressing that she started very young in the show and the support of her father, her mother Marianne And his brother Frank.

“They have always been very supportive parents in all aspects, and with Fran we are almost like twins,” he said before discussing the health of his father, who spent almost a month last March interned in the Trinity Sanatorium after suffering a gastric hemorrhage. “It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. very heavy. And now, standing here, seeing it come true is amazing. There was no possibility of dreaming about it,” he said moved.

Recall that the series of concerts was agreed for March 21, but had to be postponed due to the state of health of his father: “We dreamed of this show with dad since I started my career.he revealed from the imposing stage, before relaxing with a fun moment. It was that at that moment Ángel received a message from Alejandro himself telling him, with the spirit of a producer and paternal instinct, to ask his daughter to go somewhere more repaired from the autumn cold.

Excited to take her show to different parts of the world, the artist stopped to thank her followers for their unconditional support: “I take this opportunity to thank all the fans who have been with me during all these months, we are about to experience something magnificent. Dad is going to be here tomorrow, and I know everyone’s been praying a lot for him.”he said on the verge of tears.

Tini with María Becerra in the clip of “Lie to me”, one of the possible guests of his show

Without giving many clues about the guests, had illusions talking about his feat with L-Ghent: “It’s the best, I hope we can meet at some concerts and sing together. He seems like a talented met kid, and I told him so. He loved the song from the first moment and united these two musical styles,” he said. divulge, predicted that he would invite “a lot of artists that I admire who surely listened, but we never sang live”. But despite his secrecy, during the tour it was possible to see the members of MyAleaked one of the surprises.

Regarding his future, he anticipated his collaboration with Ozuna: “Love it, that it happened in a dream,” he admitted, adding that “it’s been a little while” for the song to come out, without giving further hints. And he again referred to feat the most anticipated of local pop. “II invited Lali to the show to see if she can come one day”, excited, and talked about his relationship with the “Discipline” singer. “We got to know each other more in person, we got together for dinner, we told each other about our lives. We met from another place and we both really want to do something together. It will surely happen,” he said.

Back immediately, the interpreter of “Triple T” once again showed his enthusiasm: “The show is very complex and has everything. There are two scenarios, a lot of surprises, and it causes me a lot of emotion and pride for what has been achieved,” said “EIt’s the show of my life in terms of costumes, dancers and music, it’s a great challenge that we took on as a team”; closed, with the enthusiasm and anxiety of any eve of something big.


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