WhatsApp statuses not appearing: error solution

WhatsApp statuses not appearing: error solution

If some contacts’ WhatsApp statuses suddenly stopped appearing, we’ll tell you how you can fix it.

It’s no secret that WhatsApp is the most used and well-known instant messaging application for mobile phones in the world. this tool not only allows you to talk with people from anywhere immediately. Additionally, it includes a series of features for easy use and make it more entertaining, like states.

WhatsApp statuses are the version of this application from instagram stories. Basically, these are images or videos that are shared and can be seen by contacts. This feature has many uses, but it can also cause an error and prevent you from seeing the statuses of certain contacts.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry. it’s a bug that has a solution and we have prepared this post to tell you about it. But first, we must determine the origin of this problem.

Why don’t your contacts’ statuses appear on WhatsApp?

If WhatsApp statuses not appearing, we will tell you how you can fix it

If WhatsApp statuses not appearing, we will tell you how you can fix it

If they suddenly stop show you the status of one of your contacts on WhatsAppdoes not necessarily mean that this person has not downloaded any, but it could be due to an error or some other situation.

In the next lines we will tell you some of the most common causes this could explain why your contacts’ statuses in WhatsApp no ​​longer appear.

The contact did not save your number

First, you need to rule out the possibility that the other person didn’t save you to their phonebook, because this is the fundamental condition to be able to visualize their states. To do this, it is recommended to ask him directly, or if you prefer to keep him discreet, you can check if his profile picture appears.

Many users have the option set to privacy that only shows profile picture for users who have been added to their contact list.

Your version of WhatsApp is outdated

It may also happen that you cannot see people’s statuses on WhatsApp because you have an old version of the application. It also prevents you from having access to other features added to it.

But if you have a version that showed you states and suddenly it doesn’t, you can A veteran had this problem.. Then the ideal is that you enter the App Store to download the latest update.

The contact has blocked you

If WhatsApp statuses are not showing, it may be because you have been blocked

If WhatsApp statuses are not showing, it may be because you have been blocked

Another possibility that could explain why a user’s statuses in WhatsApp no ​​longer appear is that this tea have blocked. This is a feature that the application has to protect the privacy of users at all times.

There are several ways to check if you have been blocked on WhatsApp and one of them is to check that the user’s profile picture appears. Although you can also send him a message and, depending on the number of checks displayedyou can draw a conclusion.

Contact has changed phone number

The most important requirement to be able to see another person’s WhatsApp status is that she has you in her address book. Therefore, if the user has changed their phone number, you will no longer see their status updates.

To resolve this, you must save the person’s new number. This way you can continue to see their WhatsApp statuses.

How to solve the error that does not show you WhatsApp statuses?

Here are some suggestions that can help you fix WhatsApp status issue

Here are some suggestions that can help you fix WhatsApp status issue

If you have determined that you do indeed have an issue with statuses not appearing some users on whatsappthen you should take a look at these possible solutions which we will list below.

Check internet connection

It may seem obvious, but to access all the features of WhatsApp you need to have an internet connection. Other, you won’t be able to receive messages or anything like that. So, if you suddenly stop seeing the statuses of your contacts on the platform, it may be due to a network problem.

It is possible that you are in a place where you do not have good coverage and therefore the mobile data connection is not optimal. Also maybe it’s because the WiFi is having issues. Anyway, you must check your connection to rule out that the error with WhatsApp statuses is not due to this.

Empty the cache

The cache is the data that the mobile accumulates from applications after use. In this way, you can have faster access to the different sections and functionalities of these. However, if you have stopped seeing people’s WhatsApp statuses, it might also be because your cache is full. To do this, you need to free up space on the device.

you must long press whatsapp icon and enter the advanced settings of the app. Then you need to click on the section of Empty the cache. Then you need to check whether the error is fixed or not.

Check for pending WhatsApp updates

Make sure the app is up to date

Make sure the app is up to date

As we mentioned, there may be times when this WhatsApp status problem is caused by the fact that you have an outdated version of the app. In this sense, the most recommended thing is to enter the application store to update it.

The update of the application is necessary to ensure that possible bugs or failures that may present, be corrected. So if this status error is due to a bug, updating the app will fix it.

Reinstall the WhatsApp app

Finally, if all else fails and you still cannot see people’s WhatsApp statuses, then it remains to reinstall the applicationbecause in most cases this will resolve the type of error you are presenting.

Basically, you need to uninstall the WhatsApp app and then go to the WhatsApp store. re-download apps. Hopefully this will have solved the problem. But if none of this worked for you, then it’s possible that the person has blocked you or directly doesn’t have you in their contacts.

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