Who is Guillermo Pfening, the actor who appeared with Belinda after a scandal with Nodal

Who is Guillermo Pfening, the actor who appeared with Belinda after a scandal with Nodal

(Photo: @belindapop, @guillepfening/Instagram)

Christian Nodal and Belinda are again involved in the controversy. And it is that after about three months since their separation was confirmed, make the headlines again the leak of a controversial conversation. After what happened, the Spanish artist reappeared on her social media to share a video with a mystery man, sparking rumors of a possible new romance.

In the midst of the scandal that positioned the former couple among the major social media trends and when Internet users expected a response from Belinda before the publication of an alleged conversation he allegedly had with the Mexican interpreter when they were still together, the star of children’s soap operas turned to her account instagram to share a series of videos.

Between the stories highlighted one in particular where Belinda appeared in the frame with a man in a heavenly place. It was nothing more and nothing less than Guillaume PfeningArgentinian actor with whom he rubbed shoulders during the first season of welcome to eden. In the audiovisual fragment, the performers can be seen interacting on what appears to be a beach on the island where they recorded the series of netflix and they weren’t alone, they had the company of a pet.

Belinda also musicalized the moment with "colorblind"main theme of "welcome to eden".  (Capture: @belindapop/Instagram)
Belinda also musicalized the moment with “Colorblind,” the main theme from “Welcome to Eden.” (Capture: @belindapop/Instagram)

Belinda posted the video with a heart filter, an element that contributed to the fact that users of the social network began to speculate about their possible new romance. It should be mentioned that so far none of the actors have made any statement in this regard.

But that was not all, Guillermo Pfening also shared a photo of Nodal’s ex-fiancée on his Instagram stories. In the picture appears the singer of Light without gravity enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea at sunset with your pet in your arms.

“Fly high as you know!” Pfening wrote on the postcard..

The landscape coincides with certain shots in the series.  (Capture: @guillermopfening/Instagram)
The landscape coincides with certain shots in the series. (Capture: @guillermopfening/Instagram)

Everything seems to indicate that the videos that Belinda shared and the photo that Pfening posted in her stories were taken on the beach where she was recorded. welcome to eden and their coexistence would be the fruit of the recordings of the second season whose release date is still pending. Currently, the production of netflix It is positioned in the top 10 of the streaming platform in Mexico.

The actor is part "welcome to eden".  (Capture: @guillermopfening/Instagram)
The actor is part of “Welcome to Eden”. (Capture: @guillermopfening/Instagram)

The actor was born on December 9, 1978 in Argentina and from his youth he showed interest in the world of theatre. He quickly took matters into his own hands and traveled to the country’s capital to study combined arts at the University of Buenos Aires.

Over time, Guillermo strengthened his acting training and in 1998, he made his debut in enlightened hearta film by Héctor Babenco where he shared the credits with Xuxa Lopes, Norma Aleandro, Walter Quiróz, Miguel Ángel Solá, Maria Luisa Mendonca, among others.

During his long career in the art world, he participated in other productions such as Foddie love, Nobody’s watching, Caíto, The practitioner, Rescue distance, My best friend, The last summer of the boyita, to name a few. He was also part of the cast of champions of lifea melodrama in which he gave life to Faculty of Toledo.

Regarding his personal life, we know that the 43-year-old actor has a 7-year-old daughter named Asia.

Photo: Instagram @belindapop
Photo: Instagram @belindapop

During an interview with windowingBelinda confessed that during her stay in Spain she tried to make new friends, but she is not looking to start a romantic relationship after her scandalous breakup with Nodal.

“Right now boyfriend is not allowedthis subject is currently prohibitedbut all series are my friends. I bring fourwho is my puppy and my faithful companion, who is here with me, I adore him and I couldn’t ask for more. Just every time I grab a handsome man by the arm doesn’t mean there’s something wrong.At the moment, I am very calm and I want to have friends. I focus on my career, on my job and that is my priority,” he said.


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