Who is Ricardo Crespo, former Garibaldi and "Hot Chef" sentenced to 19 years in prison for abusing his daughter

Who is Ricardo Crespo, former Garibaldi and “Hot Chef” sentenced to 19 years in prison for abusing his daughter

Ricardo was apprehended in February 2021, and his sentence was communicated on May 9, 2022 (Photo: Unicable)

This Monday, May 9, it was announced that Ricardo Crespo, Mexican actor and singer, was sentenced to 19 years in prison for the crime of aggravated sexual abuse against his own daughter.

After more than a year of detention, after which he was transferred to the South Reclusorio in Mexico City, the former member of Garibaldi will remain in prison as ordered by a judge, brought to the notice of the RBRC Solicitor’s Office.

Ricardo Crespo began his career with Garibaldi, but acting is where he developed the most (Photo: Instagram)

Ricardo Crespo began his career with Garibaldi, but acting is where he developed the most (Photo: Instagram)

The accused committed sexual violence against his daughter from the age of 5 to 14, as reported by the miner. The actor’s criminal proceedings took place after Angélica Rodríguez Cruz, Crespo’s ex-wife, to whom he was married for 16 years and mother of the minor, filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City since 2020, this after Valentina tells him about the wrongs committed by his father.

For her part, the teenager spoke out in September 2021 on the case and expressed to Telemundo that his mother and grandmother had already known about the offense since 2020, but It was only that year that he decided to file a complaint with the specialized prosecutor for sexual offences.where he was the subject of various studies until his delivery the arrest warrant against Ricardo Crespo.

Crespo had been in the Southern Men's Prison since 2021 (Picture: Twitter@c4jimenez

Crespo had been in the Southern Men’s Prison since 2021 (Picture: Twitter@c4jimenez

“It cost me too much, it wasn’t easy for me. Obviously, to this day, I come to think it was my fault. I get to think all that, lots of things that come to mind but you know they were worse all those years i saved this because I was killing myself inside alone,” Valentina said, noting that she had spent more than 12 hours talking about “her subject” when she went to the district attorney’s office.

Model, actor and singer, the 45-year-old is due to spend 19 in prison (Photo: Instagram)

Model, actor and singer, the 45-year-old is due to spend 19 in prison (Photo: Instagram)

Who is Ricardo Crespo?

45 years old, at the time of his arrest Crespo was part of the musical project the knights singwhere he participated alongside Lisardo, Chao, Agustin Arana and Manuel Landeta sing covers of pop ballads. But the musical is only one of the facets of the condemned today, since it also served as actor, driver and model.

With "the knights sing"Crespo was reprising his role as singer (Photo: Instagram @ Caballeroscantan)

With “The gentlemen sing”, Crespo resumed his facet as a singer (Photo: Instagram @Caballeroscantan)

Born in 1976, he began his career in the last generation of the group Garibaldiat the end of the 90s. After that he continued in modeling until in 2003 he participated as an actor in the children’s soap opera Little, little chipswhich was followed fall skinin 2005, to participate in 2007 in the series sex and other secrets.

After interventions in the world of modeling, Ricardo returned to the theater in 2016, when he participated in the telenovela why don’t you let meand in the series until i meet youbiographical project on the life of Juan Gabriel. Before dead than Lichita, Heart that lies Yes the candidateThere were other works in which the actor took part in that year.

Crespo has participated in telenovelas such as "Little, little chips", "To love without law" Yes "the pilot 2" (Picture: Instagram)

Crespo has participated in soap operas such as “A few, some chips”, “To love without law” and “The pilot 2” (Photo: Instagram)

Her name was Dolores, the Jenn I knew, As the saying goes, The Caesar, According to Bibi, The rose of Guadalupe, Without fear of the truth, The Lord of heaven, To love without law Yes a bit of you are other productions in which Crespo participated later, mostly in supporting or incidental roles.

Among the latest works of convicts on television, stand out Z-controlseries of netflix, The pilot 2Yes Get on my motorbikeproduct of AmazonPrime on the Menudo group.

acted like "hot cook" in Unicable's Ponte fit program (Photo: Screenshot)

He was “Hot chef” in Unicable’s Ponte fit program (Photo: Screenshot)

Besides, in 2018, Crespo took part in get in shapeprogram broadcast by unique on restricted television, where he was known as “Hot Chef”. The model appeared in the frame with Diego Di Marco and shared simple and healthy recipes with a sensual concept, as he appeared shirtless and showed off his muscles.

“I was worried about being in a chef program because I really like to cook, my specialty is banana pancakes with oatmeal and although I’m not a career chef, I likes to cook and invent things,” he said in 2018 for The universal.

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