Verónica Lozano: "They say that in a month I will walk again"

Verónica Lozano: “They say that in a month I will walk again”

Explaining a tragedy with humour, sensitivity and without falling into common phrases is not something you hear all the time. But Verónica Lozano has this “je ne sais quoi” that in reality we know what it is: naturalness and brutal sincerity.

Not three months have passed since the impressive fall from the Aspen chairlift and she, obsessively and courageously, trains, works and explains with enthusiasm that she has four weeks left before she can get up. Miracle? “I don’t know, but something happened. Maybe my mother, my uncle or the Virgin… but the reality is that she could have exploded”.

Veronica Lozano in full recovery

–The girl of unusual places connecting with the idea of ​​the miracle. You always surprise.

– If not, how is this explained? Someone held me. I am not a girl who goes to mass but I am spiritual and very attached to images. Also, my sister makes divine virgins. What do I know… I am Padre Pio, who was an Italian priest with miraculous gifts, and there is a divine hermitage in Uruguay, in the middle of the forest. Whenever I have a friend in trouble, I take them there. Just before warning, so they won’t be scared, that the priest has some kind of weird face. But it is a love.

– Always humor. It really saves, right?

-Fundamental. Obviously at the beginning you see everything in black and you say to yourself: “What do I do with this?” It’s a switch. I left my house in one direction and arrived in another. Connecting the blow to the handicap, to someone’s dependence, the question of vulnerability. It is difficult to enter this world. One day I found myself in a wheelchair, trying to go to the bathroom in terror. The things you think are omnipotent will never happen to you. You don’t even rate it. But at the same time, acceptance appears, something that is also very impressive.

– What have you been through?

– That we get used to everything and that we have an incredible ability to reset ourselves. I speak nevertheless with advantage because in my case there is a light. I will heal, it will end. But there is also irreversibility, other harsher scenarios. I was lucky. I already bathe alone and moving the chair from place to place feels organic to me. It’s embracing what’s happening to you and not resisting because otherwise, you’re dreaming. Now I walk like babies who still can’t walk but wear their little shoes. I’m size 38 but I wear size 39 because I have two Galician empanadas.

– Do you already dream of quitting?

Yes, I am anxious but you have to be patient. If all goes well, it will happen in less than four weeks. To be able to put the weight of my body on my heels! Something that seems normal, right? Something we don’t usually think about. But they both pulverized me. They reconstructed them: bones, nails, platelets… I’ve already had some images taken and it’s going well, but there’s a biological process where your body accepts it as new. You have to go slowly, respect the process. During this time, we learn to appreciate the simple things a little more. Can you believe the first latte made me emotional?

With her daughter Antonia, 12 years old
With her daughter Antonia, 12 years oldinstagram

– If I believe him.

– You’re becoming hyper sensitive. This café au lait the day I left surgery I never forget. “Wow,” I thought to myself. From the first sip, I felt I was alive. There are things that we have naturalized and after a shock we rediscover them. Nothing had ever happened to me except cold and tonsil surgery. On the other hand, the cascade of love that one receives also sensitizes. My sister who lives in the United States came to take care of me. Cork, who is a titan, Antonia, my friends, my colleagues. So many people who don’t know me personally and prayed, sent me stamps like crazy. Advice, wishes, creams, messages from rabbis. I embraced it all. I consider everything to be the same. God is love, period. The one who goes is to want the best for the other, to wish the good. Don’t do what you wouldn’t want done to you.

– Some, because we know that it is so, played with this phrase and even attacked you in the networks. And you answered!

-It was at the beginning and then they calmed down. This stupid karma, you deserved it. And I think I said to them, “If it’s karma, what will be the karma of someone wishing harm on another?” Then everything calmed down and a beautiful wave of love arrived. It’s a very silver thing. We go very quickly from love to hate, and vice versa.

–Now everything is a reason for bullying in the networks. Everyone talks about scoring, fights break out…

-Because now everyone knows everything through the portals, we talk about it on the radio, on Twitter. My mother-in-law says to me, “It’s great, you beat Menganito and he did so much last night.” It makes me tender. I don’t deny it, I’m competitive. But I like having people in front of me who do things well, who also do things very well. Good and healthy competition generates work on both sides.

– Do you watch television?

-Yes, there has been TV for a while. I don’t think it will go away. We are in another stage, in which you can see what you want when you feel like it or when you have time.

– What kind of program do you see in the future?

-Nothing very strange because what I like are the interviews. Could be a great show. But it happens that today artists communicate everything on their networks. Before, you had to wait for them to go to Susana’s. Now they say it themselves.

– Wanda case.

– Well I don’t know what to say. We women are always fighting for something. The child as object of desire. And I think not, that today no one steals anyone’s husband and in this case, well, the one who was wrong in the beginning is the guy. In short, ready, that everyone sleeps with whoever he wants, what problems I have!

Have you slept with your husband yet?

-Yes, with Corchi we have already returned. And that was before I fell off the chair. Sleeping apart happened during a pandemic. First because of paranoia. I went to the canal, it was I who left the cucha and on the way back I slept alone, like crazy. But it was worth the experience. It’s also loaded with prejudice, they immediately think bad things. But no. He has enough sanity for a beautiful and lasting relationship. Now I’m back with all the paraphernalia: pillow in the middle, Snowflake and sometimes Antonia. It is the bed of the village.

“I heard he cooks for you too.

-I like to cook, but he beats me. He is the man with a hundred fires. It has grill, pizza oven, electric, whatever you imagine it has.

– Is there anyone in particular you would like to interview?

-The classics come to me. Susana, Mirtha, Marcelo. Angel de Brito would amuse me.

– Christina?

-It would be tempting, a challenge. But it’s also as if they were very ready, with the cassette on. The truth is I don’t know. My big challenge now is to recover, to not get in trouble, to take advantage of what I said before: the simple which is now recovering in value.

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