Why is Warzone 2.0 aiming to be the best version of Call of Duty battle royale?

Why is Warzone 2.0 aiming to be the best version of Call of Duty battle royale?

Webedia Gaming talks to Infinity Ward about their new free action experience

after all the revelations that were made in the latest Call of Duty Next it’s time to learn a lot more details about what we will expect from Call of Duty: Warzone 2. Obviously the title will remain free where best of all is that it will collect all the playable goodness of modern warfare 2, so in a few weeks we will see what this battle royale is all about. We also talk about third person game close to many other aspects that you surely missed.

For it, Webedia Gaming had the pleasure of speaking with Eric Biessman, Senior Creative Director at Raven Software, and Jack O’Hara, Game Director at Infinity Ward, where they provided some interesting insights on several aspects. full interview you can read it online.

The most important thing is that we always want to offer a new way to play.Eric Biessman, Senior Creative Director, Raven SoftwareAfter passing through Verdansk and Caldera, the objective warzone 2.0 is very clear to Biessman: “The most important thing is that we always want to offer new way to play. We’ve learned from the last three years of Warzone, what people liked and disliked. When you go to Al Mazrah (new map) you will see that it is a distillation of our best learning”

The creative did not hesitate to point out the biggest change in the battle royale: “The biggest change is the water. From the map perspective, you can now swim, there are boatsOn the other hand, O’Hara points out the following: “When we were doing the first Warzone, we were developing a lot of tools in parallel to the creation of Verdansk. This time we had all the tools from the start. so that we can take more time to prepare the cardbe wiser, try more things.”

The biggest change is water. From the map point of view, now you can swim, there are boatsEric Biessman, Senior Creative Director, Raven SoftwareRegarding the battle royale map, director Biessman talks about the card size“We could do a size comparison, but I don’t have a good way to account for it. He is taller. We have, for example, the old town, a corner surrounded by large walls that make it an interesting and dense urban combat. There is also the city of Sawah, which is half submerged, with a whole section demolished on the sides”, illustrates the director of Raven Software.

Warzone 2’s AI and the Gulag

Image from Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Creative Biessman explains the role of AI in Warzone 2: “We wanted create more threats, more activities for the player. When you enter the map, there is AI spans the entire field, if you enter a building, you can fight them. It’s your story, your decisions, isn’t it? If you shoot and there are a lot of shots, your opponents will know you are close. You can also try a more discreet approach. AIs get the best loot because boxes and objects on shelves and floors are much more common in buildings than in the city, which is deserted”.

We have teams that started working on the second season six months agoJack O’Hara, Game Director at Infinity Ward“As the game progresses, “Fortes Fortes” are unlocked, places planned in advance with the AI. It’s like a little quest. You enter, destroy all AIyou defuse a bomb then you get a key to enter the “Blacksite” as a reward. Here, the idea is the same, it’s populated by AI, except that there is a boss. If you win against him, you get a special reward. That’s how it evolves on that side, ”explains Biessman.

He does not end his statement without first mentioning the Gulag: “We are experiencing a character called the jailer. It’s a secondary threat. The goal in the Gulag will sometimes be to eliminate the other team. It’s a 2 on 2, the jailer is here to threaten and challenge the players, although the goal is to beat the other team and get back in the game.”

Image from Call of Duty: Warzone 2

What will seasons look like in Warzone 2?

Manager O’Hara on what to expect from Seasons: “At launch, between the Battle Royale experience and the DMZ, I think people you will have a lot to do. And we have more to come as the seasons go by. We have teams that started working on the second season six months ago. We will always strive for the highest quality content. We will update the game every season in the as much as we can.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 will be released next November 16 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The battle royale will be free and surely you missed many more things that were announced in the Call of Duty: Next. Nevertheless, we summarize everything we know about Warzone 2.0 and the rest of Call of Duty Battle Royale.

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