WhatsApp Aero se actualiza con multitud de correcciones y novedades

WhatsApp Aero 2022 v9.40: download and news

You can now download WhatsApp Aero v9.40the latest version of the WhatsApp mod which includes a multitude of news and fixes errors. Among other things, the design customization options with different colors stand out.

If you’re unfamiliar with WhatsApp Aero, we’ll give you a little insight. This is an alternative version of the official WhatsApp applicationthe famous messaging service, which offers a number of improvements and exclusive features.

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Now these alternative versions modified by third parties they are called “mod”, and WhatsApp Aero is not the only possibility. Other WhatsApp mods to check out are YMWhatsApp+, GBWhatsApp Yes YoWhatsApp.

It’s been a month and a half since whatsapp aero received its version 9.35, which stood out for its improvements in the reactions to messages. However, one must be careful, because this whatsapp mod is usually updated frequently.

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The developers of WhatsApp Aero they don’t stop at finding new things and revising errors, so it is common for us to find a new version from time to time. Today we are going to know everything that brings your new version: WhatsApp Aero v9.40.

WhatsApp Aero v9.40 Exclusive News

The latest WhatsApp Aero v9.40 update brings a host of new features, many of which are exclusive to this mod. Then we leave you the list of functions that you will not be able to find in the official application Messaging:

  1. Enable or disable the admin flag of group. It can be configured from the chat screen.
  2. Edit label group administrator. It can be configured from the chat screen.
  3. Change the admin icon color of group. It can be configured from the conversation screen.
  4. The Tools have been moved to the “Functions” menu.“, which simplified the main menu.
  5. New customization options colors of the “Functions” menu. It is accessible from the home screen.
  6. Lots of customization possibilities colors for the “More options” menu. It is accessible from the home screen.
  7. Tool integration “Saved replies” and “Who blocked me?”available in the “Functions” menu.
  8. New feature of message translation of entry. It can be configured from the chat screen.
  9. Select the translate button color. It can be configured from the chat screen.
  10. Possibility of disable “Processing” popup that appears when you press the translate button. It can be configured from the chat screen.
  11. Some options of settings have been moved to “Aero Privileges”. It is accessible from the home screen.
  12. New Special Design 3 (BETA) added to “Aero privileges”. It is accessible from the home screen.
  13. customization of colors of the new Special Design 3 (BETA). It is accessible from the home screen.
  14. Ability to change the order fast scroll icon in cats. It can be configured from the chat screen.
  15. Choose the command symbol color in cats. It can be configured from the chat screen.
  16. New feature that allows share various images, videos or documents simultaneously, from chat to external applications.

More WhatsApp Aero v9.40 news

WhatsApp Aero v9.40 offers some additional new features to its users. However, these have already been viewed in the original application from WhatsApp or, failing that, they should be included soon:

  1. New filter to search Unread posts.
  2. New Pencil drawing.
  3. Possibility to decide who’s watching when you’re online. It can be configured from the “Privacy” option in the “Account” section.
  4. Leave a group quietly. The rest of the participants will not know, except for the administrator or administrators of said group.
  5. The administrator of a group chat has the ability to delete messages from other participants.
  6. tool for see previous attendees of the group. You will be able to see the name of the person and the date of their departure.
  7. Available on the rapid reactions in the states.
  8. new interface text status.
  9. new interface status privacy design.

WhatsApp Aero v9.40 fixes and improvements

Finally, the new version WhatsApp Aero v9.40 has also brought multiple bug fixes and improvements to its application, in order to improve the user experience:

  1. Function of go to first post.
  2. visualization tool all messages from a participant in group discussions.
  3. message counter in the group information tab.
  4. pop-up messages in the status view.
  5. The translation function It has undergone slight modifications and the translations have been improved.
  6. Update to various models demand.
  7. Other small errors.

If you are a messaging app lover, chances are that WhatsApp Aero v9.40You like this The latest version of one of the most famous WhatsApp mods comes with countless improvements, fixes and updates exclusive.

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  1. Download WhatsApp Aero v9.40 for Android

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