Viviana Canosa y Verónica Lozano

Viviana Canosa destroyed Verónica Lozano and laughed at a spicy impersonation: “What level of cheekiness and stupidity”

Viviana Canosa makes a new editorial in its program, Vivian with you (A24) and this time he destroyed Veronique Lozano and to her husband, cork rodriguez. The driver opened the show outraged by the resolution that the President of the Nation took before the cause of the VIP party at Quinta de Olivos in 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. After that he remembered Vero’s mockery of Nicolás Wiñazki when he was moved by not being able to meet his newborn niece.

To be fired from the cause of the celebration in Olivos, Alberto Fernandez offered to the federal prosecutor of San Isidro, Fernando Dominguez, 1.6 million pesos. Domínguez accepted said sum of money and controversy erupted.

“Do you remember the joke of Veronique Lozano, the lobbyist’s wife, who made fun of Wiñazki because he wanted to meet his niece? see you too took the morale to walk“Canosa featured before airing the video of Lozano contemptuously mimicking Nicholas Winazki. Then the silhouette of A24 taunted Veronica and pointed, “You are married to a lobbyist, so you speak well of the government. Oh your lobbyist husband! Always in troubled things… Valijero, valijero, valijero… the power… valijero!“.

“I’m so embarrassed, bol*do! How not to have empathy? A communicator made fun of another communicator because she wanted to meet the nephew. You don’t have any nephews, Lozano? Your husband makes the news every time shady things pop up. Nobody is a free Kirchneriste, is it? For you and your husband, could it all be money? Will they be very in tune with the government? Lots of Aspen, but all with ours,” he continued.

“Crack, Vero…crack is moral. Less Aspen and more empathy. Are you also going to laugh, Lozano, at the pain of Paul Mussethe dad of solangefor wanting to say goodbye to his daughter? What level of impertinence and stupidity, they are up there in the tower, very high. Verónica Lozano and Corcho Rodríguez also show you that crack is moral. You can’t feel people’s pain because they forgot, they have a lot of string to us. What is it to look at the other with compassion…”, he concluded Viviana Canosa look at the camera.

What happened between Verónica Lozano and Nicolás Wiñazki

In May 2020, Nicholas Winazki makes a hard-hitting editorial in which he expresses his annoyance quarantine mandatory due to the coronavirus pandemic because he was unable to see his newborn niecebut in addition to the great impact he had on social media, both with praise and criticism for him, one of the people who gave his opinion on him was Veronique Lozanoand not on good terms, since mocked his statements through a performance in your program.

Visibly excited, he driver central TN He had interrupted his television news to announce that his sister Sofia had become a mother. “It’s okay, she had a beautiful daughter, she’s divine, but I saw her on WhatsApp. And my mother, who is the grandmother, and my father, who is the grandfather, saw her on WhatsApp. My grandmother and my other grandmother, who They are the great-grandmothers, they spoke to each other on the phone. Sorry to say something personal, but it helps to think. Is this Is this quarantine going well, who is going to be the longest in the world? journalistcriticizing that in our country the isolation can be prolonged more than in Wuhan (China) or New York (USA).

“My children haven’t seen their cousin and I don’t know when they will see her,” he said. Winazki almost broken down, assuring that it is very bad for the boys to be locked up, also regretting that they do not have class and affirming that they do not know “if the political class sees that they are given life “.

The journalist from Clarin Group was trending nationally on Twitter following his words, and in Cut by Lozanothe telefe driver didn’t let those words slip when the doctor Georges Tartaglione told him that he and Pierre Cahn are concerned about “anti-quarantine activism”.

“Oh, Wiñazki. ‘My niece was born and I can’t see it, my grandmother couldn’t see my niece,’ she exclaimed. true with a mocking tone and making faces showing his teeth, thereby taking the doctor by surprise.

“Well, I don’t know what he said,” the panelist replied seriously, to which Lozano continued to make noises and toss out onomatopoeias to mock the son of Miguel Winazki. “So he said, ‘I’m very angry,'” he blurted out once more. psychologist before changing the subject and ending his chicane against the TN digit.

After the impact of the video, the reporter came out to meet his colleague: “I made a personal comment and I was surprised by what a former partner of NT, Vero Lozanowho imitated me, and I have no problem being imitated. it’s entertaining“, assured Winazki before presenting the video of the telefe driver to make fun of him.

“I am surprised to Vero Lozanonot because he imitates me, but because Maybe quarantine has affected him. Are we all going crazy? Vero, you are a psychologistand what I did was ask how long the quarantine will last, which is what a lot of society is asking. Maybe Lozano doesn’t know this, but there are people having a bad time. I don’t want to personalize it, but that was one of the examples that surprised me, so much confusion with what I said? I apologize for being self-referential, I did it because it felt graphic,” he replied.

In turn, Vero apologized and said, “I apologize if I offended anyone. The truth is that it was humor with this situation that we all live. We are in a privileged situation. Working, getting warm, now there are people who really have to cry and complain because they are hungry. People who couldn’t bury their dead, who are undergoing cancer treatment. I think that’s kind of what happened to me.”


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