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Who is Gastón Cocchiarale, the Argentinian actor who worked with Robert De Niro

The bifurcation of the paths of a life can take unexpected turns. If a decision is made, the result can be the high or the low of success. In his verbose and precise speech exhibition of its history, Gaston Cocchiaral still can’t believe how far it’s come.

The actor, who is part of the cast of the series Anystarted studying theater driven by a love story and overcoming incisive shyness and ended up working alongside a Hollywood figure, robert de niro.

In an interview with TN showCocchiarale told how he came to have face-to-face scenes with De Niro, in the fiction they also star in Louis Brandoni Yes Guillaume Francella.

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From playing to being an actor to working with Guillermo Francella

Gaston Cocchiarale is 30 years old and a rising career. Known for having worked in the cinema in Clanon television in ATAV and in the theater in countless popular and independent works, his figure is gaining relevance these days for having rubbed shoulders with a legend like the actor of Taxi driver.

It was always clear that he loved acting, he explained in the conversation he had with TN show. “When I was 3 or 4 years old, I was already saying that I wanted to be an actor. I’ve always been passionate about it. My mother and my father had a big mirror and I spent hours doing works and imaginary worlds in front of him,” he said.

Gastón Cocchiarale worked with Guillermo Francella (Photo: Instagram / gastroncocchiarale).

Born in Ramos Mejía, Cocchiarale has a younger brother. It made him laugh for a while. “I was very into it and it defined me“, he remarked.

Over time, Cocchiarale generated a special connection with art, but something caused that, along the way, this walk was a little interrupted. “I don’t know what happened, but during adolescence I became very shy. And it doesn’t go with acting.”

But like all true vocations, they always find a way through which to germinate. This is how Cocchiarale followed his impulses from a teenager in love with a girl in a drama class.

Gastón Cocchiarale began his career in the theater (Photo: Instagram / gastroncocchiarale).
Gastón Cocchiarale began his career in the theater (Photo: Instagram / gastroncocchiarale).

“I always say that I fell in love with a girl who studied acting and one day he invited me to go. If she told me to jump off a bridge, I would jump. So, I faced and I did not stop”, he assured.

How Gastón Cocchiarale came to work with Robert De Niro on the set of the “Nada” series

Little by little, Cocchiarale occupied important places in different independent theatrical works. But the definitive leap was made while working on the film Clanwith Guillaume Francellawith an addition: he was a big fan of his colleague.

The good energy they had between the two was such that they came back to work together some time ago in the series. the loaded -which has not yet been released-, a fiction created by Mariano Cohn Yes Gaston Dupratjust like Nothing.

“The relationship with Guille in Clan it was really good. We hit good vibes, he remembered me and wanted me to go with him. Gastón and Mariano were interested that he was there. We shot this series and I was very happy. for me it was an honorbecause I’m a big fan of his movies,” he said.

The story of Gastón Cocchiarale: he studied theater to overcome his shyness and now works with De Niro

Cocchiarale said that one day, Cohn told him that he was going to shoot another fiction, with Luis Brandoni. “I told him that he is an actor of those who are almost gone, of a range of artists like Federico Luppi or Ulises Dumont. I asked him to share a scene, serve at least one coffee!“, he exclaimed.

The filmmaker gave him so much more than that though: he had some one-on-one footage with Brandoni. But the final touch He came once he had already closed his participation in the work.

The yapa appeared when they told me that Robert De Niro was going to be there. “They fuck me, really?” he said. ‘These are laughing at me’, I thought. It does not fit into the dynamic of the possible in my mind. It’s news that my head wasn’t to cover it. Such a name is very far,” he said of the feelings that crossed his mind when he heard this news.

The actor began to realize the matter was serious when they detailed the Zoom meetings the filmmakers had with De Niro. “However, I did not believe it. for me it was impossible“, he launched.

How Robert De Niro worked on the set of the series “Nothing”

Once on set with De Niro, though he couldn’t go into too many details about what happens in contract fiction, Cocchiarale defined the New York star as “a phenomenal gentleman”.

“I met a very inspiring professional. What I remember most about being with him is his peace of mind. He is a very professional actor. I learned to watch it. He’s a living legend. Made Taxi driver, My girlfriend’s family, wild bull: builds the history of cinema. it’s very powerful“, He described.

Gastón Cocchiarale works in cinema, theater and television (Photo: Instagram / gastroncocchiarale).
Gastón Cocchiarale works in cinema, theater and television (Photo: Instagram / gastroncocchiarale).

When Cocchiarale is questioned by his friends about the protagonist of casino, still can’t believe what happened. “It was very strong. Argentinians grew up with Hollywood movies. Today you can watch movies from any country, but from the life I came from, I consumed the Hollywood industry. De Niro occupies a very important place in our imagination.”

“How could you put the fan aside to play alongside him?” he asked. TN show. “With a lot of calm, I concentrate on work. I will not deny that I had to make a big effort. But I couldn’t win the most fanatical part. I tried to enjoy not only the coolest part“, responded.

When De Niro first came to Argentina in 1981 gave an interview in the former Channel 13 (now the thirteen). In addition to his dry and distant style, he launched a sentence linked to the game of the artistic: to embody another person to occupy a different place. “Maybe if I didn’t play these characters, I would go crazy,” De Niro thought to himself at the time.

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Without knowing it, at the end of the interview with TN show, Cocchiarale linked to this De Niro spirit, giving his opinion on what acting means to him. “If you know how to understandgive you everything. He allows you to be what you dare not be, Playing“, hill.


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