WhatsApp could close your account for these reasons from April: How to recover it?  |  the Chronicle

WhatsApp could close your account for these reasons from April: How to recover it? | the Chronicle

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, with billions of downloads worldwide. However, according to reports from recent weeks, in the next few hours it could suffer a drop in users, since the company could close accounts that do not comply with certain WhatsApp-the-government-came-back-to-stop-controversies-new-privacy-policies-20220328-0075.html” target=”_blank”>use policies.

In this sense, the instant messaging platform owned by Meta could restrict or eliminate certain accounts that do not comply with the conditions of use and the policy established by the application. WhatsApp-estas-son-las-razones-por-las-que-podrian-cerrarte-la-cuenta-a-partir-del-31-de-marzo-20220323-0037.html” target=”_blank”>from del April 1.

Why can WhatsApp close your account?

  • Inactivity: If you don’t log in for four months, your account is deleted (like when someone dies). This “connection” involves having the application on a mobile phone connected to the Internet, it is not necessary to send messages to avoid closing.
  • Use of unofficial apps: a popular example of modified versions It’s WhatsApp Plus. These types of apps usually protect the user from ‘banning’, but if WhatsApp detects you’re using them, it can lead to account suspension (temporary at first, then, if you re-offend, permanently).
  • Using tools to “spy”“: In this section would enter applications to download WhatsApp statuses, even those that follow when someone logs into WhatsApp. In practice, it is difficult for WhatsApp to identify you as a user of these applications because technically they do not are not linked to your account, but if successful, this is cause for blocking.
  • Suspicious activity and abuse of services: Performing repeated actions continuously may also cause a temporary crash. In fact, WhatsApp expressly prohibits “bulk messaging” and “auto-dial” to prevent spam.
  • User report: WhatsApp has a report button for all users, so if you have actions that bother other people, they can report or block you.
  • crime risk: If they find signs of crime in your activity, WhatsApp may suspend your account. Conversations that are unlawful, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful, racist, or ethnically offensive, or that promote or encourage illegal or inappropriate behavior are not permitted.
  • Sending malware or phishing: Any malicious message you send via WhatsApp can lead to your account being terminated and this ranges from sending malware or viruses to phishing or identity theft.

How to recover your WhatsApp account

Generally, suspension of a WhatsApp account is usually temporary (as a punishment) and for several periods, which can range from a few hours to a few days. In these cases, you just have to solve the cause of the blocking (stop using an unofficial application, for example) and wait for the time limit so that your number is no longer blocked and you can access chats again .

However, if you repeat or WhatsApp considers that the reasons for the blockade are serious, the account is suspended and the message “Your phone number is suspended in WhatsApp“. In this case, no need to wait, you will have to contact WhatsApp to try to recover your account.

  1. From access to the contact form this page fill out the form with your data and explain in the text field that your account has been suspended and you want it back.
  2. Sending an email to supporte: open your email client and send an email to support@whatsapp.com specifying your telephone number with its international prefix (+54 in Argentina), detailing the manufacturer and model of your telephone and explaining that you wish to recover your account.
  3. From the start of the application: If you try to reinstall your WhatsApp by entering your phone number, a notice will appear stating that the number is suspended. This review has a “Support” button, press it, fill in the data and submit the form.

It should be clarified that write to support it does not guarantee that they will lift your suspensionIt will all depend on whether WhatsApp deems it appropriate or not. This verification process can take several days (usually no more than three), but if you find it’s taking too long, you can insist on one of three ways (or all of them).

If you still don’t get a response from WhatsAppyour suspended account is probably gone forever, along with all your chats, messages, and files. Then you will need to register on the platform with a new phone number.

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