Who is Paulo Londra pointing at with controversial Music Session #23 lyrics, which he did with Bizarrap

Who is Paulo Londra pointing at with controversial Music Session #23 lyrics, which he did with Bizarrap

Paul London returns to the scene with an explosive Bizarrap Session. After resolving his legal dispute with record label Big Ligas, the urban entertainer got back to releasing music and He took the opportunity to “throw a few balls” at everyone.

The Session lyrics begin by saying, “I don’t understand why they’re calling if no one has called before. I don’t understand why they’re coming if no one has come before.”

Do we translate it? Here he speaks to all those who have disappeared or they “let go of his hand” at his worst momentthat’s when he came into conflict with Cristian Salazar (Kristo) and producer Daniel Oviedo (Ovy On The Drums) as the visible faces of the Big Leagues record label.

It was without a doubt the most difficult time for London, which made it impossible to publish music independently until 2025, given that he had signed -at 19- a contract with the Colombians which prevented him from carrying out such an action and that these, through the label, managed almost 70% rights to his name and his creations.

Bizarrap with Paulo Londra. An explosive duo.

Then, he reflects on his past and his present: “Because I have the impression that once I lost myself. And today that I got up, I can say that I came back.” In this sentence he talks about the pain he went through at that moment saying it metaphorically “I got lost”, but then he gives a message of revenge: “I can say I’m back.”

And it ends with a sentence that is a fact: “And today that I got up, I think I never left.” Paul London never left the charts and in these two years of public disappearance in which he did not release music, he always remained well positioned with his songs, such that his songs acquired a different mystique. Paulo kept ringing the bell everywhere, but he wasn’t there.

a lion on the loose

When it seemed like the BZRP session was quiet, Paulo raised his voice to address some controversies: “Always blessed, even if they say bad things about me.” the journalist makes a mess”. I don’t care, I’m always alone. People know how I am, that’s why they are with me.”

Here, he directly points the finger at the journalists who gave rise to part of his private life during these two years of absence. He was the father of two children with Rocío Moreno. Apparently her ex-partner came out to say that the rapper was not fulfilling his responsibilities as a father.

Paulo Londra and his brand of "Lions with stream" Paulo Londra and his brand of “Lions with Flow”

Rocío Moreno sued him days after becoming the mother of his second daughter and sued for “financial compensation” against the artist. Ana Rosenfeld, Moreno’s lawyer, said the mother of her daughters “stopped studying and did not work to accompany and support him on tours and to take care of his eldest daughter who was born in July 2020”.

That this news was revealed, Paulo did not like it at all and that is why he dedicated a few lines of the BZRP session to entertainment journalists who spent hours on the air talking about the subject and also giving who was his partner for six years to give details of Paulo’s intimacy in his role as an absent father.

keep talking about me

“They know I’m a big miser, with a very expensive style. That he ate the panorama in one bite. They always criticized him because I was always weird. I never did what they do, that’s why they didn’t reach me”, here he dedicates a few lines to those who didn’t trust him when he started rapping and didn’t do than criticize him.

Paulo Londra and his theme, "Chance"another from his new production. Paulo Londra and his song “Chance”, another of his new production.

And he continues to reinforce this message in the following measures: “It’s not like you imagined, an enlightened white. He escaped from the house and the place heard him. And after noticing my level unbridled. Lots of dogs swallowed everything they vomited on me.”

When it seemed like everything had already been said, it is just beginning.

“In other actions, siome, I’m not going to give you any explanations. If with two songs I made everyone mention me. God, man, I promised myself not to come down. But I decided to download it ‘and to explain to these awkward people’, that your entourage of little boys, envious and lousy’. Whether they like it or not, they have to give me credit. Seeing where you see will always be controversial. Unparalleled Paulito who steals the stage”.

In this frenetic rap, Paulo dedicate several words to all members of the big leagues who “cheated” him wanting to make money with his image and his songs without giving credit to his work. Paulo has a good memory and he doesn’t let go. It’s his revenge.

“And, uh, none of them came out. To be able to do what I did. They criticized me again, I don’t know what happened. I was the first to splash more flow. But I never put “buts” because I represent you. And to your bunch of liars they say rapper. I’m not, but hey, that pisses me off. I know if there’s money, it’s because I’m the magnet.”

Paulo continues to dive into criticism against those who wanted to make money at the expense of his name and makes it clear that he is the talented one and not those who approached him out of interest.

Finally, Paulo insists on his silence so as not to generate more controversy than those that have already been given and says that being focused on his objective “like a horse” made him move forward: “I never said anything anyway, I’ve always been like a robot A horse that looks straight ahead without being mistaken, not a fucking complainer who disturbs like a loudmouth. It doesn’t accept that there is an example, and the example was going to be me.”

Paulo Londra poses for all those who talk about him on the networks.  Photo: Instagram. Paulo Londra poses for all those who talk about him on the networks. Photo: Instagram.

no luck

On January 22, 2020, Bizarrap released ‘Music Session #22’ with Lalo Ebratt, and months later Dani was the protagonist for episode 24. What about 23? Session 23 never happened and that’s where the theories started on social media that this BZRP session might be for Paulo Londra, who has always identified with this number, that of Michael Jordan in the Chicago Bulls, of the NBA.

After two years and already with the support of Warner Music Latin for the Cordovan artist, Biza and Paulo formalized their union in the long-awaited ‘Music Session #23’. First, the producer posted a statement on his social media saying “We are ready” and finally, yesterday, he posted a photo with Londra ask if he came the 23 million commentsstarted the session.

Less than 24 hours later, the publication reached the record number and Biza posted a conversation from 2019 where Paulo asked him if he could book number 23 for his session, and so it was, like a pact of friends, that the producer kept.

And so they finally released BZRP Music Session #23 at the usual time, 7:00 p.m., which is today the #1 trend on YouTube in ArgentinaBolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

Paulo Londra poses with his basketball and has fun Paulo Londra poses with his basketball and has fun

Sentenced for the million

Minutes after its premiere on YouTube, reaction videos to this collaboration were immediate, and content creators such as Ibai Llanos, Coscu, PapoMC, Markito Navaja, and Goncho, among others, positioned the video even higher.

This is not news for Paulo, since the videos of Plan A Yes Chance -on their return to music- they arrived to position No. 1 in YouTube Argentina Trends, managing to occupy the first and second post. With the two videos, it entered the world ranking of the best music videos, where it currently occupies the 19th position with Plan A and the 31st with Chance.

His latest releases have generated peak views on his channel. On the day of the premiere of Plan A, more than 28 million reproductions were registeredwhile when Chance launched on April 6, his channel had over 18 million views.

On Spotify he has over 21 million monthly listeners, on YouTube he has 21.2 million subscribers and on Deezer with over 1.5 million subscribers. As the Cordovan would say, “keep talking about me”.


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