We played Nintendo Switch Sports and these are the keys to the return of one of the most successful games

We played Nintendo Switch Sports and these are the keys to the return of one of the most successful games

When Wii Sports came out in 2006, it was a revolution. Now, in 2022, Nintendo Switch Sports takes over and allows us to relive the same feeling with much more precise control and more worked mechanics that give us frenzy and realism to the action. A delivery adapted to the current times, easy and simple to play. We’ve played it before and here are our impressions.

I have always been a fan of games Sports Nintendo, both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts. It was a fun way to practice sports like tennis, surfing, boxing or golf in company thanks to the control of the console with our own movements. It was, at the time, quite a revolution. Due to its success, all kinds of games using the same principle will soon arrive. just dance among others. And even though we currently have Ring shaped adventure playing sports on the same platform, I wouldn’t lie to you if I told you that I was starting to miss a new opus. Finally, I was able to test it with very positive sensations. Nintendo Switch Sports does not disappoint and elevates the saga to a new level that is much more detailed, more precise and more fun.

First of all, it stands out for having a large personalization section in which we can create our own avatar being able to put the face of the Mii we want or selecting the large number of options available. Personally, I liked the modern style they adopted for the characters, seeing a clear intention to reach today’s audience. I also found it interesting that these characters now have all-Spanish voices. So, once we’ve finished our athlete, it’s time for the activity.
Nintendo Switch Sports Features 6 sports base: football, badminton, tennis, bowling, chambara and volleyball. It is true that after the launch it will receive two updates that will add new features for free, but for now I have to stick to the ones that I have been able to test. The six surprised me for good. Each of them has its own series of elements that stimulate the player and encourage his desire to win.

Nintendo Switch Sports

volleyball is a sport that is characterized by precision, by the need to follow the Hourly make a good game. Badminton, which is one of the novelties of this opus and one of my favorites, is totally frenetic as we shake our controller as if it were the racket. The bowling, a classic in the saga, are now more fun than ever, being able to play up to 4 players at the same time so you don’t have to wait. The chabara it requires precision, strategy. Here there is no point in hammering the controller everywhere and that’s it. We have to learn moves, guards and counterattacks if we want to get the opponent out of the field.
the tennis shines as always He is one of the stars of the saga and remains at the same level, if not higher, with clock precision that can play in teams. And finally we come to soccer, which is still a mix between Rocket League and the Fall Guys minigame, requiring our character to run along the track after a giant ball to score a goal. I left this sport for the end, because, of all, it was the one that convinced me the least, being the one that I felt the least immersive. However, this has a workaround, since the plan is to use the leg strap to start firing. In fact, one aspect that I really liked was the shots on goal, recalling my past as a footballer, because he uses precisely this band, being able to use my legs to kick.

It has its own elements that stimulate the player and encourage his desire to winAfter trying all of these sports, not only did I end up rolling my tongue in exhaustion, but overall I was totally blown away by how well the Switch controller was used. The movement was recalibrated so that we had to do the movements as they should, something that I could already perceive in Just Dance by the way. In this episode, it will be useless to make stories in the air. We have to perform the movements as if we were doing them in real life. If we are serving in tennis we are going to have to recreate the serve, otherwise we can be with the ball in hand until we succeed. The same thing happens in bowling: the shot largely depends on our correct movement.

This aspect not only brings realism but also forces the player to be technical, as required to master a sport. However, don’t think that you will find a lot of rules to follow. The game is quite free and encourages above all to have fun, but in case of doubt, you have an explanatory tutorial.

Nintendo Switch Sports, better in company

And speaking of fun, I think the heart of the game is once again the ability to Play togetherwhether with family or friends. The situations, the laughs and the fights that occur with other people are the basis of the experience. Some of these sports are more suitable for playing in teams of two, one on one or even 4 on 4 depending on which. I was able to enjoy it in company and I can assure you that it was a very fun experience. But, if you wonder what happens when we play alone, the truth is that there is no problem either. As was already done with some Nintendo games that encourage competition, we are going to find the possibility of To play online or even to compete on a global level with our competitions being our rival, the whole world. In this way, we will always have the necessary doses of motivation to want to continue playing and climb positions in the rankings.

A few “buts” I found in this issue, rather what I have are petitions. Absent the two future updates, I missed the boxing presence. I think with the precision of controls today, players are going to need to try more sports than we already know from other sagas. It’s positive, because it means there’s good work behind it. If you had a good time in the days of the Wii, you’re going to find a leap in quality in this installment.

Nintendo Switch Sports Nintendo Switch

A technical level, the company’s effort to bring the saga back to the best possible condition is noticeable. Not only is it texture-detailed, but the settings have also been recreated to be as welcoming as possible. The game invites you to be in it and tries not to cause repetition with multiple fields per sport, music changes, different animations (some of them very funny), or free movements of the avatar itself like throwing on the ground and party a goal on your knees. The feeling that the player perceives at the end is that of finding himself in front of a game as neat as possible and neat in all its sections. the humor he is also present at all times by adopting a familiar tone. It’s through animations, strain faces, fake moves, phase shifts, or the sounds themselves.

I missed the presence of boxingWith all that I have told you, all that remains is to wait for the April 29 to be able to enjoy the full title, being a surprise to me. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it so much, and yet the experience was cut short. I can’t wait to resume these bowling games from my living room, feeling closer than ever to the saga. Also, for those of you with a family, the entertainment provided by this game is very suitable for all ages. De hecho, tanto se ha pensado en eso, que hasta se ha creado un sistema de seguridad para que ningún mando salga volando y es que el juego hace mucho hincapié todo el tiempo en tener la cinta atada a la muñeca para que ninguna tele sufra por the path. Finally, it goes without saying that I was delighted with the progress I was able to enjoy, believing that Nintendo managed to save an iconic saga with great success.

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