WhatsApp Business brings paid subscription and other news

WhatsApp Business brings paid subscription and other news

WhatsApp Business. (photo: WWWhat’s new)

WhatsApp you will move to the paid subscriptions group. Currently, yes, only in the variant Business, used by companies and businesses to be in contact with customers. All this is confirmed by WABetaInfo, which was able to find evidence of belonging to the beta version of the application for android. Of course, this version will come with exclusive features for those who want to open a wallet.

According to the aforementioned media, whatsapppremium, as the optional subscription is now known, will connect to ten devices to the same account.

This proposal will of course be possible thanks to the cross-device functionality introduced only in 2021 on the platform. This service will also make it possible to give a name to each group to distinguish them and facilitate their management.

Multi-device on WhatsApp.  (photo: The Spaniard)
Multi-device on WhatsApp. (photo: The Spaniard)

Another novelty concerning the connections. Currently, WhatsApp Business allows you to create and share links to redirect users to a specific chat.

However, with WhatsApp Premium, you can create unique and personalized links. Example: wa.me/infobae. In this way, companies can add their brand to the links, facilitating their memorization. If for some reason you want to change the link, the person has to wait for a 90 day warrant after making the last change.

WhatsApp links.  (picture: YouTube)
WhatsApp links. (picture: YouTube)

At the moment, these are the only known features of WhatsApp Premium. More details will certainly be known in a few weeks as the subscription features are still under development.

Due to the above, it is difficult to predict when interested people will be able to subscribe to the Premium version of WhatsApp Business. One issue that remains to be seen is its price, because it can mark the success or failure of the proposal, in addition to the available functions, of course.

WhatsApp is on the way to monetization

If it is true that WhatsApp owns one of the companies technological most economically powerful in the worldGoal), they never stopped thinking about generating their own income. A few years ago there were even rumors that the service might start post ads, but the plans were soon canceled.

Today, WhatsApp seems difficult to bet on advertising. Reason? It’s getting harder and harder for platforms like iOS and Android collect personal data to display targeted advertisements. However, with the company run by mark zuckerberg, nothing is excluded. Currently, they plan to generate revenue through WhatsApp Business users.

WhatsApp Business.  (photo: Bet Communication)
WhatsApp Business. (photo: Bet Communication)

Set up quick replies in WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp lets you set up quick and personalized replies based on the messages a person receives. But only in the Business version and only for companies.

For example, messages and responses can be recorded when customers ask about a schedule or product release. In these cases, you can set up a quick response that lets you know when new items have arrived or schedule home delivery, shipping charges, and more.

Quick responses have terms: up to 50 quick replies they are associated with each WhatsApp Business account and can include text messages, but can also include media files such as photos, videos or GIFs.

– Go button menu of the WhatsApp application.

– Click on the Company settings.

– Go to option Responds quickly.

– Click on Add (+) to create the one you want.

How to create a quick reply on whatsapp business.  (photo: Technology.com)
How to create a quick reply on whatsapp business. (photo: Technology.com)

Once you have it, confirm by pressing ‘To safeguard’

When using the function answerthe steps are very simple: open a chat, touch the message icon and type /… to send a reply.

All quick replies will be displayed and you will have to choose the one you want. Finally, edit the message or click the icon ‘To send’.


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