How to Enable WhatsApp Secret Camera

WhatsApp allows you to hide the photo and time of connection to certain contacts

WhatsApp has enabled new options for users Silas Stein/dpa

WhatsApp implements in the latest beta for android a new option that allows users to hide their profile picture and online time from selected contacts. This is a manually configured alternative.

Until now, the messaging app only allowed choosing this option for statuses. When viewing the privacy menu of this tool, it presents three viewing alternatives: “My contacts”, “My contacts, except…” and “Share only with…”.

The novelty is that now an additional option is added to take care of user privacy. As warned of WABetaInfo, in the new beta program update of google play, version of WhatsApp for Android, this option has been expanded and allows you to protect your profile picture, contact details and time of your last connection.

This option isn’t entirely new, as the messaging app started testing it in previous betas for Android and iOS, which it tested throughout 2021.

However, this feature was only made available to a few beta testers and very few people were able to test its functionality. Now, that limit has been extended, so those who want to try it out will need to download the latest WhatsApp Beta for Android

Once installed, they must access the Settings menu of WhatsApp, press where it says accountThen in confidentiality and check who can see your personal information.

WhatsApp added new privacy settings

WhatsApp added new privacy settings

So both in Last login timeas in Profile picture, information and statusfour options are displayed: “Everyone”, “My contacts”, “My contacts, except…” and “No one”.

WhatsApp reminds that users who select the option “My contacts, except…” will also not be able to see the last connection of these people.

How to know if WhatsApp is up to date

To find out if you have the latest version or if you need to download a new edition, you must enter Google Play or the Apple Store, search for WhatsApp and if the “update” button appears next to this term, then it means that you don’t have the latest version. version. You need to tap on it and download the update.

How to join the beta program

To test the latest news developed by WhatsApp before they are made public and available to all users, you must register for the beta testing program. This provides access to the functions and tools with which you experience the application. You can also provide feedback and report bugs that are identified.

You should be aware that beta or test versions are unstable and therefore problems may appear that cause the application to occasionally work with problems, close on its own or present some other error. Therefore, to avoid any kind of inconvenience, it is better to continue using the public version which is debugged and therefore more stable.


To be a beta tester on Android you must enter the following link and click where it says “Become a tester”. An update will be received from the WhatsApp Messenger app realizing that you are already a member of the community.

The page to enter the beta test program of WhatsApp on Android

The page to enter the beta test program of WhatsApp on Android

It is possible to unsubscribe from the test program at any time, simply by clicking on the button that says “Leave the program” and which is located at the bottom of the page mentioned above. It is possible to continue using the public version of WhatsApp after that.


First, you need to install TestFlight on the device that will be used to perform the tests. Then accept the invitation that will arrive by email or through a link to install the beta version of the application. In this case the official link indicates that there is no availability to be a beta tester of WhatsApp on iOS. When published, these steps should be followed:

1. Download the TestFlight app to the iOS device that will be used for testing by clicking here.

iOS test flight

iOS test flight

2. Install the beta version of the iOS app via an email invitation or the public link, which in this case would be East. Although, as already mentioned, at the moment this program is full and there is no availability, although a place may be released in the future.

3. Open the invitation email or tap the public link on the iOS device where the test will take place.

4. Click “View in TestFlight” or “Start Test”, or tap “Install” or “Update” for the app you want to test.

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