Verónica Lozano responds to Tamara Petinatto after claiming she was fired: 'She chose not to come back'

Verónica Lozano responds to Tamara Petinatto after claiming she was fired: ‘She chose not to come back’

The journalist recalled her appearance on the Cortá por Lozano program and launched harsh accusations

In December 2020 Tamara Petinato He confided through his social networks that he would no longer be in Cut by Lozano (Telefe) as a panelist, and said that TV has no heart, referring to his abrupt departure. A little after she claimed she was expelled and this week he returned to the subject when he discovered that his former partner Nico Peralta had also left the cycle. After his scathing statements, The driver responded forcefully and explained why she had disassociated herself from the program.

Due to the live resignation of Graciela Alfano at show partners (El Trece), Tamara gave her opinion on what happened in the cycle And now who can help us?driven by Ernest Tenembaum on the radio with you. “The truth is that it didn’t last long, because the program has just started, but if she’s going to say goodbye and quit, she tells you everything on the air; and it’s normal for Graciela to tell the truth, otherwise on TV everyone who says goodbye says, ‘Well, I made it, I finished a cycle’”assured at the start.

“That saying, ‘Better things happen’ is typical, but why can’t you say on TV that they kicked you out when they kicked you out?” he asked . “Like when they fired you from Verónica Lozano,” the driver attacked, and the reporter recalled indignantly: “Yes, later she said no, but they fired me, and now they fired another colleague from the program”When Tenembaum wanted to know who it was, Tamara revealed that she was talking about Nicolás Peralta, who left the cycle last April.

The driver explained what the dissociation of the panelist was all about and defended the decision of the production

“He said goodbye, and on air he said it was the end of a stage, but I questioned him a lot. He’s not going anywhere, they fired him. It seems they have a modus operandi that you come back from vacation and they kick you out“, he condemned. On Wednesday evening, Ángel de Brito told THEM (America) that Lozano had denied Petinatto’s version when they went to consult her. “The truth is that it wasn’t like that, Tamara had a contract until December, It was a pandemic and she had taken a vacation, which was clearly hers, but she extended it due to a request, which was not fully understood, she says due to a medical request,” explained the driver.

“These were times of panel changes, as happens in all programs. There was a zoom meeting, and what I know is that she started to insist: “But I will continue, I will continue!”, and they said to her: “Tamara, your contract is until December, then we don’t know what will happen.” She chose not to come back, that was clearly the case“, he assured. And he added: “Since they didn’t give her the certainty that she would come back the following year, she didn’t come back, and when she came out to say something else, that she had understood something else, I told him I thought it was unfair, that it wasn’t.”

Verónica Lozano responded to Tamara Petinatto and recalled Lozano’s dissociation from Cortá’s former panelist

“In fact, she continued to charge until December, but she gave up because they did not give her certainty”he pointed out. He even provided his own experience as an example“It’s something that happens to me too; I have a contract that can be terminated month by month if the program does not work”. In this sense, he reflected:Television today and always is like this, these are the laws installed on television; so we can talk about a lot of things, whether it’s fair or not, whether it’s appropriate or not, whether there needs to be a union to protect them, then you enter another area, but really you know that you are defending your work on a day-to-day basis”.

“From your point of view, should Tamara have come back? asks the columnist, and Lozano is decisive: “I come back and earn my place by being there, not by not being there. The work defends itself while being there”. As for a possible fight with Petinatto, the driver assured that although there was no discussion, they could not reach an agreement at the time: “She told me that she interpreted it another way. She will have been angry, it’s not nice not to be chosen”.

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