Verónica Ojeda and her fury against Telefe for the tribute to Maradona: "It was a total lack of respect, they made fun of a 9-year-old boy"

Verónica Ojeda and her fury against Telefe for the tribute to Maradona: “It was a total lack of respect, they made fun of a 9-year-old boy”

Tears in her eyes, hurt, but above all furious, Veronique Ojeda shot against Telefe for the tribute that APTRA organized for Diego Maradona during the Martín Fierro. He did it in dialogue with Florencia de la V and the panelists of Intruder in the showon American television.

According to his story, although everything was ready for Dieguito Fernando, the son he had with Diez, to take the stage while the images of the football star were seen on the screen, at the last moment someone denied him the opportunity. “It was a total and total lack of respect”he assured and added, energetically: “They made fun of Dieguito who is only nine years old.”

The disputes over the tribute to Diego, who died in November 2020, began long before Sunday’s event. It was Luis Ventura, president of APTRA, who decided to remember the footballer and only invite Ojeda (of whom he is a friend) and Dieguito Fernando for the occasion.. Neither the rest of the children nor Maradona’s sisters were involved.

The journalist APTRA member Damián Rojo was one of the first to react, with phrases like “Tribute as what?” Is “The Martín Fierro are not Luis Ventura’s birthday”alluding to Ventura’s well-known friendship with Ojeda.

For its part, Dalma Maradona also showed her anger in the networksalthough his younger brother took off from the situation. Already at the Martín Fierro party, Ojeda was first upset by the place given to them – the table in the back – and then exploded in fury when they told her that Dieguito Fernando was not going to get on after all. stage.

Tribute to Maradona at the Martin Fierro 2022 gala

From his home in Ezeiza, Ojeda answered the US cellphone today and defended his son against what he saw as ‘absolute disrespect’. Diego’s ex-wife said they were invited by Luis Ventura to the tribute, which booked a room so that Dieguito Fernando was calm and even spent several days preparing him for the moment of emotion.

Additionally, he revealed that Maradona’s youngest son I had prepared lovely words to share and that he was very excited to be able to participate in the tribute.

After detach APTRA from the conflict and thanking them for the good treatment and the tribute, Ojeda explained that when they entered the room and placed them in the back, someone came to explain to them that of Telefe, they had decided that no one would go on stage. Because of this, Dieguito was seen standing in his chair raising his arms while Valeria Lynch sang. “It made me very sad because Dieguito is 9 years old and it was total and utter disrespect, not from APTRA because APTRA behaved so well,” he said. he declares.

Dieguito Fernando stood in his chair and opened his arms during the tributeCapture

“Telefe behaved very, very badly with Dieguito”Maradona’s ex continued, and when asked if they gave him a reason, he repeated: “They told me that ‘for family reasons’ Dieguito was not going to be able to ride. And I said to him “why if there are no family problems? On the contrary, there is no problem”.

Ojeda later explained that spoke with Claudia Villafañe a few weeks ago about it and that she knew that Dieguito was going to take the stage. “Both with the girls and with Claudia, I have a respectful relationship,” he explained, and also revealed that they had discussed the possibility of Gianinna’s son Benjamin also being present. “If possible, it would be great if the two of them went up,” Ojeda said he told Claudia during that phone conversation.

“I don’t know what happened next. There was a black hand from the production of Telefe or I don’t know what happened but they said Dieguito is not going up, ”Ojeda continued, he said they did not explain the reason for the determination and he remained at the party out of respect for Luis Ventura. “I saw my son happy”he said and was grateful that his son didn’t realize the full context and conflict generated by his presence.

Claudia Villafañe also attended the Martín Fierro but Ojeda took her away from the conflict: "We have a respectful relationship.
Claudia Villafañe also attended the Martín Fierro but Ojeda took her away from the conflict: “We have a relationship of respect”Capture

“It’s the first time I’ve been to a Martín Fierro, but you who are there every year… When there is a tribute it seems to me that the tribute guests or the person honored are close to the stage to be able to go up,” Veronica continued. Nancy Duré, a member of APTRA, agreed and explained that it was so and that everyone was aware of the tribute, the presence of Dieguito Fernando and the idea of ​​him taking the stage. Then he said that Claudia assured him that she didn’t ask for Dieguito not to be part of the recall and if it was Telefe should take over of this determination.

“It was a disaster, total and utter poor organization”Veronica said after Pablo Layús said there would have been general anger due to the lack of order in the transmission. “He was fully armed,” Veronica lamented, and didn’t reveal the order she received minutes before the tribute: “They told me ‘Dieguito or nobody goes up'”.

Finally, he clarified his current position in front of the channel: “Kill Verónica Ojeda, dirty her. That does not bother me. I’m used to always being hit, fighting or arguing with whoever it is, I don’t care. But don’t touch my son because he’s finished. With Telefe, I don’t want to know anything at all. Telefe behaved very badly with a nine-year-old boy, being the son of Diego Armando Maradona, to whom they were paying homage”, he completed in a voice full of sadness. “If someone from Telefe is watching us, I would like them to clarify that,” he said. “Or someone clarifies Dieguito,” he concluded.

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