What has happened so far in the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

What has happened so far in the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

(Spanish CNN) — The cross accusations of violence between Johnny Depp Yes Amber Heard were at the center of the defamation lawsuit which it started again on monday, and in which paraded a long list of witnesses summoned by the actors. Here’s a look at what’s happened so far and what to expect in the weeks to come.

Depp, who met Heard in 2009 and he was married to her between 2015 and 2016filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit over an op-ed the actress wrote in 2018, in which she described herself as a “public figure representing domestic violence.”

It was the relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard 3:31

Although Depp was not named in the article, the actor claims it cost him lucrative roles.

The trial, which is taking place in Fairfax, Va., has been marked by mutual accusations between the protagonists of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Aquaman”in reference to the actor’s excessive use of alcohol and drugs, and where both deny having used physical violence, although they have acknowledged the discussions and the deterioration of their relationship.

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The cross accusations between Depp and Heard

Depp was the first ex-partner to speak, where he testified for four days.

One of his most relevant statements came after a conversation between the two was recorded in 2016. There, Heard expressed concern about recovering his reputation, after news reports of abuse in their relationship, and at one point he was heard to have said to Depp, “Tell the world, Johnny, tell them, ‘I, Johnny Depp, a man, am also a victim of domestic violence'” . At the end of the recording, Depp’s lawyer asked him what his answer was and he replied, “I say yes, I am.”

Asked about the consequences of his alcohol abuse, Depp claimed that the “only person” he had abused in his life was himself. “Sir, if anyone has had a problem with my drinking, at any time in my life, it’s me,” he said.

“I never got to the point of hitting Ms. Heard in any way and I haven’t hit any woman in my life,” said Depp, who also spoke about the impact of the abuse allegations on his career: “One day you’re Cinderella, so to speak, and then in 0.6 seconds you’re Quasimodo.”

It was the relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard 3:31

Heard then spoke and testified for several days.

“I can’t find the words to describe how painful it is. It’s awful for me to sit here for weeks and go through it all again,” she said. at the beginning of his statements on the 14th day of the trialin which she recounted several occasions in which the actor allegedly beat and even sexually abused her.

One of the incidents, according to the actress, happened when she asked him about a tattoo he had on his arm and he replied that it said “Wino”. “I laughed because I thought he was joking. And he slapped me,” he said. After the alleged hit Heard talks about, she said Depp knelt down, cried and apologized, saying, “I thought I pushed the monster away.”

“I knew it was wrong and I knew I had to leave him. And that’s what broke my heart. Because I didn’t want to leave him,” said Heard, who also said during the first day: “He was the love of my life. But he was also this other thing. And the other thing was something horrible.

On his second day of testimony, Heard testified about other alleged acts of physical abuse, saying“Nothing I did made him stop hitting me. Nothing. I tried for over a year, maybe two, not to respond physically, not to respond verbally, to stare at him, I tried to freeze, I tried to go to a different place.Then I tried to verbally abuse him, I tried to threaten him that if he knocked again, I would call the police.”

Summary of the Depp v. Heard: 14th day 4:22

The accusations on the cut finger and the bloody handwriting

Depp testified that in 2015 his finger was cut by broken glass after he Heard allegedly threw a bottle of vodka at him. She sought medical attention, but told others she had been injured knocking on a door so as not to “get her in trouble”, according to her testimony.

The actress, for her part, alleged that Depp sexually assaulted her with a glass bottle, saying she didn’t know if the bottle he was using was broken or not. Heard testified that Depp told her he would ‘kill’ her during the attack and that she later felt pain in the area, bled and also had cuts on the soles of her feet, among other things wounds.

Heard testified that at some point shortly after the fight, she believes Depp used his bloody finger to write and draw all over the mansion where they were staying. “It was clear he was crazy. He was writing in blood on a pillow,” he said.

The ‘catastrophic’ impact on Depp’s career

At the center of the lawsuit, moreover, were the impacts on Depp’s career. Jack Whigham, the actor’s manager for film deals, said Depp began losing jobs after Heard’s op-ed.

Whigham testified that Depp did a $22.5 million deal for Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean 6,” but after the article was published, Depp hadn’t done any studio films.

“Regarding Johnny, (the editorial) it was catastrophic because it came from a first person accountIt wasn’t from a reporter or someone watching, it was from someone saying, ‘This happened to me,'” Whigham said.

battle of experts

The trial also involved a “battle of experts” convened by both sides, as explained to CNN the criminal lawyer Sara Azari“which is typical in a domestic violence case”.

For one, Dr. Curry, hired by Depp’s team to psychologically assess Heard, said the actress did not suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder but rather a personality disorder. Later, Dr. Hughes, called by Heard’s defense, said she suffered from PTSD related to the abuse she was reporting.

“It ultimately becomes a question of credibility, the jury has to look at these two experts and decide who has the better science, who makes the most sense, who is credible on the totality of the evidence they’ve heard,” he said. he explains. Azari.

The list of witnesses included, in addition to medical professionals, people who managed Depp’s properties, for example his private island in the Bahamas, several Los Angeles police officers who responded to calls, the actor’s personal security guards and the general counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, Terence Dougherty, among others.

Dr Hughes says Heard has Depp PTSD 3:24

Another week in court

This Monday, May 16, Amber Heard he finished testifying under direct examination, after a week of interruption of the procedure.

Depp’s lawyers they began questioning Heard on Monday afternoon.

Heard testified Monday about the editorial at the center of the case. She said she didn’t want Depp’s name to appear in the article, originally written by the ACLU, but agreed to have it published on her behalf because she believed in the need to raise awareness. to the issues addressed in the editorial.

“Every word is true,” Heard said.

Additionally, Heard testified that Depp’s drug use and alleged physical abuse led her to file for divorce in 2016, after just over a year of marriage.

“I knew if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t survive, literally. I was so scared it would end really badly for me, and I really didn’t want to leave him. I loved him so much.” Heard said. “Violence was now the norm, not the exception.”

Likewise, Heard said she didn’t want to be part of the trial that forced her to relive painful, personal experiences she had tried to keep private.

“I have a baby, I want to move on. I want Johnny to move on too,” Heard said. “I just want him to leave me alone.”

How is the trial going?

Judge Penny Azcarate asked the jury to return on May 16, which they did. Closing arguments are scheduled for May 27, and then deliberations will begin.

The jury is made up of seven people in total, four men and three women, and there are four alternates.

At this point, Heard is still in the testimony phase.

This week, moreover, the judge refused a request made by the actress’ lawyers to have the case dismissed.

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