Who is Tiffany Chen, Robert de Niro's new girlfriend who accompanies him to Argentina

Who is Tiffany Chen, Robert de Niro’s new girlfriend who accompanies him to Argentina

Tiffany Chen in Argentina (Ramiro Souto)

It was the year 2015. robert deniro been rolling comedy Trainee (fashion intern) near Anne Hathaway. So they hired a martial arts instructor to teach their character Tai Chi in the park, Ben Whittaker, a retired widower with too much free time who wanted to do different activities to try to fill it. And the one chosen for the job was none other than Tiffany Chena true expert in the field.

Whether there was a flash or not is something that is not known. But, at that time, the actor was married to the hostess Grace Hightowermother of his children Elliot (24) Yes Helen Grace (10), from which he separated only in 2018. After more than two decades of marriage, de Niro himself had announced the end of the couple in a press release. “We are entering a period of transition in our relationship, which is a difficult but constructive process,” he said at the time. However, the divorce was not as smooth as he would have liked.

Robert de Niro and Tiffany Chen in a scene from Fashion Intern

Robert de Niro and Tiffany Chen in a scene from Fashion Intern

Robert had already had a first marriage with the actress and singer Diahne Abbottwhom he married in 1976. The actor had his son with her raphael (45), but also adopted the daughter the woman had with her former partner, drained (50 years old), with whom he shares a passion for the theatre. But, in 1988, the separation came. A year later, De Niro began a relationship with the model Toukie Smithwith whom he had twins Julian Henry Yes aaron kendrich (26) by uterine surrogacy. The couple ended in 1995. And, in 1997, he said “yes” again, this time to Hightower.

The marriage would have known several crises. And there are those who claim that shortly after their marriage, Robert and Grace were on the verge of divorce on more than one occasion. However, in 2004, they renewed their vows. And they stayed together until the situation became untenable. Then the economic disputes began. “Mr De Niro loves his job, but he shouldn’t be forced to work at this prodigious pace because he has to,” he said last year. Caroline Krauss, a lawyer for the 78-year-old actor, who claimed his client had to pay for the high standard of living his ex intended to maintain. To all this was added the controversy over the possession of their children. But the truth is that while this conflict was not yet fully resolved, the figure of Chen appeared.

Robert de Niro's first photo with Tiffany Chen (The Grosby Group)

Robert de Niro’s first photo with Tiffany Chen (The Grosby Group)

De Niro was caught by the paparazzi with his new girlfriend in August last year when he attended a party with her on the billionaire’s yacht. james packer, the actor’s commercial partner, on the Côte d’Azur. And the public displays of affection between the two made it clear that neither had any intention of hiding the relationship. In fact, a month later, they were photographed again walking the streets of New York with three of the actor’s children: Elliot, Helen and Julián. And they also shared a few vacation days.

Tiffany is known as a multi-award-winning athlete, with dozens of gold medals and world martial arts titles to her credit. In her youth she was a figure skater and competed in this subject, but she decided to learn Tai Chi to improve her balance and ended up falling in love with this activity that her father also developed, William Chenwhom she deeply admires. In fact, the woman wrote a book in which she teaches the power of this discipline to sleep better, relieve chronic pain and lower blood pressure, which undoubtedly helped De Niro who had just suffer from a leg injury after the red The Moonflower Slayers (The Moonflower Killers).

Robert de Niro in Argentina.  Behind, in a green cap, his girlfriend Tiffany Chen

Robert de Niro in Argentina. Behind, in a green cap, his girlfriend Tiffany Chen

For his visit to argentina where he arrived last weekend to shoot the series Any near Louis Brandoni and under the direction of Mariano Cohn Yes Gaston Duprat, de Niro did not make too extravagant demands. He accepted the project on the condition that he fully understood the book, since he did not want to miss any details because of the translations. He also requested that guards accompany him throughout his stay in the country. And he requested that the accommodations include a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel for him and his girlfriend.

Thus, in each of his tours of Buenos Aires, the actor had the company of Tiffany, who was also responsible for caring for his daughter Helen Grace, who also joined the party. And while he didn’t want to pose for photographers, the reality is that Robert’s girlfriend didn’t shy away from flashes either. Because, even if the romance would be recent for the press, they have known each other for seven years and it is more than clear that they have bet on a formal relationship, thinking of a future together.

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