With an intimate video, Rodolfo Barili hinted at his girlfriend: "It's time to set a date"

With an intimate video, Rodolfo Barili hinted at his girlfriend: “It’s time to set a date”

Rodolfo Barili and Lara Piro

Rodolfo Barili celebrated the wedding of his in-laws and took the opportunity to ask his girlfriend, Lara Pyro, set your own wedding date. They were already engaged but postponed their wedding due to the pandemic and they have no longer set a day for the event.

And one day, the in-laws got married. After 20 years together. Beautiful family day during which there was ‘yes’, dinner, cake, toasts, photos and a bouquet. It’s time to set up a date Lara Piro”wrote the journalist on his Instagram account accompanied by a video of the wedding in which we also see that it was his companion who caught the bride’s bouquet.

In December 2020 and as a Christmas present, the host of Telefe offered his partner for only a few months, some engagement rings. Surprised by the gift, she kissed it and immediately accepted the proposal.

“Said yes”, He shared at that moment an image of the hands of the two intertwined with wedding rings. Then he musicalized a story with the theme “Elle” in which we see them dancing candied to the rhythm of the song. He seems to whisper the occasional question in her ear: “Will you marry me?” She nods with a big smile and they kiss.

Rodolfo Barili and Lara Piro, engaged

Rodolfo Barili and Lara Piro, engaged

Rodolfo and Lara planned their wedding for this 2021. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced them to change their plans and they no longer set a date. “We gave each other the ring at the end of the year, for Christmas, and we had planned to get married this year. But with this context, we had to postpone. This is the reality. We planned it for next year, of course. We will get married if the pandemic allows what it has prevented us this year. But I’ve been wearing the ring since last Christmas when we decided to get married and go on a date.“, he confided last year to Paparazzi.

On Valentine’s Day, he shared a very lovey-dovey photo of them and wrote, “Have a nice day baby. I love you and I love us together. The two. The five“, he said in reference to the children that each has separately. And he ended with the phrase “This year… yes!“, implying that the marriage would finally take place.

A few days later, on his birthday, he made a romantic post again. “Happy birthday my love! One more birthday together! For many more! Nothing like seeing you smile! Nothing to surprise you! There’s nothing like sharing life with you and our children! Nothing like dreaming of us together. I love you, Lara Pyro. immeasurably“, closed the presenter.

“None of us expected it, I think it was really a blessing, with a tool that was a mutual friend who found us. We’re fine, we both try to take care of our privacy, our kids,” she once said of the relationship’s start and he expressed, “I didn’t know I could love how I love Lara. And as I always say: part is mine and part is what it generates. But finding yourself in your 40s with someone who changed everything for you, I call it ‘adulthood love‘”.

After being in a relationship with his ex-wife and mother of his children for many years, the journalist was somewhat in disbelief until he met Lara. “With my friends I talk about it a lot: ‘I hope they never break up, but if they do, don’t worry: there is a miracle in finding love at this age, where we all come crashing down.“, he said by way of advice. And this was the foot for a last video: the salvation of Laura. “i love you immeasurably. You are the love of my life, a great companion, a great container. You are the best lover and I deeply admire you for the professional you are: incorruptible, honest, you don’t know the cracks and You are always the voice of the weak. It makes me very proud. Thank you for giving me back a family’s dream,” he said.

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