WhatsApp: step by step to change the font size in chats

WhatsApp: step by step to change the font size in chats

Even though WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world, it has several stuff hidden or unknown to most. Many of them could make communications on the platform more comfortable and accessible to everyone.

One of these secrets is ability to change font style and size in conversationsa great feature for those who have trouble seeing the small print in the app or want to change the look of chats.

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Depending on the screen size of your device or if you forgot your glasses, it is possible you need a larger text size to read conversations what do you keep inside WhatsApp. For example, in a tabletsthe characters inside the application are very small, and it is convenient to enlarge the letter so as not to strain your eyes and to obtain better visibility.

Big fonts on WhatsApp save you from straining your eyes on the app: (Photo: Adobe Stock)

How to enlarge letters in WhatsApp

From the application you must look for the three dots that appear in the upper right sector. Here you have to lookSettings” and after “discuss”. In this menu you will find the item “Font size, where you will have the choice between three options: small, medium and large. Finally, you have to choose one. The one that arrives by default is “medium”.

Step by step how to change text size in WhatsApp chats

  1. Touch the three dots on the main screen.
  2. Go to settings”.
  3. Then on “Cats”.
  4. In “Font size”, choose the desired option.

A detail to remember: letter size is changed in chats and not in other areas of the interface of WhatsApp. For example, the contact list, menus and previews will remain the same: the change will be visible in every conversation.

In case of want to change the text size in the app it will have to be done modification from the operating system itself, from the control panel. In this case, it will change the entire interface of the device, beyond WhatsApp.

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Other WhatsApp tricks

The biggest messaging app in the world has other secrets that are not visible to the naked eye, functions and tricks that we easily ignore and if we use them, we could have better control over the platform .

How to prevent your partner or another person from seeing your WhatsApp conversations

How to prevent your partner from seeing your WhatsApp conversations.  (Photo: AdobeStock)
How to prevent your partner from seeing your WhatsApp conversations. (Photo: AdobeStock)

The WhatsApp function for prevent anyonewho is not the owner of the account, I can see the cats is another app enhancement to increase the Privacy and Security inside the platform.

  • To activate it on Android
  1. In WhatsApp you need to go to Settings > Account > Privacy.
  2. On the screen of privacylook for the option Fingerprint lock (it’s at the end) and enter by tapping on it.
  3. Enable Unlock with fingerprint.
  4. WhatsApp will ask you to touch the fingerprint sensor from your device to confirm that you are the owner of the phone.
  5. The next step is select period how long you want to pass before fingerprint authentication is requested.
  6. Select whether you want message content to be displayed in notifications from your smartphone.

Once the process is complete, to access WhatsApp the registered fingerprint must be used. A) Yes, only the owner of the phone will be able to enter and view conversations.

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  1. In WhatsApp settings, tap Account > Privacy > Screen lock.
  2. Enable Require Touch ID That is Require Face ID (depends on iPhone model).
  3. Select the time you want WhatsApp remains open until authentication is required.

With that, WhatsApp will only allow anyone who is verified with Touch ID or Face ID to access the platform and view conversations.

WhatsApp: what is invisible mode and how to activate it

WhatsApp Stealth Mode is a privacy feature that allows you to hide your online status.  (Photo: Adobe Stock/Fabio Principe)
WhatsApp Stealth Mode is a privacy feature that allows you to hide your online status. (Photo: Adobe Stock/Fabio Principe)For: FABIO PRINCE

As we will point out later in this review, the option was released for testing and there is still no official date for the rollout among all users of the messaging application that the company manages. mark zuckerberg. With this new feature, mail users can choose who accesses this information.

For activate stealth mode WhatsApp you need to follow these steps.

  • Go to the three dots in the upper right sector of the application and press “Settings”.
  • Then you have to chooseaccount” and after “privacy”.
  • New in the menu is the item “Last time and online”. The online status setting is directly associated with the last connection.

There you can choose between the following options:

  • All: Online status is visible to any WhatsApp user.
  • my contacts: The information is limited to the contacts that the user has programmed.
  • My contacts except: allows you to create a kind of “blacklist”, as it happens in other sections of messaging (for example for Stories).
  • Nobody: Complete blocking of online status information.

Note that this function hide online status in whatsapp It has started rolling out in test builds for Android, in beta editions and which Meta has already released on Google’s mobile operating system.


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