What are the keys from F1 to F12 on the keyboard for?

What are the keys from F1 to F12 on the keyboard for?

Manzana For its part, also has these functions which it presents through your operating system as “special functions”, which are indicated by the icons on it, such as adjusting the screen brightness or increasing and decreasing the volume.

How “efes” keys work


In the Windows Opens the help menu. It also hides or shows the options menu in Excel and Word and the Windows band, if pressed together with Control [Ctrl + F1].

If you click F1 + Shiftyou will see the “Show Formatting” task pane.

At Apple, the F1 key, with the icon of a small light bulb, reduce screen brightness. In Word – and pressing Fn, as we explained above – it is used to undo the previous action.



hurry Alt+Ctrl+F2 and the document library will immediately open in Microsoft Office.

If you are in Word and try the shortcut CTRL+F2you will see a print preview of the file you are working on.

In Windows Explorer, it lets you rename a folder or file.

And if you are using Excel and press this key, you can edit the active cell.

If you use Apple, with F2 increase screen brightness.


The F3 key is used to open the search function in Windows Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

If you also press it at the same time as the Shift key, you will change the state of the letter in Word, to upper or lower case.

On a Mac, enable or disable “Mission Control” – which offers an aerial view from all open windows.

And if you are using Word on Mac, F3 is used to copy selected content to clipboard.


F4 places the cursor in the address bar of the browser.

To close a window, use this shortcut: Alt + F4.

If you use Apple, with F4 you can turn Launchpad on and off – an easy way to find and open apps on your Mac.

And using the shortcut in Word, you paste the contents of the clipboard.


Do you want to update your web browser or the folder you have open? Try pressing F5.

If, in addition to updating the browser, you want to clear the cache memory (temporarily stored data), press CTRL+F5.

If you use Powerpoint and want to start with the presentation, this is also your key.

In Microsoft Office it is used to open “Find and Replace”.

With Apple, the light intensity of the keys is reduced. And the shortcut in Word allows you to display the “Go To” dialog box.



In Windows, it is used to turn pages in a split screen in Word.

Next to Control and Shift [Ctrl + Mayúsculas + F6] allows you to easily switch between Word documents.

On Mac, increase the brightness of the keys.

And its shortcut in Word when accessed from an Apple computer is to switch between document, task pane, status bar and menu bar – and it also serves to include the various panes in a split screen.


If you are using Windows, try this shortcut: Alt + F7. If you are using a Mac, just the F7 key (next to Fn, to activate the “shortcut”). This will allow you to perform a spelling and grammar check on your Word document.

And if you need a synonym and you’re using a Windows computer, try Shift + F7 to access the thesaurus.

Apple users can also use this key to return to the previous song in iTunes.


If you are on Windows and you press F8, you enable safe mode.

In Excel, enable extended mode.

And on Apple, stop or pause songs in iTunes.

Also, using Word on Apple, F8 is used to expand a selection. For example, if you select a word, the size of the selection changes to a sentence.


This key allows you to send and receive e-mails in certain applications.

If you are using Windows, in Word and next to Control [Ctrl + F9] used to insert empty fields. On Apple, updates selected fields.

Also, on Mac, it lets you skip to the next song in the iTunes playlist.


F10 marks elements of the active window. It is also used to switch to another tab and use access keys or cursors in Windows.

Next to the Shift key [Mayús+F10], opens the context menu in Windows, which is the menu that appears when you right-click on the desktop or on a file or folder. Ditto if you use Apple (but remember to press Fn at the same time).

Also used to maximize window in Word [Ctrl + F10]with pc.

On a Mac, turn sound on or off.


Need to quickly toggle full screen mode on and off on a PC? Simply, click on F11.

If you also press the Shift key and are using Excel, you can automatically activate a new worksheet.

If you have Apple, use this key to reduce the audio volume. And the shortcut in Word is to move to the next field.


To open the function “Keep as” in Word, click F12.

You can also directly save the document, if you press it next to Shift or open a document if you use it next to Control.

If you try all three keys at once (Ctrl+Shift+F12) you will open the print function.

If you are using Apple, you can use F12 to increase the audio volume.

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