Trek to Yomi, analysis and review of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series

Trek to Yomi, analysis and review of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series

The death of Hiroki’s teacher marks the life of the young swordsman. Revenge and the search for the executioner are the protagonists of a story with black and white hues that inevitably recall the great works of Akira Kurosawa. Do you live up to such inspiration? I tell you in the analysis of Trek to Yomi.

The first thing I would say to you is that Hike to Yomi It is a modern take on the Jordan Mechner classic, Prince of Persia, but Japanese. I wouldn’t want to exaggerate with Kurosawa’s inspiration because the work of Leonard Menchiari and his team is great, but I would shudder to compare him to the master of Japanese cinema. Of course, you won’t find him to savor the taste of some sets that recall some of his most irreplaceable classics, from the Seven Samurai to Ran via Yojimbo or Rashomon. The references and nods are there, but let’s not ask the humble development studio for the impossible: Trek to Yomi is commendable enough.

It is their story, their fights and their scenarios that will hook you: they have managed to tell a whole epic of revenge and redemption by taking advantage of staging it in black and white to make it something truly unique and special. It would be absurd not to recognize that the possibilities of the game in combat are somewhat limited in the final stages of the title and that it is guilty of betting more on aesthetics than on playability, but this cannot take us away from the more obvious. when you take control of Trek to Yomi: we are facing a very authentic video game.

What are the keys to the latest title in the collaboration between Flying Wild Hog and Leonard Menchiari? Are we facing a production representative of the label Digital feedback? To doIts commitment to aesthetics compromises the experience? I tell you in the analysis of Trek to Yomi.

The art of bushido

Trek to Yomi puts us in the shoes of Hiroki, a young samurai apprentice who sees his life kidnapped after the appearance of a group of bandits who he plunders his village and kills his master. The blow will lead Hiroki to travel across Japan in search of revenge, improving his skills with the sword and walking the path of the ronin and finding his master’s executioners. We’ll visit villages, forests, and combat in both reality and fantasy planes, but we wouldn’t want to take you much further than what was seen in the trailer: there is room for mysticism and surprise in Menchiari’s work.

The parallel with the more classic Prince of Persia is in its combat and explorationThe parallelism that I detected with the most classic prince of persia it’s in its simple yet functional combat system and exploration. Two attack buttons, one for defense, one for dodging, and access to different ranged weapons that will allow you to mitigate the different threats that come from afar. The rhythm of the fight is everything for Hiroki: we will be able to respond to enemy attacks with blocks that will break their defense and they will allow us to execute the enemies with a steel blow. There are various threats, including weak enemies who can barely withstand two hits from the protagonist and others who, armed to the teeth, will have to break through their defenses to kill them.

The title manages to create varied situations with few ingredients, with massive battles in which the scene itself will be one more enemy or with surprising additions that will add a new point to the difficulty of the software. Being a game in which all the battles take place in two dimensions, it will be in the moments of exploration that we will take control of Hiroki in three dimensions. There are important collectibles and objects to succeed in the adventureso it pays to be methodical in finding clues and details to interact with and improve the gameplay and narrative experience of Trek to Yomi.

As you can imagine reading these lines, we are not fooling anyone if we tell you that Trek to Yomi is a quiet, nurturing, and functional work and story, but it sometimes sins of being somewhat repetitive in battles and not being able to offer depth in its gameplay. forget that will allow you to play and enjoy your trip to Yomi. However, it would be understandable that certain actors who do not just fall for its aesthetics and its staging does not find in the playable the reasons to stay in the nine of the creators of shadow warrior yes

refined and aesthetic

Trek to Yomi PC

The graphic set speaks well of the team’s ability to tell and highlight its strengthsBetting on black and white is a double edged sword, but its developers have been able to execute a visual rendering and a staging that are irremediably reminiscent of the classics of Japanese cinema from the middle of the 20th century. The play of lights with the inevitable burning of villages besieged by the wrath of bandits and the good hand in creating playable environments in which the aesthetics of battle are combined with beautiful settings, but there are a few sets a slightly confusing in which it is difficult to know where the adventure continues. The graphic set speaks well of the team’s ability to tell and highlight its strengthsin addition to highlighting, above all, his very clear inspiration from the Japanese master.

The same could explain the sound: a very coherent work with quality Japanese dubbing and a soundtrack consistent with the software. Its melodies are slow-paced and go great with the action of the game. Some memorable themes are missing at key points in the story (including the fanciest moments), but it more than does its job of accompanying the action. and Hiroki’s story. Managing a 100% Japanese dub from a 100% Western development shouldn’t be easy, so I appreciate all the more the good work done by Menchiari and Flying Wild Hog for create a believable soundscape suitable for the world of Trek to Yomi.

Hike to Yomi

I’m happy with everything about my trip to Yomi. I enjoyed the Kurosawa homage and was thrilled with some thrilling episodes of Hiroki’s revenge and some of his best battles. Its developers may ask their potential players a demanding journey to appreciate and understand some of the title’s most delicious references, but I think the reason for its success lies precisely in this: in be ambitious and know that Trek to Yomi is not for everyone. Is this for you after reading the review? Then you’ll have one of the most rewarding games released this spring.

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