Tomás Dente opens his heart: "I never fell in love but I don't suffer from loneliness"

Tomás Dente opens his heart: “I never fell in love but I don’t suffer from loneliness”

For Thomas Dent (44) Easiest would have been to continue in the role of entertainment journalist, since he had made his mark by speaking live with the audio messages of celebrities. However, he decided to switch profiles to watch out for signs of exhaustion.

I left entertainment journalism because in the pandemic I started having panic attacksI felt bad and couldn’t stand them. Until I was medicated because I didn’t want to go to work. I no longer felt like sitting down and talking about others. I didn’t want to be pigeonholed in this format,” Dente confesses in an interview with City.

After several seasons in We in the morning, Editanto Tele and their direct interviews with wine for youTomy had crossed the sidewalk to reach team flowerbut he didn’t comply either.

“The pandemic was a turning point and I said ‘I don’t want to do this talking about other people anymore’. In fact, They called me for the Florencia Peña show and I ended up quitting for the second time because I didn’t want to gossip anymore.. When I resigned, I didn’t know they were going to call me from El Nueve to do this driving,” he said.

“The pandemic was a turning point and I said ‘I don’t want to do this anymore by talking about other people'”.

For the same reason, Tomás Dente rides in tandem with Pía Slapka The Afternoon of the Nine (Saturdays and Sundays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.), a classic omnibus program of entertainment for the whole family: “What I’m doing now is a great challenge for me, and there’s nothing stupid about it, let’s go to the other way.”

Was this the change you were looking for?

-Sure. I am very happy because there is a lot of content and a lot of fabric to cut. It’s a big challenge because the comparison with historical omnibus programs is unavoidable, and we do it with a lot of love. I believe that programs start from something very small and grow over time.

– How do you get along with Pia?

-I like being with her. She is a long-time driver and we get along very well. We are very happy because we have known each other for many years. The most important thing is that with Pía we give each segment the time it deserves. We calmly ask the guests, we move away from the vertigo that reigns today on television.

-What is the best of Pia?

– She’s an excellent interviewer. He has his own program We are PM in Intellectual Property News (Monday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.). It’s very fresh and for me it is one of the best of the new generation of pilots. As soon as they chose me and told me about Pía, I said “Yes, goodbye”. We both laugh a lot about everything, it’s nice to work together because we are tempted. We looked at each other and laughed to death. We have the same language because she has been doing journalism for many years. I am happy to be able to share the project with Pía.

– Quitting on the weekend is in itself betting everything on the smooth running of things.

-Yes. But also on weekends, people have another predisposition. Because during the week TV is company while we’re going to do something else, as if it were a radio. On the other hand, on weekends, people sit down, sit down after a meal, have a buddy. We are attentive to the public watching us and to the one we want to reach.

-What do you think of Jorge Rial’s latest statements when he complained about the media coverage of his separation from Romina Pereiro?

-It seems to me that, in this post-pandemic and war context, making poisonous and virulent TV does not bring anything. This kind of threatening journalism has disappeared, it is no longer fashionable. We’ve been suppressed for months of confinement and lockdown, and at some point it’s an unintended consequence of finding the pot. That’s why I celebrate that the industry is reactivating so much, thank goodness. I believe that the new digital platforms promote this thing of unloading, watching a program and spitting, condemning, intimidating, imposing.

“Make poisonous and virulent television does nothing. This type of threatening journalism is gone, it is no longer in fashion.”

-And if they ask you?

-It’s no more. It’s not a style I identify with. There is an audience for everything. I understand that there are people who get tired of it, but it also gives content to gossip programs, or bellicose who live off it. It’s part of a TV show. I don’t like working like that.


-How is your relationship with Fernando (32), your actor brother?

-It’s like always, We are mismatched. He is in his and I am in mine. I know he’s fine, and he knows I’m fine, and here we go. It’s business as usual, not much change.

-Is there any chance that Fernando will be invited, at least to promote a show?

-Many colleagues tell me that “the note” is that I interview my brother, but I don’t know what to ask him. I know him so well that it would be difficult for me to step out of the role of brother. I love him, we love each other. The raw feeling, but we miss a lot of things. I thought about it several times for my individual interviews, but what am I asking him? If I know everything, where am I asking you from? It would be difficult for me to contact me objectively.

“I’ve weighed my brother, Fer Dente, many times for my face-to-face interviews, but what am I asking him? If I know everything, where am I asking him from? He It would be difficult for me to contact him objectively.”

-Any time you invite a character you’re investigating for a large part of his life, that wouldn’t be a good excuse not to interview your brother.

-The question is to know where I would be, it’s difficult to interview when you love someone very much, when it’s part of your story and your life. I’m afraid I can’t be objective, and I am very respectful of journalistic objectivity. It’s my biggest fear, and I don’t know if we’d be very comfortable… I don’t know because I don’t know how his heart feels. We respect the distance we haveyes, it is healthy and we have nothing to solve.

Is it a definite no?

-I don’t rule out interviewing Fernando. If he needs to promote something, count on me. All my brothers are counting on me. What happens is that the tension I have with him is public basically because he’s a star and I’m a working journalist. The conflict has to do with intimacy. But Fer knows he’s counting on me, like all my brothers.


-Why do you think you could never formalize a courtship?

-To begin with, I don’t think I’m incapable of loving. It turns out that the last 20 years I have devoted to work, because to win a place, you have to devote a lot of time to it. And the truth is, sometimes I think I’m denying my personal life a bit, but even so, I don’t suffer from it. If I fell in love with someone I would put my libido there, I would be in a relationship. But for now it’s not an agenda in my life. I am happy because I have my family, my cousins, I do my activities, and I’m a kid who gets along very well alone, I don’t suffer from loneliness. Loneliness has a sad connotation, but I don’t feel alone. I am alone but I don’t feel alone.

“I don’t think I’m incapable of loving. It so happens that the last 20 years I have devoted to work, because to earn a place you have to devote a lot of time to it.”

-Have you ever been in love in your life?

– No, I never fell in love. As much as we sometimes think it was love, I never fell in love with a couple.

Do you think love will come to you?

-It’s not something I think about, although they always ask me. I do not know…

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