Who is Rusherking, María Becerra's ex and China Suárez's new romance

Who is Rusherking, María Becerra’s ex and China Suárez’s new romance

For lovers of urban music, dash he is not a stranger. He was only a teenager when we started talking about his rhymes and lately stands out as the reference of a booming genre. However, many did not know who it was when it was made public. his scandalous separation from María Becerra or when he has recently been linked to China Suárez.

His real name is Thomas Nicolás Tobar and he was born on May 20, 2000 in La Banda, Santiago del Estero.. It is thanks to his talent for freestyle that his future began to take shape from an early age. At that time, he was already using his stage name: Rusher, a popular term in video gamess and that in his case it was due to his strategy in Counter-Strike.

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“It’s when you go fast at the game, when you buy the gun and you are going to kill everyone. He’s a Rusher, and then I added the King“, he explained in an interview with the newspaper The capital.

Rusherking arrived in Buenos Aires at the age of 17 and quickly became a reference in terms of urban music. (Photo: Instagram/Rusherking)

The take-off begins when, at the age of 17, he settles in Buenos Aires and devotes himself fully to his passion. “I came on my own and now things have started to go really well for me, but at first with my friends we slept in the cellar of a hairdresser, sometimes we had nowhere to sleep or eat“, he said, passing in front of PH: We can talk (Telefe).

From Freestyle to Millions of YouTube Views: The Rise of Rusherking

Her father is a taxi driver and her mother is a housewife. since his childhood, Rusherking appreciates how his family tried to accommodate his needs. “There were times when we had nothing to eat, we drank maté cocido with bread at noon and in the evening. As humble as we were, my mom and dad always took it upon themselves to give us what they could,” he told Andy Kusnetzoff.

On March 4, 2021, he released his biggest hit: “Además de mi remix”, a song that featured the collaboration of Tiago PZK, KHEA, Duki, Lit Killah and his ex María Becerra. Currently, the music video for this hit has over 305 million views.

Rusherking, the singer spotted with China Suárez: from his humble beginnings to his first success

Already one of the most listened to emerging artists, the man from Santiago is facing his moment of greatest popularity and not only because of his compositions. A situation he already deals with in his recent release “Ice Cream”, where he sings: “Supposedly they say I’m famous; that’s why I’m always in ‘silent mode’”.

Why did they separate Rusherking María Becerra

All was well between María Becerra and Rusherking until mid-December 2021. Still, the singer erupted in a torrent of tweets and made the breakup public. “Son of a thousand p… you just fucked up my self-esteem. How could you do that to the mine that was there when you were nobody else?she asked indignantly. And, by way of conclusion, he added: “Gil shit piece of garca”.

Although these messages were not aimed at anyone, to all of his followers it was more than clear that this furor was aimed her boy friend. Moreover, there was another clue: there was unfollowed on social mediaa question that is not a mere detail for anyone of his generation.

Rusherking, the singer spotted with China Suárez: from his humble beginnings to his first success

After the impact of those posts, Rusher stepped out to address cheating rumors on his part: “The truth to be clear, I have never been unfaithful to Mari, what happened is that I met a girl when we were SEPARATED and when I came back I didn’t tell him and he found out now. “This was made public in error and it’s something we need to resolve privately. Thank you for your respect.”

His comments were not well received by the “Lie to me” singer’s fandom. However, the artist insists on his sincerity and his error: “You deserve the truth and that’s all, we are all human and we have mistakes. I prefer not to hide anything or say something that is not.

Rusherking retweeted the post in which María Becerra confirmed the separation.  (Picture: Twitter/rusherkingg)
Rusherking retweeted the post in which María Becerra confirmed the separation. (Picture: Twitter/rusherkingg)

After these messages from her ex, she clarified that the relationship had ended: “I’m sorry for acting impulsively because of my pain. I want to clarify that Rusherking and I are no longer a couple, and that everything whatever needs to be resolved, we will resolve it privately. I appreciate your interest.” The tweet was replied to by him.

The video that shows the romance between China Suárez and Rusherking

A few days ago China Suarez was related to dash. looks like show partners (the thirteen), Karina Iavícoli revealed that they would have met in Madrid, but that they had also seen each other on the Costanera of Buenos Aires on their return from their respective trips. Sunday, May 15 was no exception: a video caught them talking up close at the party after the Martín Fierro award ceremony.

China Suárez and Rusherking were very close at the party that took place after the Martín Fierro awards ceremony, and a video captured them. (Photo: Instagram @sangrejaponesa // @rusherking)

The protagonist of the video was Jimena Baron, who was dancing in the center of a circle. But the scene everyone was watching was happening behind her: China and the singer were talking very closely. Rusherking turns his back and walks off, while Benjamín Vicuña’s ex continues to dance – almost staring at the camera – as if she doesn’t know him.


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